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FDA finds hidden drugs in sexual enhancement supplements


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use specific dietary supplements marketed for sexual enhancement because they contain hidden drugs that could cause serious health risks. FDA laboratory analysis found that Platinum 500 contains sildenafil, the active ingredient in the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra; and Kingdom Honey for Her, Kingdom Honey for Him, and Royal Honey VIP, contain tadalafil, the active ingredient in the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis. Undeclared Viagra and Cialis in these dietary supplements may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, such as nitroglycerin, and may lower blood pressure to ... Read More

Ohio health care companies settle whistleblower allegations

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Three Ohio health care companies and their executives will pay nearly $20 million to settle whistleblower allegations that they billed Medicare for medically unnecessary rehabilitation therapy and hospice services. Foundations Health Solutions Inc., Olympia Therapy Inc., Tridia Hospice Care Inc., and their executives, Brian Colleran and Daniel Parker, have agreed to pay approximately $19.5 million to resolve allegations, the U.S. Department of Justice said Monday, July 17. The settlement resolves two lawsuits filed by three former employees of Olympia Therapy and Tridia Hospice under the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act. FHS is the corporate successor to Provider Services ... Read More

Testosterone heart risk not worth benefit

Low T

Jesse Mitchell was in his mid 40s when he was stricken with lethargy, anxiousness and depression. He started taking AndroGel testosterone replacement therapy, lured by the aggressive marketing campaigns geared directly to consumers informing them that AndroGel could cure so-called Low T. Mitchell said the gel did boost his energy and he continued to use the hormone treatment, Law360 reported. But in 2012, after using the medication for about two years off and on, Mitchell suffered a heart attack. He learned that testosterone treatments had been linked to cardiovascular risks including heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and death, and in ... Read More

Family of film worker Killed By CSX Train Awarded $3.9M

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A Chatham County, Georgia, jury ordered CSX Transportation to pay nearly $4 million to the family of a film crew member killed on a railroad trestle in 2014 during the shooting of a biopic about Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band. Sarah Jones, a 27-year-old camera assistant, was run over by a CSX freight train and killed during the first day of filming “Midnight Rider” on Feb. 20, 2014. The crew was on a railroad trestle in Southeastern Georgia filming a scene with actor William Hurt, who was cast to play Mr. Allman, when a CSX train barreled through ... Read More

Study: Hookah Smoke Linked to Cancer

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A recent ongoing study has convinced researchers that a chemical in hookah smoke, both firsthand and secondhand, is linked to cancer, and has been found to contain benzene, according to A San Diego State University (SDSU) study, funded by the American Cancer Society, has found evidence that burning hookah tobacco creates a chemical that researchers believe causes lung cancer and heart disease. Benzene, which is a known cause of leukemia, was also found in the byproduct. During the study, 3-HPMA (a metabolite of acrolein) was detected in the urine samples of 105 hookah smokers and 103 non-smokers who were exposed to ... Read More

Truck Driver Barred From Road After Fatal Crash

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Federal regulators declared a North Carolina-licensed commercial truck driver to be “an imminent hazard to public safety” and barred him from operating any commercial vehicles after he allegedly caused a fatal accident in New York City and left the scene. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said that Simranjeet Singh Sandhu, 23, of Durham, North Carolina, was driving a tractor-trailer on the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York March 27 when he erratically switched lanes without signaling and struck a car, fatally injuring the driver. Caesar Contreras, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on the ... Read More

Diet pill pusher gets 18 months in prison

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A Fort Myers, Florida, dietary supplement marketer received an 18-month prison sentence in federal court after pleading guilty for selling diet pills and supplements to boost attention deficit containing an illegal and potentially dangerous ingredient. The distributor Derek Vest also forfeited $2.5 million to federal officials he reportedly made selling Phen Tabz, Add Tabz and Phen Tabz Teen from April 2013 to November 2014. He also testified in other investigations as part of his plea deal. The adulterated dietary supplements were made by Fort Myers-based Gentech Pharmaceuticals. Laboratory testing conducted on Phen Tabz, Add Tabz and Phen Tabz Teen detected hidden ... Read More

Work injury, amputation results in $17M verdict

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A Riverside, California, man whose work-related injuries led to multiple surgeries and an eventual leg amputation was awarded $17 million by a Riverside Superior Court jury. Steven Meier, 62, a former security guard for Securitas Security Services, was patrolling a PennySaver USA facility in Mira Loma, California, when a forklift backed into him and ran him over in October 2013. The forklift crushed Mr. Meier’s leg and dragged him several feet, tearing the skin from his leg below the knee.  Another forklift was used to get the first forklift off of him. Mr. Meier had to undergo 11 surgeries over ... Read More

New test detects Viagra hidden in supplements

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Korean scientists have devised a sensitive, rapid and efficient test to detect the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra in dietary supplements, according to The process involves combining solid-phase extraction with dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction. The result of this is liquid chromatography-UV detection method is that it sniffs out sildenafil almost as well as more sophisticated methods based on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). “Up to now, LC-MS has proved to be the most effective method for detecting sildenafil, but Korean scientists led by Sung Won Kwon at Seoul National University wanted to try to develop an equally effective LC-UV detection method,” ... Read More

Whistleblower: Wells Fargo Defrauded Mortgage Borrowers

Wells Fargo fraud

A former Wells Fargo banker has filed a lawsuit against the banking giant, accusing it of firing him in retaliation for standing up against an alleged practice of defrauding borrowers by blaming them for delays in processing mortgage applications that were the bank’s fault, then hitting them with the resulting fees. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mauricio Alaniz, a former banker at a Wells Fargo Beverly Hills unit, alleges in his federal lawsuit that the bank’s mortgage-processing and underwriting division was understaffed, resulting in chronic delays that weren’t the borrowers’ fault. Borrowers applying for mortgages are typically locked into ... Read More