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NTSB Finds Alarming Increase in Transportation Deaths in 2016

Transportation-related deaths in the U.S. increased across nearly all forms of transportation in 2016, but it’s the rising number of highway deaths that alarm safety experts. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 2,030 more people died in transportation-related accidents in 2016 than in 2015, with highway fatalities accounting for 95 percent of all the transportation deaths in 2016. NTSB data shows that 39,339 people were killed in transportation-related accidents last year, up from 37,309 deaths the previous year. In addition to the rise in highway deaths, fatalities also increased in the marine and railroad sectors. Only aviation deaths ... Read More

Better Implementation of Simple Measures Would Drastically Reduce U.S. Traffic Deaths, CDC Says

Motor vehicle crash deaths would be drastically reduced in the United States if proven life-saving strategies were implemented more often, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a new report comparing U.S. traffic death rates with those of other high-income nations. About 90 people die in the U.S. every day in traffic, which amounts to the highest death rate among 19 high-income comparison countries. According to the CDC, the U.S. has made progress in road safety in recent years, reducing crash deaths by 31 percent from 2000 to 2013, yet that decline pales in comparison to ... Read More

OSHA hits Ohio Auto Supplier demonstrating ‘total disregard for its workers’ with Near-Record Penalty

An Ohio-based auto parts manufacturer with “an extensive history of federal safety violations dating back 20 years” has been hit with one of the highest-ever regulatory penalties for its systemic noncompliance with U.S. safety laws that endangers its workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said Wednesday that it proposed Sunfield Inc. pay more than $3.42 million in penalties for 57 violations that included its failure to depower machinery before maintenance and servicing and failure to train workers using dangerous machine presses. OSHA said the fines it assessed against the Hebron, Ohio, auto supplier, which makes parts for several ... Read More

NHTSA investigates Mercedes E-class cars for possible fuel leak problems

More than 50 complaints from Mercedes-Benz owners about a strong odor of gasoline, mainly after refueling, has led to a federal investigation into possible fuel leaks in about 250,000 Mercedes E-Class cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is concerned that fuel may be leaking from the upper part of the gas tanks. No fires or injuries have been reported, however. The investigation includes vehicles from 2003 to 2008 model years. It is possible, the federal safety regulators say, that the leaks were caused by a 2008 pollution-control recall on the vehicle’s fuel filter module. The investigation was launched ... Read More

Ford introduces ‘hands-free’ texting feature to all new vehicle models

Ford Motor Company announced it is installing a new safety feature in many vehicle models that will read text messages aloud to drivers and allow them to respond hands-free with a limited number of pre-written messages. This feature is provided as part of the SYNC system in all new model vehicles and as a software update in older vehicles with the SYNC system in them. Many drivers will no doubt find the SYNC feature convenient to use behind the wheel, but the technology’s main purpose is to help drive down the number of distracted drivers. Little did cell phone developers ... Read More

Toning shoes blamed for foot, leg, hip injuries

Consumer Reports is warning women that pricey toning shoes that promise to get you in shape just by walking in them may actually be causing painful injuries. These shoes generated more than a billion dollars in revenue last year alone – about three times more than the previous year – and include brands such as Sketchers and Easy Spirit. Toning shoes are sneakers that feature designs like thick and curvy soles that put the body off balance. This imbalance is designed to increase muscle activity in the legs and tone up the rear and thighs. Advertisers say the shoes may ... Read More

NYC construction deaths plunge thanks to better regulations, enforcement, awareness

New York City construction-related accidents fell by 28 percent in 2010 over the previous year, the city’s Buildings Commissioner announced. The Department of Buildings says the dramatic improvement can be attributed to increased enforcement, 25 new safety regulations, and a greater outreach to members of the construction industry. The figure is based on 157 construction accidents reported in 2010, including 4 fatal accidents. All four of the construction workers killed last year died as a result of inadequate fall protections on the job site. Despite the safety deficiencies in those company worksites, fatal on-the-job construction accidents nevertheless decreased 78 percent ... Read More

Workplace deaths leave wake of devastated families

“He kissed me goodbye. He told me he’d call me at work later. He kissed Jennifer goodbye. And that was it. He never came home.” The story of Karen Lubanty and her daughter Jennifer, featured in a video produced by the Machinists News Network, is one that is repeated in different variations throughout the United States 14 times every day. That’s because 14 Americans leave for work every day but never come home, according to the Department of Labor. In October 2006, Walter Lubanty was one of those people who never came home from work because he was crushed to ... Read More

Proposed HOS changes draw fire from all sides

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s latest Hours-of-Service revisions, which the agency hopes will drive down the numbers of fatigue-related commercial truck and bus crashes, have been criticized by industry professionals and safety advocates alike. Speaking for most commercial carriers, the American Trucking Association says the proposed HOS changes are “overly complex, chock full of unnecessary restrictions on professional truck drivers, and, at [their] core, would substantially reduce trucking’s productivity.” The national safety advocate Public Citizen took the opposite stance, saying that while the new rules are better for public safety than those adopted by the Bush Administration, they don’t ... Read More

Police reduce commercial vehicle crashes around Savannah ports

Police in Garden City, Georgia are ramping up efforts to make sure commercial truck drivers drive safely and follow the rules, and their efforts are paying off for everyone. As home to a major port facility, Garden City and the larger Savannah area are transected by heavily traveled roads and interstates. Every day, thousands of commercial tractor trailers head toward the port and back again, hauling cargo to distribution centers around the country. With so much activity on the highways to and through Garden City, safe driving is absolutely critical. Police officer Larry Middleton parks his cruiser near a busy ... Read More