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Illinois State Trooper Rammed By Tractor Trailer Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

An Illinois State Trooper whose squad car was rammed by a tractor trailer is suing the driver and owner of the commercial truck, alleging the collision caused him serious injury. On Feb. 1, 2015, State Trooper Ricardo Zarate had pulled over onto the left shoulder of Interstate 57 near Peotone, Illinois, to help a stranded motorist during a snowstorm. Mr. Zarate was in his patrol car with the overhead lights activated when a semi-truck rammed into the back of his vehicle about 6 p.m. Police charged truck driver Jason Hitchcock of Gilmer, Texas, with failing to reduce speed and improperly ... Read More

New High-speed Cameras Weigh Commercial Vehicles, Check For Violations On Alabama Highway

Motorists who drive I-85 between Montgomery and Shorter, Ala., have voiced concerns to WSFA about cameras and a flashing green light a half mile south of exit 22 that they suspect are issuing speeding tickets. But when Montgomery’s WSFA looked into the matter, it found that the cameras aren’t paying attention to passenger vehicles. It’s commercial vehicles that they are monitoring. Officials with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) told WSFA that the flashing green light is part of a currently unannounced system that weighs commercial vehicles as they pass through and simultaneously searches databases to determine whether the vehicle has ... Read More