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Study: Hookah Smoke Linked to Cancer

A recent ongoing study has convinced researchers that a chemical in hookah smoke, both firsthand and secondhand, is linked to cancer, and has been found to contain benzene, according to KBPS.org. A San Diego State University (SDSU) study, funded by the American Cancer Society, has found evidence that burning hookah tobacco creates a chemical that researchers believe causes lung cancer and heart disease. Benzene, which is a known cause of leukemia, was also found in the byproduct. During the study, 3-HPMA (a metabolite of acrolein) was detected in the urine samples of 105 hookah smokers and 103 non-smokers who were exposed to ... Read More

Online e-Cigarette Company Taken to Federal Court Over alleged False Claims of Toxin-Free Products

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken online e-cigarette company, The Joystick Company Pty Ltd, to Federal Court alleging the company is making false claims that its products are free from toxins, specifically formaldehyde. The company claims that its products are “independent from” chemicals typically found in traditional cigarettes, and that they were approved by the ACCC. The ACCC, however, disagrees. In fact, it had recently issued three infringement notices to Joystick alleging a number of “false or misleading representations.” When Joystick refused to pay the penalties as required per the infringement notices and maintained its claims of pure products, ACCC moved forward ... Read More

Two New Carcinogens Discovered in E-Cigarette Liquid

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has discovered two additional carcinogens in e-cigarette liquids. In their recent study published in Environmental Science & Technology, researchers examined three types of e-liquids and two types of vaporizers (one-coil and two-coil) at various battery power levels. The researchers discovered that the first puff looks very different from the last puff in terms of emissions. One example used was the emission of acrolein, a severe eye and respiratory irritant. With the single-coil e-cigarette operating at 3.8 volts, the first five puffs emitted .46 micrograms per puff of the chemical, but the last emitted 8.7 micrograms per puff. “When you ... Read More