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Do you live near a leaking underground storage tank?

Unless you live in a remote, rural region of the United States, chances are you live within a few feet of an underground storage tank (UST). These tanks, which by definition have at least 10% of their volume underground, typically store fuel and other hazardous – and highly corrosive – liquids. Older tanks were made without the benefits of corrosion-resistant polymers or double containment standards, so they can easily leak. In fact, they usually do. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that there are 623,319 USTs in the United States and its territories. Of those USTs, there have been 479,817 “confirmed ... Read More

Study focuses on eye complications from SJS/TEN

A group of researchers has found that patients with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) who have ocular complications are more likely to have late complications with their eyes and thus should undergo ophthalmologic screening, according to the February 2009 edition of the Archives of Dermatology. The cohort study focused on the acute and late ocular manifestations of SJS and its more severe form, TEN, and how to identify predictors for the development of ocular complications. SJS and TEN are severe adverse reactions to medication that first express as rashes on the skin. The rashes blister over ... Read More

Nursing home advocate says to heed warning signs of neglect, abuse

Wes Bledsoe, founder of the victim’s advocacy group A Perfect Cause, cautioned Norman, Oklahoma, residents to heed the warning signs of neglect in patients in the state’s nursing homes, citing a study by the national coalition Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes. The study found that nursing home residents in Oklahoma had more pressure sores compared to the national average, according to NewsOK. Bledsoe said pressure sores on nursing home residents are akin to “canaries in the coal mine,” adding that pressure sores often are a sign of neglect, and the frequency of pressure sores on a nursing home’s patients ... Read More

Community remembers girl killed in Yamaha Rhino rollover

Lauren Dilworth’s family, friends, schoolmates, and teachers gathered near the entrance of Lewisburg Middle-High School in Lewisburg, Mississippi, to remember the 11-year-old girl who tragically lost her life last October when the Yamaha Rhino ATV she was riding in rolled over. Lauren and her family had moved to DeSoto County from Alabama last June. Lauren attended the school for just a few weeks before the accident occurred in October. According to an article in the DeSoto Times-Tribune, the sixth grade class at Lewisburg sponsored the planting of a red maple in front of the school, and they decided to dedicate ... Read More

TVA calls coal ash spill disaster a ‘catastrophe’

Nearly two months after a coal ash pond in Kingston, Tennessee, failed and poured 1.1 billion gallons of toxic material onto 300 acres of a rural east Tennessee community, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) finally admits it wishes it could have handled its responses differently, the Associated Press reported. “It was a catastrophe,” said Tom Kilgore, TVA president, referencing an internal memo that was obtained by the Associated Press that downplayed the incident by changing the description from “catastrophic” to “sudden, accidental.” The memo was also edited to remove references of a public health risk, instead choosing to call the ... Read More

SJS damaged Vietnamese man’s eyes, but he hopes to see again

It seems Ngo Quang Thi has been fighting all his life. As a third-grader, he received an injection to help him overcome a fever, but the injection drove him into a coma. He became violently ill, developing a rash over his body. His skin began to peel off and blisters formed in his mouth, nose and eyes. He was later diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a rare but life threatening allergic reaction to medication. Because of the scarring on his eyes, he began to lose vision immediately. But Thi is a fighter. Despite his failing eyesight, he entered Da ... Read More

Judge tosses medtronic lawsuits, doesn’t disclose son’s ties

U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle dismissed thousands of lawsuits against Medtronic Inc., manufacturer of the faulty Sprint Fidelis defibrillators that have allegedly injured and killed several people. Attorneys serving the patients, however, may seek to have the judge disqualified from the case because he never disclosed that his son works for the law firm representing Medtronic. Medtronic defended the Minnesota judge on Friday, saying that “this is clearly an effort to remove a well respected judge following rulings the plaintiffs’ lawyers do not like.” Richard H. Kyle, Jr., works for a Minneapolis based law firm with offices in the Midwest, ... Read More

Health dept rules maltreatment was cause of patient’s broken neck

A report of maltreatment against Presbyterian Homes nursing home in Arden Hills, Minnesota, is being investigated following an incident where a resident suffered a neck injury and subsequently died, according to Fox Twin Cities. Last April, a staff member at the nursing home noticed a bump on the victim’s head. The woman was sent to the hospital where doctors discovered a significant fracture to the woman’s cervical spine. Doctors suggested the fracture, which was at the C2 vertebrae near the base of the skull, was the result of a fall or trauma days earlier that possibly caused the woman to ... Read More

Chantix sales fall, Pfizer fires ad agency

It looks like there is another ominous blip in the Chantix radar. Pfizer decided to ditch the ad agency it has been using for its Chantix advertisements. The announcement comes after the company announced the smoking cessation drug’s fourth quarter earnings, which fell 36 percent from the same time last year to $180 million. Promoting the embattled and controversial drug will now be the responsibility of mcgarrybowen, which is a subsidiary of the Japanese ad giant Dentsu. Pfizer had been using McCann HumanCare to promote Chantix since 2007. Since that time, the drug has been linked to depression, suicide ideation, moodiness, ... Read More

Peanut Corporation of America closes for good

Peanut Corporation of America has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Virginia following the recall of peanut products produced in the company’s Blakely, Georgia, and Plainview, Texas, facilities. “It’s regrettable, but it’s inevitable with the events of last month,” Andrew S. Goldstein, the bankruptcy attorney who filed the petition, told the Associated Press. Investigators have traced the national salmonella outbreak to peanuts produced by the Peanut Corp. in its Blakely, Georgia, factory. They estimate that the contaminated peanut butter has sickened 630 people and caused the deaths of 9. According to the AP, the board “had ... Read More