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Disfiguring Taxotere side effect devastating to women

“I find it interesting that TV ads regularly show men and women lamenting their thinning hair and bald spots with various companies offering treatments and potions to restore their manes. Words like ‘embarrassed,’ ‘devastated,’ ‘humiliated’ and ‘depressed’ are used to describe their feelings,” wrote Beth* in a post on the site A Head of our Time. “When cancer patients use these terms with regards to how they feel about their Taxotere-induced hair loss, they have been ridiculed and maligned and told they should be happy to be alive. What’s the difference? If someone who is genetically predisposed to thin hair ... Read More

Women seek centralization of Taxotere hair loss lawsuits

About 350 women suing Sanofi-Aventis and other drug companies for failing to warn about the risk of permanent hair loss from the breast cancer drug Taxotere are calling for the New Jersey Supreme Court to designate the lawsuits as a multicounty litigation under Superior Court Judge James F. Hyland in Middlesex County. Centralizing the lawsuits was recommended because of the large number of cases and the common issues in their claims. Centralized management would conserve judicial resources, provide all those involved with the benefits of coordinated discovery, and minimize duplication, the petition states. The vast majority of the state lawsuits are ... Read More

Natural remedies for hair loss can’t help Taxotere users

Everyone loses some hair, with the loss of 74 to 100 old hairs per day being normal as hairs reach the end of their four- to six-year lifespan. However, some people experience excessive hair loss. This can be caused by autoimmune disease alopecia; damaging hair treatments and styles; side effects of medications such as chemotherapy; as well as changes such as pregnancy, stress, and weight loss. Health issues such as some vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disease, liver malfunction, and even high blood pressure can also have an effect on your hair, causing unwanted excessive loss. For those who might be dealing ... Read More

What causes female hair loss? How can I protect my hair?

The public is very familiar with hereditary hair loss known as male or female pattern hair loss. They are similarly familiar with hair loss as a result of cancer treatment, although it is less common knowledge that certain chemotherapy drugs, Taxotere for example, can cause permanent rather than temporary baldness. Other causes of hair loss such as autoimmune disorder alopecia areata are becoming more discussed in the public forum. Hair loss does not only affect men. The American Hair Loss Association says, “Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss ... Read More

Mother and daughter embrace female baldness in beautiful photo shoot

In a recent Human Interest story, PEOPLE Magazine featured a mother and daughter whose photos have captured the internet’s heart. “They are two of the most beautiful people I’ve met, inside and out,” said Kellie, of Kellie Rose Photography, who is responsible for the joyous photographs. “They are here to show everyone that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!” Seven-year-old Rose Tavenner developed autoimmune disease alopecia a few years ago. Alopecia areata affects 147 million people worldwide according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. The symptoms often first appear in childhood. This hair loss disease is caused when the immune system attacks hair follicles. ... Read More

Issues of hair loss, excess hair growth affect women physically, psychologically

More and more women have been speaking out about hair loss disorders such as autoimmune disease alopecia, or the permanent baldness that they experience as a result of chemotherapy drugs such as Taxotere. Many of these women are boldly showing the world their bald heads and discussing issues of acceptance, both self-acceptance and the hope to overcome the social stigma that is still associated with female baldness. They are discussing the psychological consequences of their experiences. Movements such as “See Us In September” gave these women unity and encouraged open dialogue in public forums about the impact of living with ... Read More

Taxotere MDL maintains rapid growth, lawsuits over permanent hair loss

This summer we reported that the Taxotere federal multidistrict litigation had grown from 33 lawsuits to more than 1,000 in just a little more than seven months. Now six months later, the litigation has continued to see dramatic increase. More than another 1,000 suits have been added to the MDL, with a total of 2,304 claims as of Nov. 15, 2017, according to the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. MDL -2740 Taxotere (Docetaxel) Products Liability Litigation under U.S. District Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt was established in the Eastern District of Louisiana in October of last year. The federal ... Read More

Children’s book about bald princess is gift to kids with alopecia and cancer

Yahoo Lifestyle features a unique children’s book that was self-published on Amazon this October. Rosaria Calafati, the author, says, “My experience with children and my experience [with cancer] is what started it all.” The breast cancer survivor, who underwent a lumpectomy and lost her hair to chemotherapy in 1997, is a mother of six and a full-time nanny. Calafati’s hair grew back after cancer treatment, but not all cancer patients are so lucky. Some drugs, such as Taxotere, which is used to treat breast and other cancers, can leave survivors permanently bald. Women and children with autoimmune disorder alopecia areata ... Read More

Beautiful bald senior portraits raise awareness about alopecia as they go viral

There are many reasons people experience hair loss. Some men and women experience pattern baldness, which is genetic and often associated with aging. Some lose their hair as a side effect of toxic drugs such as chemotherapy. This type of hair loss is generally expected to be temporary, but for some cancer survivors their hair never grows back. Many are women who used Taxotere to treat breast cancer. Others, like 17-year-old Madisyn Babcock, have autoimmune disease alopecia areata, which causes patchy hair loss and in extreme cases total loss of hair on the scalp, face and even body. No matter ... Read More

Teen determined to help children with hair loss, bullies won’t stop him

Baldness can be caused by many things. It doesn’t only affect aging men with a genetic predisposition. Many of all ages experience baldness as a result of cancer treatment. In fact, there are some cancer survivors who even find themselves find themselves facing the stigma of baldness for the rest of their lives when their chemotherapy drugs, Taxotere for example, caused permanent hair loss. Another cause of hair loss is an autoimmune disease called alopecia. It often first appears during childhood and in extreme cases can cause complete loss of hair on the scalp, face and even the whole body. ... Read More