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Low testosterone tied to poor lifestyle choices, not aging

On average, when men age, their testosterone levels drop, but researchers say this doesn’t necessarily mean aging causes testosterone loss. In fact, researchers say, it may be caused by poor lifestyle choices. A new Australian study conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide shows that men with certain habits had lower testosterone levels. The study involved 1,382 men who were tested at the beginning and end of the five-year research period. Men with chronic health problems were found to have the greatest declines in the male hormone compared to men without health problems. Researchers also noted that the drop ... Read More

Drug companies’ marketing efforts help boost sales of testosterone gels

Why men visit their doctors to have their testosterone levels checked can be attributed to one big thing – marketing campaigns waged by drug companies, Dr. Spyros Mezitis, told WebMD. “Men are bombarded by media, by advertising campaigns – ‘Don’t feel well? Ask your doctor about low testosterone.’” Low testosterone is blamed on symptoms such as low sex drive and depression. Treating it can be as easy as getting a prescription for products such as Testim or AndroGel – topical testosterone gels that claim to correct those symptoms by boosting testosterone levels. While the products do help those with low ... Read More

Auxillium, GSK team up to increase sales of Testim testosterone gel

Auxillium Pharmaceuticals Inc. will begin co-promoting its testosterone gel Testim in the United States this summer with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a move that Auxillium is banking on upping sales of its hormone replacement product for men. Testim is a testosterone replacement gel that is prescribed by physicians for men whose blood shows low levels of the male hormone. Low testosterone can cause mood swings and low sex drive. Auxillium entered into the co-promotion agreement with GSK in an effort to get Testim to more physicians. Auxillium will continue to make and supply the gel. The product brought in nearly ... Read More

Heavy marketing of testosterone gel results in 115 percent increase in use

Heavy marketing campaigns by makers of testosterone replacement products have dramatically increased the use of the products among men in Australia, according to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), the country’s national drug benefit program. According to PBS statistics, use of testosterone products among men has grown 115 percent from 2005 to 2010. The organization is blaming advertisements that warn low testosterone levels can result in low energy, low sex drive, and fatigue. The ads encourage men to see their doctors, have their hormone levels checked, and to request a particular testosterone gel by name. The products are intended for men who have ... Read More

Testosterone therapy can relieve symptoms of andropause

An estimated 20 to 30 percent of all men suffer from andropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women. It affects men in their mid 40s and older and carries symptoms such as mood swings, low sex drive and forgetfulness. But it can also lead to more serious problems, including osteoporosis. Just as women have hormone replacement therapy as a menopause treatment option, men have options, too. Testosterone therapy is the standard treatment for men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. Treatments include injections or patches. The most popular treatment is a testosterone gel, which is sold under ... Read More

More men using testosterone treatments to boost libido

Sales of testosterone drugs are skyrocketing in recent years, driving into the billions. And while the drugs help older men feel like teenagers again, some types of testosterone treatments are causing disturbing side effects for others accidentally exposed. An estimated 13.8 million men older than 45 in the United States have low levels of testosterone, which can lead to a loss in libido, a decrease in bone and muscle mass, and depression. More and more men are turning to hormone therapies to help them feel like their former selves. And they are being driven there by marketing campaigns, such as ... Read More

Generic Testim will carry same black box warning as brand name

Watson Laboratories Inc. has filed an application to market a generic version of Auxilium Pharmaceuticals’ testosterone gel, Testim. Last year, the testosterone-containing treatment generated revenues of $207.9 million for Auxillium. Testim is a prescription, topical gel that is applied to the shoulders and upper arms of men. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 to treat low testosterone. In 2009, the FDA announced that it was ordering the manufacturers of Testim and another testosterone gel, AndroGel, to include a boxed warning on the Testim 1% and AndroGel 1% labels. The agency required this action after ... Read More

Testosterone drug use building to an epidemic of health problems, doctors fear

AndroGel, Testim and other topical testosterone gel products were designed to restore healthy levels of functioning in men suffering from diminished bone and muscle mass, depression, weakened libido and other symptoms associated with low testosterone levels, or “Low T”. But now doctors are worried the testosterone drugs – coveted by many men for their sexual enhancement properties — are quickly creating another hormone-replacement health crisis in the United States. Bloomberg reports that AndroGel manufacturer Abbott Laboratories and other drug companies making and marketing testosterone drugs are offering to help some 14 million American men whose testosterone levels may be lower ... Read More

FDA places black box warning on topical testosterone gels

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed a black box warning on two separate topical testosterone gels following reports of secondary exposure to children, which can cause serious symptoms in children such as enlargement of the penis or clitoris, premature development of pubic hair, increased erections, and aggressive behavior. The two drugs listed by the FDA include AndroGel 1 % for topical use and Testim 1 % topical gel. The FDA warnings advise users of the product keep children away from unwashed or unclothed application sites in men using the gel. Women should also heed the warnings as they, ... Read More