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Ohio ‘Tort Reform’ Law Lets Ride Manufacturer Off The Hook For Deadly Fair Accident

The people injured on the Fire Ball ride that broke apart at the Ohio State Fair in July may not be able to hold the manufacturer of the ride liable because of a “tort reform” law Ohio legislators passed in 2005. A lawyer representing a woman who legs were shattered in the ride failure told The Columbus Dispatch that the “tort reform” law will “make the fight for justice much more difficult to achieve” because it set caps on jury awards for businesses and imposed a 10-year “statute of repose” limit on a manufacturer’s liability for product defects. The Fire ... Read More

Deadly Ohio Fair Ride Malfunction Caused by ‘Excessive Corrosion’

The “catastrophic failure” of an amusement ride at the Ohio State Fair last month was caused by “excessive corrosion” of the ride’s metal components, according to a statement by the ride’s Dutch manufacturer. KMG International, the family-owned amusement ride manufacturer based in Neede, Netherlands, said the particular “KMG Fireball” ride, also known as the “Afterburner,” was 18 years old. The company said it sent representatives to the accident site in Columbus, Ohio to inspect the ride and review footage of the accident, which killed 18-year-old Columbus native Tyler Jarrell and injured seven others. The amusement ride’s failure occurred when a ... Read More

Tough New Amusement Laws Could Kill Kansas County Fair

Amusement rides in carnivals and county fairs, a Kansas tradition since the mid-1800s, will likely become history unless state legislators amend tough new legislation whipped up after the tragic death of Caleb Schwab, the 10-year-old boy who was killed on an extreme waterslide in Kansas City, Kansas, last summer. According to The Hutchinson News, at least one Western Kansas county has decided to no longer have rides at its annual carnival even though the new regulations won’t take effect until 2018. Other counties predicted that they are almost 100 percent certain they will no longer be able to offer rides ... Read More

Inspectors dismantling swing ride that injured 18 at Connecticut festival

NORWALK, Conn. — Investigators are dismantling a circular swing ride that failed during a summer oyster festival in Southern Connecticut Sunday in an effort to understand why the ride stopped abruptly, sending the riders hurtling into each other and injuring 18 riders. The “Zumur” ride, which consists of swings suspended from arms that raise and spin, was one of the featured ride attractions at Norwalk’s annual Oyster Festival. Connecticut State Troopers investigating Sunday’s incident say that some kind of mechanical malfunction in the drive system seems to have occurred while the ride was in operation. Stewart Amusement Co. bought the ... Read More