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AbbVie reaches tentative settlement deal in testosterone MDL

AndroGel maker AbbVie Inc. has reached a tentative agreement to settle about 6,000 lawsuits pending in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) alleging its testosterone replacement therapy causes heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. All cases against AbbVie and its subsidiaries Abbott Laboratories, Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Unimed Pharmaceuticals LLC, have been stayed per an order by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly as the companies work toward finalizing a global settlement. The multidistrict litigation was centralized in the Northern District of Illinois in 2014 against several testosterone manufacturers, over claims that the companies hid cardiovascular side effects from consumers. Beginning in July ... Read More

AbbVie, Besins fined for delaying generic versions of AndroGel

AbbVie Inc., and its affiliate Bensons Healthcare were ordered to pay $448 million for allegedly reaping more than $1 billion in profits after filing sham lawsuits to keep competitors from launching generic versions of the companies’ top selling testosterone replacement therapy AndroGel. The companies filed patent lawsuits against Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and Perrigo Co., which were later ruled baseless by U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle. If not for AbbVie and Besins’ efforts, Perrigo could have entered the market in June 2013 with its own generic version of AndroGel. “The patent attorneys also clearly recognized that the entry of generic versions ... Read More

AbbVie accused of misusing plaintiff profile forms in testosterone MDL

Attorneys representing consumers in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) accusing testosterone treatment manufacturers of failing to warn that their products carried cardiovascular risks asked an Illinois federal judge to fine AbbVie Inc., nearly a half million dollars for misusing a records-collecting process to challenge almost 1,000 cases. The plaintiffs’ attorneys told U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly that AbbVie, maker of the top-selling AndroGel testosterone replacement therapy, was improperly using the plaintiff profile forms in an attempt to have the cases dismissed. As a result, the plaintiffs’ steering committee has spent tremendous time and effort to respond to the drug company’s issues. ... Read More

AbbVie ignored heart risks with AndroGel, lawyer claims

AbbVie Inc., turned a blind eye on cardiovascular risks associated with its AndroGel testosterone replacement therapy, said the attorney for a man suing the company over claims that AndroGel caused a blood clot to develop deep in his veins. The only warning Robert Rowley had that his testosterone treatment could cause heart attacks, strokes and blood clots was a warning on the product’s safety label about an increased risk for polycythemia, a blood thickening disease that can lead to blood clots. “But it’s not the only way,” Rowley’s attorney told an Illinois federal jury during the latest bellwether trial in ... Read More

Testosterone cases tossed from MDL for lack of information

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly threw out 160 cases from a multidistrict litigation (MDL) involving cardiovascular risks with testosterone replacement therapies because they failed to provide more information about their use of the products, how they obtained them, and their alleged injuries. “The failure of these plaintiffs to produce discovery is prejudicial to the defendants in these cases because it hinders the investigation and preparation of a defense in these cases,” Judge Kennelly wrote. He also suggested more dismissals may be ordered down the line. The dismissal of 160 cases makes a small impact on the multidistrict litigation, where more ... Read More

Verdict reached in latest testosterone side effects trial

Jurors in the fifth bellwether to be tried a multi district litigation (MDL) accusing testosterone replacement therapies of causing serious cardiovascular events found in favor of the defense. More than 6,500 cases remain in the MDL against testosterone makers, where previous verdicts have resulted in multimillion dollar awards to victims of testosterone side effects. Arthur Myers and his wife Heather sued AbbVie Inc., in 2015, claiming Arthur was lured to seek specific testing and treatment for low testosterone by the drug company’s direct-to-consumer advertising for its top-selling testosterone treatment AndroGel. In February 2008, Arthur suffered a pulmonary embolism, or blood ... Read More

AbbVie fights to reduce or overturn $3.2 million verdict

A month after an Illinois federal jury awarded a man $3.2 million over claims AbbVie Inc.’s testosterone replacement therapy AndroGel gave him a heart attack, the drug company asked the federal court to overturn the verdict or at the very least grant a new trial, arguing the jury’s finding that the company was negligent was inconsistent with its finding against strict liability and fraudulent misrepresentation. Plaintiff Jesse Mitchell sued AbbVie alleging that studies linked use of testosterone replacement therapies to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, but the company failed to adequately warn doctors or patients ... Read More

Plaintiff awarded $3.2M in AndroGel side effects retrial

An Illinois federal jury awarded an Oregon man $3.2 million, finding drug maker AbbVie Inc., was negligent in its promotion of the testosterone replacement therapy AndroGel. The verdict in the case of plaintiff Jesse Mitchell came after a more than two-week-long trial and resulted in an award of $200,000 in compensatory damages and $3 million in punitive damages. It was the second time a jury deliberated on whether AndroGel caused Mitchell’s heart attack. The first trial ended last summer with a jury finding AndroGel was not the cause of Mitchell’s heart attack and thus no compensatory damages were awarded. But the ... Read More

MS drug pulled from market for brain inflammation risk

Drug makers Biogen and AbbVie have pulled off the market and stopped all clinical trials on their multiple sclerosis drug daclizumab (sold under the brand name Zinbryta), after receiving eight reports of serious brain inflammation among patients in Europe. The measure was taken on the same day the European Medicines Agency announced an “urgent review” of the drug. Seven patients in Germany and one in Spain who were treated with the drug developed encephalitis and/or meningoencephalitis, both of which are brain inflammations. “Given the nature and complexity of adverse events being reported, characterizing the evolving benefit/risk profile of Zinbryta will ... Read More

New trial begins in first testosterone side effects bellwether

A new trial began last week in the case of a man who won a $150 million verdict against Abbvie Inc., after arguing that the company’s testosterone replacement therapy AndroGel caused his heart attack. Plaintiff Jesse Mitchell claims he didn’t know that using the topical testosterone replacement therapy could put him at risk for heart attacks, strokes and blood clots because AbbVie failed to adequately warn consumers or health care professionals. His was the first case to go to trial among thousands in a multidistrict litigation naming several testosterone treatment makers. The first trial ended with a jury award of ... Read More