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Is Autonomous Vehicle Bill In Jeopardy After Self-Driving Crashes?

For the manufacturers of autonomous vehicles, the recent Uber and Tesla crashes probably couldn’t have come at a worse time. Driven by ambitious financial goals, autonomous vehicle manufacturers are engaged in a race to get their self-driving vehicles on the road. Generally, the automakers have enjoyed healthy support among U.S. and state politicians and a new regulatory and legal framework to accommodate self-driving cars was making swift progress. But on March 18, an autonomous Uber SUV struck and killed Elaine Herzberg, 49, as she was walking her bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona. Although the car had a human ... Read More

Clinton Takes Aim At Wells Fargo, Arbitration Agreements On Campaign Trail

Wells Fargo came under attack again for fraudulent business practices designed to cheat customers, this time at a Hillary Clinton campaign event Monday in Toledo, Ohio, where the Democratic Presidential candidate harshly criticized the bank for its “egregious corporate behavior” and vowed to help consumers fight against forced arbitration. Wells Fargo has been in the media spotlight recently amid congressional hearings and other investigations probing its practice of opening up fake bank accounts for customers without their knowledge or consent, then charging those customers administrative fees for the useless accounts. “Really shocking isn’t it? One of the nations’ biggest banks ... Read More

Arbitration clause found in Chrysler “Friends Program Pricing” form

Chrysler appears to have pulled a fast one on a number of unsuspecting car buyers signing mountains of paperwork by slipping in an arbitration clause on the “Chrysler Group LLC – Employee Advantage – Friends Program Pricing & Acknowledgment Form.” According to Jalopnik, the Chrysler dealer offers the contract as part of a one percent discount to the buyer. At first glance, the form appears non-threatening, aptly named the “friends program,” to encourage potential buyers of simply signing it and moving forward. However, in all caps, but smaller font, reads the following sentence:  “THIS CONTRACT CONTAINS A BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION ... Read More

Two separate concussion lawsuits against NCAA clash over overlap, differences

A group of former college football players who are suing the NCAA over its handling of football-related concussions urged a federal court in Tennessee to block intervention in their suit by another group of former college athletes in Illinois who made similar claims against the association two years ago. The Tennessee complaint, filed by former University of Tennessee defensive end Chris Walker and two other players, asserts the NCAA knew or should have known about the risks posed to football players but did nothing to warn them about the dangers. The plaintiffs also allege that that the NCAA failed to ... Read More

Former college football players sue NCAA over concussion worries

Concussions and the increased risks of long-term physical, emotional, and financial hardships they present are the subject of a personal-injury lawsuit filed against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) by three former college football players, who claim the organization failed to warn players about brain injury risks and neglected to take adequate measures to prevent, diagnose, and treat concussions. Plaintiffs Chris Walker and Ben Martin, who played for the University of Tennessee from 2007 to 2011, and Dan Ahern, who played for North Carolina State from 1972 to 1976, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Tennessee. According to ... Read More

New website monitors how corporations, lobbyists are eroding our Constitutional rights

Alarmed by the corporate lobby’s aggressive efforts to undermine the U.S. civil justice system, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) has launched a new website and blog called Take Justice Back. The aim of the website is to keep U.S. citizens informed about how their rights and protections, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, are being eroded by powerful corporations and lobbying groups trying to escape accountability. Armed with hundreds of millions of dollars, these corporate interests have infiltrated Congress and are using their financial might “scheming up ways to avoid accountability when they hurt someone,” the AAJ says. The “Tort ... Read More

Judge to decide whether head trauma lawsuits against NFL will go to trial

The National Football League is facing more than 200 lawsuits filed on behalf of more than 4,300 former players alleging that the league “ignored, minimized, disputed, and actively suppressed” its awareness that repeated concussions were associated with a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). A Philadelphia judge has been charged with deciding whether the lawsuits will go to trial or be settled by arbitration. If the claims constitute a labor dispute, which the league is banking on, then they would be settled by an arbitrator. The former players, however, say the claims go beyond that scope and ... Read More

Toyota can’t force arbitration in sudden unintended acceleration cases, judge rules

Toyota can’t force arbitration of economic-loss claims filed by plaintiffs who allege the carmaker’s sudden-unintended-acceleration defects led to diminished market value for their vehicles, U.S. District judge James Selna has ruled. Arbitration is a nifty tool widely used by big corporations like Toyota to force settlements in consumer cases before they can go to trial. Forced arbitration clauses are often tucked into the fine print of sales contracts, requiring consumers to forfeit their right to sue the company as a precondition of doing business. “Toyota waived any right it may have had to compel arbitration of 15 of the 20 ... Read More

Regions eyes Morgan Keegan sale as investment arm settles Fraud claims

Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc., an investment brokerage owned by Regions Financial Corp., has announced a $200 million settlement in relation to charges of consumer fraud stemming from investments tied to the mortgage bond market. The company has been battling numerous lawsuits brought on behalf of clients that allege Morgan Keegan falsely represented proprietary mutual funds as “low risk” investments when they were actually tied to the volatile mortgage market. According to a report in the Memphis Daily News, more than 300,000 investors lost over a billion dollars when the subprime mortgage meltdown drained the funds seemingly overnight. Morgan Keegan ... Read More

Hot Coffee documentary showcasing dangers of tort reform airs June 27

Susan Saladoff’s documentary Hot Coffee, which offers an unsettling glimpse at the tactics many giant corporations use to strip everyday Americans of some basic rights, has been racking up critical acclaim ahead of its premiere on HBO June 27th. Hot Coffee centers on the famous McDonald’s coffee incident that left Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident with serious burns. Liebeck was a passenger in her nephew’s car when she positioned a cup of coffee between her knees so she could remove the lid and add cream and sugar. The coffee spilled, giving Ms. Liebeck third-degree burns on her ... Read More