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AbbVie tries to skirt testosterone risk claims

AbbVie Inc., faced with thousands of lawsuits alleging the drug company downplayed heart attack and stroke risks with its testosterone treatment AndroGel, told an Illinois federal jury that there was no definitive link between use of its hormone replacement therapy and cardiovascular risks, Law360 reported. The drug company told jurors during opening statements at the trial of Jesse Mitchell that it was not obligated to warn patients about the risk of heart attacks. Mitchell claims he used AndroGel off and on for several years before suffering a massive heart attack in 2012. He blames the event on his use of ... Read More

Wrongful death lawsuit involving AndroGel testosterone to remain in state court

A wrongful death lawsuit against AbbVie Inc. involving its top selling AndroGel testosterone treatment will remain in state court, a California federal judge ruled, rejecting the drug company’s bid to hold off on until the case can be transferred to a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Illinois. Evelyn Calvillo filed her lawsuit against AbbVie and the California-based distributor McKesson Corp., in Orange County Superior Court in July, alleging her husband died after using the testosterone replacement therapy. AbbVie argued that Calvillo had included McKesson in the lawsuit only to anchor her suit in California and that McKesson was not a suitable ... Read More

Testosterone treatment linked to increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, death

Aggressive marketing campaigns by drug companies peddling testosterone treatments has resulted in an increasing number of men asking their doctors if they are a candidate for testosterone therapy. Low levels of testosterone, or “Low T” as the drug companies have dubbed it, can be blamed for a variety of symptoms from fatigue and low libido to muscle weakness and weight gain. But testosterone supplementation may not be the wonder therapy marketers are claiming it to be. Recent studies show that men who take the drugs are 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or die during a ... Read More

Novel trials aim to speed approval of experimental breast cancer drugs

Two experimental breast cancer drugs showed promising results in a closely watched study designed to enable the accelerated approval of medication that addresses unmet medical need in the treatment of serious or life threatening conditions. The drugs include AbbVie Inc’s veliparib, a treatment for an especially aggressive type of breast cancer known as triple negative, for which there are few effective treatments, and Puma Biotechnology Inc.’s neratinib, designed to treat a different type of breast cancer known as Her2-positive. Both drugs were tested in an unconventional mid-stage trial involving patients with confirmed breast cancer whose disease is considered curable but ... Read More