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Family sues natural healing center over man’s death

Licensed naturopathic doctor Charmaine Basset had no legitimate training and made bogus claims that led a 64-year-old man not to seek medical treatment for pneumonia, which led to his death, his family members claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit. Family members of Ted Grachek said that Bassett claimed to have received training from fictitious institutions and was certified in holistic treatment methods including nutrition, herbology, biochemistry and advanced quantum feedback. “The whole thing is a fraud,” the family’s attorney said. But Grachek took what Bassett dished out, hook, line and sinker. He became ill in Florida last spring, and as ... Read More

FTC to require makers of homeopathic treatments to prove the products work

Manufacturers of homeopathic products must present reliable scientific evidence for health claims if they want to continue to sell their products in the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said in a new policy statement. Homeopathic products are sold over-the-counter as alternative therapies that contain diluted plant or animal extracts designed to treat diseases and symptoms. The practice dates back to the late-eighteenth century, but are not based on modern scientific methods and are not accepted by modern medical experts. Furthermore, there is no research to back up claims that homeopathic products work, and that is likely what the FTC is ... Read More

Doctors warn against giving children alternative medicines

Medical professionals are warning parents that complementary and alternative medicines should not be used on children after a young boy was admitted to the hospital suffering severe adverse effects. According to a report published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, a 4-year-old boy with autism was admitted to the hospital after weeks of vomitng caused him to drop 6.5 pounds. The boy’s parents said they had consulted an alternative medicine therapist, who recommended the boy take 12 dietary supplements including calcium, vitamin D, cod liver oil, camel milk, silver, zinc, and Epsom bath salts. The boy was treated for hyperhydration and given ... Read More

FDA issues warning letter to Healing Scents alternative therapies

Kathleen Hembree, owner of Healing Scents Natural Products received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding claims that the product can treat health conditions or illnesses, a violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The Healing Scents website promotes Age Spot Eraser containing “frankincense essential oil (that) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin … lavender essential oil (that) helps regenerate skin cells (for) sun spots and scarring … myrrh essential oil (that) has strong anti-inflammatory properties (to) help heal sun damage, chapped skin, rashes, and eczema.” The company also sells Eczema and Psoriasis ... Read More

FDA cracks down on compounding pharmacies, issuing warning letters for unsanitary practices

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is coming down hard on compounding pharmacies, issuing warning letters for unsanitary conditions and producing drugs without individual prescriptions. The action comes four months after congress passed the Drug Quality and Security Act, which puts compounding pharmacies that outsource their products under FDA oversight instead of being governed by state pharmacy boards like traditional pharmacies. Nora Apothecary and Alternative Therapies, Pallimed Solutions Inc., and Wedgwood Village Pharmacy received warning letters outlining sterility issues with facility procedures from visible sterile drug contaminants to inadequate clean rooms and monitoring programs. The FDA’s oversight into compounding pharmacies ... Read More