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Mirena IUD side effect lawsuits expected to grow into hundreds

Sarah says her experience with Mirena IUD for birth control was so horrendous that she would never recommend the device to anyone. The mother of three says she felt pain the minute the intrauterine device was inserted. The pain got so bad she went to the emergency room where doctors told her she would have to have her IUD removed as soon as possible. The device had perforated her uterus and floated into her abdomen. She had to undergo surgery to remove it. It was a frightening experience, but one that is being reported more and more with the T-shaped, ... Read More

FDA approves new extended regime oral contraceptive

Quartette, a new generation of extended regime oral contraceptives, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Teva Pharmaceuticals announced. The combination levonorgestral/ethinyl estradiol and ethinyl estradiol tablets are designed to minimize breakthrough bleeding between scheduled periods. Breakthrough bleeding is a common side effect with extended regime birth control pills, especially during the first few months, and one of the main reasons why women give up on the pills. The estrogen in Quartette increases at specific points and provides four short, light periods a year. FDA approval is based on a series of clinical trials involving more than ... Read More

Drug companies spend millions to promote testosterone gels

Drug companies peddling testosterone replacement products have their eyes on older men. Advertisements promoting testosterone gels by firms such as Abbott and Eli Lilly have risen more than 170 percent in the past three years to more than $14 million in 2011, according to advertising tracker Kanter Media. Those efforts have resulted in a 90 percent increase in prescriptions for the hormone during the past five years, which translates to nearly $2 billion in global sales. Baby boomers are the target of these campaigns, which ask men if they suffer from a decrease in libido, weight gain or fatigue. The ... Read More

Testosterone therapy can relieve symptoms of andropause

An estimated 20 to 30 percent of all men suffer from andropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women. It affects men in their mid 40s and older and carries symptoms such as mood swings, low sex drive and forgetfulness. But it can also lead to more serious problems, including osteoporosis. Just as women have hormone replacement therapy as a menopause treatment option, men have options, too. Testosterone therapy is the standard treatment for men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. Treatments include injections or patches. The most popular treatment is a testosterone gel, which is sold under ... Read More

Testosterone drug use building to an epidemic of health problems, doctors fear

AndroGel, Testim and other topical testosterone gel products were designed to restore healthy levels of functioning in men suffering from diminished bone and muscle mass, depression, weakened libido and other symptoms associated with low testosterone levels, or “Low T”. But now doctors are worried the testosterone drugs – coveted by many men for their sexual enhancement properties — are quickly creating another hormone-replacement health crisis in the United States. Bloomberg reports that AndroGel manufacturer Abbott Laboratories and other drug companies making and marketing testosterone drugs are offering to help some 14 million American men whose testosterone levels may be lower ... Read More

FDA puts stronger blood clot warnings on Yaz, Yasmin birth control pills

Yaz and other newer birth control pills that contain the hormone drospirenone will get stronger warnings on their labels warning users that the drugs may be more likely than older oral contraceptives to cause blood clots, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced. The new labeling will apply to Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, and Safyral, which are all made by Bayer. The pills are among the top selling oral contraceptives in the United States. They were marketed not only as a drug to prevent pregnancy, but also as a medication to help clear up acne and ease symptoms of premenstrual disorders. ... Read More

Drug company ‘check lists’ influence patient choice

How ethical is it for pharmaceutical companies to target consumers with advertising for their prescription drugs? Consider this: The United States is one of only four countries that allow direct-to-consumer advertising. (The others are New Zealand, Bangladesh, and South Korea.) What the public is more apt to see or read about a drug is not breaking news or scientific studies, but rather advertiser-crafted sound bites or celebrity endorsements of medications heavily advertised on television and magazines. Rather than relying on the guidance of a health care professional to determine the best drug for a patient, patients now enter doctor’s offices ... Read More

Combined birth control pills provide limited PMS pain improvement

Combined birth control pills can help reduce the pain of menstrual cramps, but not much, according to a Swedish longitudinal study. Combined oral contraceptives contain two hormones – estrogen and progestin. They work by stopping ovulation and by making the lining of the uterus thinner. There are several hormone varieties of combined birth control pills. The study wasn’t limited to a particular formulation; however, some birth control pills are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat acne, such as OrthoTri-cylclen, and another, Yaz, has been approved to treat the symptoms of PMDD, a more severe form ... Read More

Birth control called ‘secondary cause of death’ in young woman taking Yaz

It was mere hours after Rebecca Bapp called her parents to say that she wasn’t feeling well that the 21-year-old was dead. Mysteriously, her health declined so rapidly even doctors were baffled by what was making her so ill. Not long after her parents rushed her to the hospital, she was placed on a breathing machine and sedated. She coded three times before she gave up her fight for life. Confused by her daughter’s sudden illness, Rebecca’s parents ordered an autopsy. The primary cause of death was a blood clot in her heart. “The secondary cause of death was her ... Read More

Why would FDA panel not ban Yaz over blood clot risk?

Why did an advisory panel of experts for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not vote to ban the popular birth control pill Yaz and other pills of its generation containing the hormone drospirenone, instead opting to recommend that the pills carry a stronger warning for life-threatening blood clots? There is no doubt that with all oral contraceptives there is a slight risk for blood clots. Bayer, maker of Yaz and a family of other drospirenone-containing pills such as Yasmin, Beyaz and Safyral, has consistently claimed its pills were no more as dangerous than other birth control pills. However, newer ... Read More