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Natalie Cone is a freelance writer from Birmingham, Alabama. As a nature enthusiast and mother of two boys, she publishes articles about all things outdoors and blogs about the mishaps of motherhood. Her fiction short stories have won three first-place contest awards, and have appeared in various magazine publications and anthologies. You can connect with her at, on Facebook at, or on twitter @nataliecone.

Woman’s Hand Seriously Injured After Mistaking a Firework for a Candle

A woman seriously injured her hand after attempting to light a firework, which she thought to be a candle. The 30-year-old woman from Woodstock, Illinois, was at a gathering of friends in Antioch when she spotted a red, white and blue “candle.” She picked it up, lit the fuse, and it exploded in her hand. According to the Chicago Tribune, the firework was the size of a quarter stick of dynamite. “She lit what she believed was the candle and held it in her hand. The firework then exploded causing the serious injury to her hand,” Sgt. Chris Covelli of the ... Read More

Eastman Chemical Plant Explosion on anniversary of Catastrophic Blast

On Wednesday morning, Oct. 4, 2017 Eastman Chemical in Kingsport, Tennessee, experienced a massive explosion 57 years to the date after another major explosion that still impacts workers today. In October 1960, Alex Looney, 21 at the time, was playing golf when he felt the effects of the massive blast from Eastman Chemical. The ground shook beneath his feet. “Then, of course, for the next several hours you heard sirens and saw all sorts of emergency vehicles,” Looney told News Channel 11. Little did he know that several good friends who worked at Eastman died that day. Kingsport Times-News called the ... Read More

Contaminants Found in Area Surrounding Pipeline Construction

The Mariner East 2 pipeline installation in the West Cornwall Township, Pennsylvania area seems to have unearthed toxic contaminants, according to test results. Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline installation has been a controversial decision that many support and many oppose. A simple online search will yield news reports riddled with stories of problems associated with the construction, which began in the summer. Now, supervisors are getting involved due to the number of issues and concerns. “We got involved because of our constituents concerns,” David Lloyd, township supervisor, told ABC27 News. According to Lloyd, the issues began as early as Sept. 11 when debris damaged ... Read More

Despite reported Injuries, Hernia Mesh Market Expects Growth

Hernia mesh is becoming an increasingly popular method to repair hernias of all types. According to a recent market report on, a hernia is a “protrusion of an organ through a weak spot in the surrounding connective tissue.” Additionally, that same report says that the use of hernia repair mesh is a consistently growing market. “Globally, the market is growing steadily and it is anticipated to show an exponential growth reaching approximately $8.5 billion in 2022,” the report states. There are several types of hernias, such as inguinal, incisional, and femoral, many of which can be repaired laparoscopically rather than ... Read More

Two Manhattan Construction Workers Fell to Their Deaths

Two construction workers who fell to their deaths at unrelated job sites in Manhattan have brought to light the need for better safety training. In one of the incidents, a third worker was seriously injured, as well. The first incident was when 36-year-old Juan Chonillo, father of five, fell from a height of 29 stories at the 670-foot luxury condo tower where he was helping to raise the framework for pouring concrete on the 29th floor. According to New York Daily News, Chonillo, an immigrant from Ecuador, was pronounced dead on the scene by FDNY officials. Chonillo’s cousin, Angel Munoz, 46, was not ... Read More

Worker Crushed by 2,800-Pound Transformer Awarded $8.5M

A worker who survived being crushed by a 2,800-pound electrical transformer has been awarded $8.5 million in a lawsuit against the delivery company and his employer. Jason Pinnock, an employee of National Delivery Services, was assisting with the offloading of the transformer from a Midway Services truck, who had taken the delivery of the massive device. When another worker pushed the transformer into Pinnock, it fell onto him, reports. According to Pinnock’s pretrial memorandum, he “lay crushed and screaming on the ground” until other workers could come to his aid. When the workers attempted to lift the device off of him using their own ... Read More

Indiana Man Files Lawsuit Over Tilted IVC Filter after retrieval attempt fails

An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of his temporary IVC filter after it tilted and became stuck in his vein. Lance W. of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was given an Option ELITE temporary inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, the Daily Hornet reports. It was implanted on May 2, 2015, by Dr. Michael E. Parker at Lutheran Hospital of Indiana located in Fort Wayne. The IVC filter was intended to prevent pulmonary embolism, a deadly condition in which a blood clot enters the heart or lungs. The IVC filter, which resembles a cage with a hook at its apex, is designed to trap blood ... Read More

Arizona Woman Files Lawsuit After IVC Filter Punctures Vein

An Arizona woman has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of her IVC filter after it tilted and punctured her vein. Rosalie L., from Tucson, Arizona, has filed a lawsuit against Argon Medical Devices Inc. and Rex Medical, L.P. over the malfunction of her inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, called the Option ELITE, reports the Daily Hornet.  IVC filters are cage-like devices created to catch blood clots in their thin metal legs, intercepting the clot before it can reach the heart or lungs, which would result in a deadly  pulmonary embolism. According to Science Daily, a new clinical study suggests that ... Read More

Lawsuit Filed Over Deadly Industrial Accident in Helena

The spouse of a woman killed in a Helena industrial accident has filed a lawsuit against her employer, blaming them for the incident. The lawsuit was filed by Crescensio Pablo, the husband of Alabaster resident Eva Saenz, 45, who was killed last month at ABC Polymer Industries, LLC . When Shelby County 911 was called at 6:41 p.m., Helena Police and Fire units were dispatched to the location of the gruesome incident. The first responders found that Saenz had been pulled into the industrial machine. She was pronounced dead on the scene. “The investigation kicks over to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health ... Read More

Higher Risk of Injury from IVC Filter with Longer Dwelling Time

For inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, the risk of injury increases with a longer dwelling time, according to Despite a safety communication from the FDA in 2010, the device is still being left in place longer than recommended. Due to the fragile nature of IVC filters, the devices easily break apart or migrate, and have been known to do so even within the “safe” time limit. According to the safety communication, dated Aug. 9, 2010, the FDA recommends that the filter stay in place no longer than 29 to 54 days after implantation. “The message is that if you ... Read More