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American Heart Month stresses awareness, prevention

The red worn on the first Friday of February wasn’t to celebrate Valentine’s Day early. It was a reminder that the day associated with romance also coincides with another heart-related recognition: American Heart Month. Each February since President Lyndon Johnson first declared American Heart Month in 1964 has been used to raise awareness about heart disease, the nation’s No. 1 killer. This year’s National Wear Red Day for American Heart Month was held Feb. 3. Every year one in four deaths in the United States is due to heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ... Read More

New study shows vytorin and zetia less effective than niacin

Vytorin has struck out again, this time in a clinical trial that compared the drug’s safety and efficacy to a prescription form of the B vitamin niacin. The results of the trial, which the New England Journal of Medicine featured in an article and two editorials, were presented Sunday at an American Heart Association meeting and showed that in a direct comparison, niacin worked significantly better than Vytorin and Zetia in reducing arterial blockages. According to a report in NPR, “This study is the third to question whether ezetimibe drugs do what they’re supposed to.” If lowering LDL or “bad” ... Read More

FDA investigates external defibrillators for effectiveness

External biphasic defibrillators, monitor/defibrillators and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) used to provide cardioversion therapy to patients are being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration following reports that the devices designed to deliver 200 J (joules) were ineffective during use. Defibrillators are devices used by emergency or medical personnel or by others who have completed CPR AED training courses to treat adults in cardiac arrest. The devices analyze an unconscious patient’s heart rhythms and automatically delivers an electric shock to the heart if needed to restore a normal heart rhythm. To date, the FDA has received 14 reports in which ... Read More

FDA favors Chantix over e-cigarettes. Why?

Chantix made an appearance in last week’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) when one contributor wrote that the Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged receiving nearly 100 reports of suicide and nearly 200 reports of attempted suicide likely linked to the use of Chantix. Additionally, the FDA also said it is compliling reports of Chantix patients being involved in traffic accidents. The JAMA article prompted doctor and authority on smoking, Michael Siegel, to question why the FDA allows Chantix to remain on the market, especially in light of the agency’s threats to remove all electronic ... Read More

Doctors say stay with statins

As news of Vytorin’s lackluster performance in clinical tests circulates throughout the medical community, many prominent physicians are advocating a return to the use of statins to treat high cholesterol. Statins, such as Crestor, Zocor, and Lipitor, lower the liver’s production of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Research shows that statins also reduce cardiac events by 60 percent and strokes by 17 percent. Merck and Schering-Plough teamed up to create Vytorin, a new cholesterol-fighting drug that combined the power of statins with Zetia, a drug that reduces absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. In this way, the battle against cholesterol would occur ... Read More