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Virginia women take nude photos of nursing home residents

In a developing story first reported by WSLS TV in Roanoke, Virginia, on Wednesday, now two former employees of the Waddell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Galax have been arrested. They are charged with intentionally videotaping and taking photos of residents either undressing or in the nude, without the residents’ consent. According to the WSLS report by Ashely Roberts, the Galax Police Chief says social services workers received an anonymous tip that led them to investigate the nursing home for what were described as pornographic images of residents. Yesterday, 29-year-old Sharon Ann Walker was arrested on two counts of knowingly ... Read More

Beasley Allen representing family of child killed in vehicle rollover

Beasley Allen has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ford Motor Company in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, Hattiesburg, on behalf of a Mississippi family whose 2002 Ford Explorer XLS rolled over after being struck by another vehicle. The Riley family, represented by Beasley Allen attorney J.P. Sawyer, alleges that the vehicle’s restraint system and door latch were defective and failed to protect them in the rollover. In result, Matthew and Carmen Riley and one of their daughters received severe injuries. Another daughter, Alyssa Riley, was killed in the rollover. According to the lawsuit, the Rileys were traveling ... Read More

13-year old Alabama girl dies in Polaris ATV rollover

A 13-year-old Alabama girl died earlier this month when the Polaris ATV she was riding in rolled over. Emily Dunnam, a resident of Fairhope, Ala., had been visiting relatives in another part of town when the accident occurred. Her cousin was driving the ATV across a field to see some horses that belonged to a neighboring family. Authorities said that the driver could have turned too sharply, causing the vehicle to pitch. Dunnam hit her head when the ATV toppled. Family members tried unsuccessfully to revive her at the scene while waiting for emergency responders to arrive, but it was ... Read More

ATV rollover kills six-year-old Alberta girl

A 6-year-old girl lost her life on Tuesday when the ATV she was a passenger in rolled over. According to the Edmonton Journal, the girl’s older stepsister was driving the ATV on a rural, private road about 15 kilometers southeast of Stettler, Canada, when the rollover occurred. According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Patrick Webb, both girls were wearing full-face helmets and were buckled in with seatbelts at the time of the accident. The girl who was driving was not injured and was able to run home for help, the Edmonton Journal said. RCMP authorities seized the ATV and ... Read More

Texting while driving poses dire traffic safety threat

A freelance photographer was working on assignment for the New York Times, covering an H.I.V. scare at a St. Louis high school and trying to build a rapport with teenagers involved with the story. Sitting in the back seat of a car, photographer Dan Gill happened to snap a picture of the teenage driver texting on her cell phone while driving about 60 miles per hour, both hands off the wheel, as someone in the front passenger seat steered. Gill didn’t intentionally seek such a controversial picture. It was just one of the scores of photographs he took in documenting ... Read More

Body building products receive FDA warning; serious adverse reactions

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying health care professionals and their patients about dietary supplements marketed as an alternative to anabolic steroids for body building and increasing muscle mass and strength. The products are sold both online and in retail stores and promoted to athletes to improve sports performance and aid in recovery from training and sporting events. Although marketed as dietary supplements, the FDA says the products are not dietary supplements but rather unapproved new drugs that have not been reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. The FDA has received adverse events reports for body ... Read More

Report accuses TVA of trying to dodge blame for coal ash spill

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) tried to dodge blame for the coal ash spill that destroyed homes and damaged property near its Kingston, Tenn., coal-firing plant, according to a report released by the utility’s Inspector General. The December 22, 2008, spill dumped 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash on to 300 acres of rural community and into the Emory River. Since the spill, the TVA has been involved in a massive cleanup, expected to cost the utility nearly a $1 billion before it is complete. “It appears the TVA management made a conscious decision to present to the public ... Read More

Vaccine may eliminate need for routine colon screenings

Clinical trials of a vaccine designed to trigger the body to attack a protein linked to colon cancer are currently being conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The vaccine activates the immune system to target a defective protein which is prevalent in colorectal cancer tissue and other precancerous tissues. Researchers hope, if proven successful, the vaccine may eliminate the need for repeated colon screenings in high-risk patients. These patients tend to have multiple precancerous polyps, called advanced adenomas, in their intestines. Routine colonoscopies look for signs of recurrence of the polyps. Colorectal cancer is the ... Read More

Study suggests inert ingredients in Roundup are extremely hazardous

Recent studies conducted in various laboratories around the world have yielded some disturbing findings that the “inert” ingredients found in common pesticides and herbicides are not as harmless as they were once thought to be. New evidence that emerged recently from studies conducted by the University of Caen in France suggest one ingredient in Roundup, a popular herbicide manufactured by Monsanto of St. Louis, Missouri, can damage and kill human cells. Polyethoxylated tallowamine (POEA), an “inert” ingredient in Roundup, was found to be particularly destructive of human reproductive cells, especially embryonic, placental, and umbilical cord cells. POEA is a substance ... Read More

Pain pump manufacturer no stranger to controversy

One of the three principal shoulder pain pump manufacturers facing lawsuits over serious injuries associated with the use of the pain pumps is no stranger to controversy. It was also engaged in an illegal scheme for which it was prosecuted for paying hundreds of thousands – and possibly millions – of dollars to physicians for using its hip and knee replacement products exclusively. Stryker Corporation, a multinational, publicly traded corporation, sells McKinley Medical pain products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Pain pumps are devices that deliver pain medication directly into the surgery site for up to 72 hours. The pumps ... Read More