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EPA report: Coal ash causes death, deformity in wildlife

Coal ash produced and stored by fossil fuel plants kills fish and other wildlife, damages their reproductive capacity, and contaminates wells, according to a report released this week by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The 230-page report culminates months of research triggered by last year’s massive coal ash spill from the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston, Tenn., plant. That spill dumped more than a billion gallons of toxic material onto a neighboring community where it knocked houses from their foundations, damaged property and contaminated nearby waterways. The report highlights the concern environmentalists have had for years – that coal ash produced ... Read More

Glucose products recalled by manufacturer

Pointe Scientific, Inc., is recalling all size kits of its Liquid Glucose Hexokinase Reagent catalog number G7517, after the reagents were found to fail linearity at the >200 mg/dL that results in inaccurate glucose values above this range. Distributors and testing laboratories who have received the Pointe Scientific, Inc., Liquid Glucose Hexokinase Reagent (G7517) should destroy the remaining inventory. The affected lots were distributed nationwide to medical device distributors and testing laboratories nationwide. The recall includes the following lot numbers and has the following expiration dates: Lot # 823901 (all batches) Expiration: 2010-02 Lot # 826801 (all batches) Expiration: 2010-03 ... Read More

New GERD, gastroparesis treatment uses fast-dissolve technology

Salix Pharmaceuticals’ new gastrointestinal disorder treatment Metozolv (metoclopramide) OTC (orally disintegrating tablet ) utilizes Zydis, a fast-dissolve technology made by Catalent Pharam Solutions. Zydis is a unique, freeze-dried oral solid dosage form that can be swallowed without water because it dissolves instantly on the tongue in less than three seconds, according to Catalent. This delivery method translates to dosing convenience and ease of administration that makes taking medication easier for patients. Marketing for Metozolv was approved last September by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of short-term therapy (4-12 weeks) for adults with symptomatic documented gastroesophageal reflux ... Read More

TVA keeps overlook of coal ash spill site closed to general public

Residents of Kingston, Tenn., are tired of the bad rap their rural community has gotten since a neighboring coal ash impoundment pond breached, sending a wave of toxic material on to its property and waterways. That spill, called the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, destroyed homes, damaged property, and contaminated popular waterways. The last thing residents want is for the public to view that mess at will, even while the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) undergoes a years-long, $1.2 billion cleanup of the mess it made. Those residents this week applauded a decision made by the TVA to keep an ... Read More

Medical product recalled due to patient injuries

A sheath used to deliver therapeutic or diagnostic intravascular devices or fluids through the skin is being recalled by the distributor as a result of complaints about stretching or fracture of the sheath during use which have lead to patient injury, according to an announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The nationwide recall includes all lots of the CROSSOVER Sheath Introducer, a product developed and manufactured by Thomas Medical Products, Inc., and distributed by Cordis. It is a long-coil reinforced, kink-resistant catheter sheath intended for use in arterial and venous procedures requiring the percutaneous, or through the skin, ... Read More

Maine hunter dies in ATV rollover

Dion Seymour Jr., a 57-year-old resident of Orrington, Maine, died last month when the all-terrain vehicle he was driving in a remote area rolled over on top of him. According to the Bangor Daily News, Seymour, an avid outdoorsman, left his home at 9 am to go hunting in his favorite hunting area near Bald Mountain in eastern Maine. When Seymour did not return by 9 pm that evening, his wife called authorities to report him missing. Seven game wardens and other authorities from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and the Ellsworth Fire Department launched a search of Seymour’s hunting ... Read More

Woman who suffered serious kidney injury files suit against Fleet

Attorney Russell Todd Abney with Beasley Allen Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against C.B. Fleet Company, Inc., on behalf of Mary Little, a resident of Newton County, Georgia, claiming that the plaintiff suffered severe personal injuries as a result of ingesting Fleet’s over-the-counter product known as Fleet Phospho-soda. In October 2007, Little ingested the product in preparation for a colonoscopy without knowing that the solution had been linked to permanent kidney damage and renal failure. After using Fleet, a type of laxative known as oral sodium phosphate, or OSP, Little began having complications and suffered from acute renal failure. ... Read More

Death, illnesses trigger ground beef recall

More than a half million pounds of ground beef have been recalled by the New York manufacturer after one person died and others were sickened after consuming the meat, which was possibly contaminated with E.coli. The recall was initiated by Fairbanks Farms and includes ground beef, meatloaf and meatball mix with the sell-by dates from September 19-28 and sold under brands such as Trader Joe’s Butcher Shop Fine Quality Meats, Giant Meatloaf & Meatball Mix, and BJ’s Lean Ground Beef, contains 7 percent fat. The recall includes the following products: ACME Packaged products (Sell-by dates ranging from 09/19/09 through 09/28/09) Wild Harvest ... Read More

Nearly all Americans favor texting and driving ban

A new poll conducted by CBS and the New York Times found that almost all Americans believe that the government should outlaw texting while driving. Results of the nationwide poll, which was conducted by random telephone interview, revealed that 97 percent of Americans think texting while driving should be illegal while merely one percent felt the practice should remain legal. The poll showed that both men and women from all parts of the United States favored a form of legislation outlawing text messaging while behind the wheel. The poll questioned both frequent and occasional drivers alike. 52 percent of the respondents ... Read More

“very low nicotine” cigarettes may become sound alternative to Chantix

It’s difficult for some coffee drinkers to imagine life before decaf. Pretty soon it may be difficult for some smokers to imagine life before de-nic. A New York company called 22nd Century Limited recently announced that it is making progress in its development of a very low nicotine (VLN) cigarette that uses a specially engineered and proprietary form of tobacco. Regular “light” cigarette brands contain 20 times the amount of nicotine as VLN cigarettes, a release by the manufacturer states. Even low nicotine cigarettes contain about 8 times more nicotine than a VLN cigarette. Studies have shown that “Differences in ... Read More