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Poor, black counties to receive coal ash from TVA cleanup

Criticism continues to fly as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) labors on with its extensive and expensive coal ash cleanup effort following the December 22, 2008, spill from its Kingston, Tennessee, fossil fuel plant. A breach in an impoundment pond dumped more than a billion gallons of coal ash on to a neighboring community, destroying homes and damaging property in its wake. The Institute for Southern Studies now finds that the counties where the utility will be dumping much of the coal ash retrieved from the community in which it was spilled are largely populated by African Americans and have ... Read More

Alabama man injured by cardiac defibrillator sues manufacturer

Beasley Allen Law Firm attorneys P. Leigh O’Dell and Ted G. Meadows filed a lawsuit on April 29, 2009, on behalf of Patrick M. Lancaster of Alabama, alleging that the plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of having been implanted with a Sprint Fidelis Lead manufactured by Medtronic, Inc. The lawsuit names defendants Medtronic Inc., Medtronic Puerto Rico, Inc., and Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Co. The complaint incorporates by reference the relevant portions of the Master Consolidated Complaint for Individuals on file with the Clerk of the Court for the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota in ... Read More

Traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part five

Last month we shared the story of Jason Stanley, an Auburn University student who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI)when three other men ambushed and maliciously attacked him in an alleyway. Jason lost consciousness after falling and hitting his head on the concrete pavement, yet one of the assailants continued to kick him in the face, according to a witness. The attack left Jason with a spectrum of physical and psychological problems – a fractured skull, severed nerves, loss of hearing, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, anger, depression – all symptoms of a TBI that took doctors days to discover. Many people ... Read More

Alabama woman sues oil company over land contaminated by leaky UST

Beasley Allen attorneys Rhon Jones, Christopher Boutwell, and Alyce Robertson filed a lawsuit March 19 for Susan Taylor, a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Taylor’s lawsuit alleges that her property has been contaminated by a fuel leak originating from an underground storage tank at the Speedmart Fuel Center. Chatham Oil, Inc. owns the Speedmart that sits next to Taylor’s property on University Avenue in Tuscaloosa. In August of 2007, Taylor and her husband noticed the strong odor of gasoline on their property, accompanied by a petroleum sheen on the surface water that had accumulated on the property. They contacted the Alabama ... Read More

RMK investor awarded more than $250,000 to cover bad fund losses

Earlier this month, it was announced that Morgan Keegan & Co., the brokerage firm owned by Regions Financial Corp., would be required to repay an investor $267,711 for losses suffered by the collapse of Regions Morgan Keegan investment funds. According to CCNMoney, this is the largest bond fund arbitration award to date. Hundreds of investors lost significant amounts of money nearly overnight as a result of monies invested in mortgage-backed funds that collapsed in the subprime lending crisis. Lawsuits against Regions Morgan Keegan allege the funds were represented to investors as low-risk preferred stocks and corporate bonds, when in fact ... Read More

Judge denies TVA’s request for more time to carry out pollution controls

Problems continue to mount for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This week a federal judge upheld an order handed down in January that the TVA accelerate its billion-dollar program to clean up four of its coal plants in Tennessee and Alabama so the plants could stop polluting the air in North Carolina, according to the Associated Press/Forbes. The TVA had asked for more time to carry out those orders, requesting one more year – to 2012 – to install smokestack scrubbers at its John Sevier plant in Rogersville, Tennessee, and two more years – to 2014 – to carry out ... Read More

class action filed against Alabama company for FLSA overtime violations

A lawsuit filed by employees against Buffalo Rock Co. of Birmingham, Alabama has been certified as a class action lawsuit, according to a report in the Birmingham News. Workers filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Birmingham in 2007, alleging the company’s failure to compensate some of its sales and delivery employees for overtime work. Buffalo Rock is one of the country’s largest privately owned Pepsi-Cola bottlers with 14 distribution centers in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Its distribution area covers a population of 6.5 million. Employees represented by the suit contend that Buffalo Rock violated the Fair Labor ... Read More

traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part four

One side of Carol Stanley’s fight to balance the scales of justice is her work with the Crime Victims Task Force. As we explained in the previous segment, Carol is working with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office to make the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights enforceable, much the way it is in several other states. The other side of her work involves meeting with her state legislators to amend a law and make it easier to prosecute acts of violence that result in traumatic brain injury. It’s not going to be done unless there’s a voice out there. Someone who ... Read More

traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part three

Carol found that both the legal proceedings and the laws themselves were far from perfect – representing an objectionable pairing of too much protection for offenders with too little justice for victims. As her son Jason struggled with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, the men who assaulted him were protected as youths and thus shielded from any real punishment. Adding insult to injury, the court system seemed to impede Carol’s quest just to stay informed of any legal activity concerning her son’s assault. However difficult, Carol’s mission for justice uncovered a valuable legal tool called a “victim’s impact ... Read More

traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part two

Thursday we talked about the ordeal that Jason Stanley, a 20-year-old Auburn University student, endured after being physically assaulted by 3 other men in 2007. The assailants knocked Jason to the ground, causing him to lose consciousness after he hit his head on the concrete pavement. Doctors initially treated Jason for superficial wounds, not realizing until weeks later that he actually suffered from a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). As senseless and horrible as Jason’s experience is, it is far from unusual. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 20 percent of the 1.5 million annual cases of TBI ... Read More