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First-in-class cholesterol drug faring well in clinical trials

A first-in-its-class cholesterol-lowering drug is plowing through clinical trials and appears to lower LDL levels significantly more than Merck & Co’s Zetia. ETC-1002 is an oral pill made by Esperion Therapeutics. It is the first in a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs known as ACL inhibitors. They work by reducing cholesterol synthesis in the liver and increasing LDL receptors that remove cholesterol from the blood. ETC-1002 was pitted against Zetia in a 12-week study involving 348 patients with high LDL, considered the “bad” cholesterol. ETC-1002 reduced LDL an average of 30 percent in patients who received a 180-milligram dose and ... Read More

Statin side effects may not be worth the benefits for some people

Kailash Chand admitted he dismissed complaints of muscle pains, weakness, fatigue and memory problems he heard from patients he put on cholesterol-lowering statins. Then his own doctor discovered he had high cholesterol, and put him on statins to lower his risk of heart attacks, strokes and death. It wasn’t long before Chand, too, started experiencing problems. “My regular exercise was curtailed. I was feeling tired and exhausted,” Chand, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, told Web MD. A stabbing pain in his back sent him to a specialist. When blood tests, X-rays and MRI scans showed no signs of ... Read More

Risperidone side effects send patients to the emergency room

Adverse effects of antipsychotic medications such as Risperdal (risperidone) send more than 20,000 people in the United States to the emergency room each year, prompting the American Psychiatric Association to issue an advisory to clinicians to carefully evaluate patients before prescribing the drugs to ensure that the use of antipsychotic medications are clinically warranted. Antipsychotic adverse effects were the cause of three times more emergency room visits than side effects from sedatives, four times more than stimulants, and five times more than antidepressants. The antipsychotic side effects that drive most people to the emergency room for treatment include extreme restlessness, ... Read More

Mislabeled ibuprofen, seizure drugs recalled

American Health Packaging (AHP) is recalling packages of the anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen and the anti-seizure drug oxcarbazepine because the individual blister packs may be mislabeled and contain the wrong drug. Thus, patients prescribed oxcarbazepine may inadvertently take a dose of ibuprofen, and patients prescribed ibuprofen may inadvertently receive oxcarbazepine. Patients who miss a scheduled dose of oxcarbazepine are at an increased risk of having a seizure. And, inadvertent consumption of ibuprofen may cause side effects in patients for which the medication is contraindicated. The recall involves Lot #142588, Expiration Date, 01/2016 of ibuprofen tablets USP, 600 mg, in a hospital ... Read More

FDA approves first-ever nasal testosterone spray

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given clearance for the first-ever nasal testosterone replacement treatment. Natesto Nasal Gel, manufactured by Trimel Pharmaceuticals, is intended for adult males with conditions associated with deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone, including primary hypogonadism or hypogondotropic hypogondism. Low testosterone levels are associated with symptoms such as low libido, muscle loss, fatigue and weight gain. Natesto is self-administered into the nostrils via a metered-dose pump applicator, which delivers 5.5 mg of testosterone. The recommended dosage is 11 mg, or two pumps (one in each nostril), three times daily. The nasal spray offers a new ... Read More

North Carolina senate supports measure to shield drug makers from personal injury claims

The North Carolina Senate has approved an amendment to a bill that would give pharmaceutical companies protection against litigation regarding adverse effects from their drugs if they have previously warned of specific side effects and followed all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. If the legislation becomes law, North Carolina consumers would likely have a more difficult time suing drug companies for injuries caused by their products. Supporters say the measure will put drug companies on equal footing with consumers. Opponents disagree, saying the move could hurt people who hare harmed by side effects that emerge after a drug is ... Read More

Autism treatment exposes children to serious side effects

Risperidone was the first drug approved to treat children with autism and can help reduce irritability, but the side effects are alarming, according to an informal analysis of the drug. Risperidone, also known by the brand name Risperdal, is an antipsychotic medication approved to treat adults and children with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and irritability with autism. It is also prescribed off-label for various behavior problems including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention-deficit disorder (ADD), anxiety and depression. Risperidone has shown to be an effective treatment for the explosive and aggressive behavior expressed by some people with autism, taming tantrums in a ... Read More

Erectile dysfunction drugs linked to eye problems, vision loss

A new Warning and Precaution has been added to the safety labels of several drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction alerting consumers that the medication may have adverse effects on the eyes and could potentially lead to vision loss in one or both eyes, which may be permanent, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned. Patients treated with Adcirca (tadalafil) 20 mg tablets, Cialis (tadalfil), Levitra (vardenafil HCl) tablets, Staxyn (vardenafil hydrochloride) orally designating tablets, and Stendra (avanafil) are advised to seek immediate medical attention in the event of sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes. This could ... Read More

FDA panel rejects new opioid painkiller combining morphine, oxycodone

A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel has voted unanimously not to recommend the approval of a powerful new prescription painkiller designed to deliver faster relief with fewer side effects. Moxduo is the first drug to combine morphine and oxycodone in one capsule. It is intended to treat moderate to severe pain, such as that associated with accidents and major surgery. Panel members said the drug’s developer QRxPharma did not adequately prove that Moxduo provides better pain relief than morphine or oxycodone alone, nor that the drug is less likely to cause potentially fatal respiratory depression compared to its ... Read More

Could ‘Low T’ treatments be dangerous to your health?

If you’re a man and you listen to the advertisements from some drug makers describing a condition known as “Low T” with symptoms such as low libido, zapped energy levels, weight gain and muscle loss, you might be tempted to take the drug maker’s advice and check with your doctor to see if you could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. Who wouldn’t want to look better, feel better, and have that spring in your step again? However, the drugs may be too good to be true, according to a study recently published in the Journal of the American ... Read More