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Judge to decide if nursing aide abuse case goes to trial

Nineteen-year-old Brianna Broitzman told a judge this week she is not responsible for physically and sexually abusing cognitively impaired residents at the Good Samaritan nursing home in the Albert Lea, Minn., nursing home where she worked as a nursing aide. Broitzman is one of four teenagers charged with abusing 15 residents at the home. She and former coworker Ashton Larson, who was 18 at the time of the incident, are the only two being charged as adults. According to police reports, the nursing home workers held down residents, put their fingers in residents’ mouths and noses to quiet their screams ... Read More

Advocate wants federal nursing home database to include abuse cases

Nursing home advocate Wes Bledsoe wants the federal government to change the way it rates nursing homes on its Web site Medicare. gov, to accurately reflect the quality of care at nursing homes, according to the Albert Lea Tribune. Bledsoe, founder of the watchdog group A Perfect Cause, returned to Albert Lea, Minnesota, to rally support for his efforts. Bledsoe has been to Albert Lea numerous times in response to news reports about the “abuse-for-thrills” case at Good Samaritan Society nursing home where two nursing aides have been charged with a linty of crimes including disorderly conduct, assault and criminal ... Read More

Albert Lea victims family members form support group

Family members of victims abused in the highly publicized “abuse-for-thrills” case at an Albert Lea, Minnesota, nursing home have come together to form a support group where they can talk about their painful experience and seek the support of others, according to the Albert Lea Tribune. Called Families Against Nursing Home Abuse, the group has a long-term goal to prevent abuse of vulnerable adults. The members of the group share a terrible connection – each had a family member who was abused by a group of nursing aides at Good Samaritan Society in Albert Lea. The victims were all cognitively ... Read More

Watchdog group founder plans second visit to Albert Lea

Wes Bledsoe, the founder of the watchdog group A Perfect Cause, returns to Albert Lea, Minnesota, this week to meet again with families of victims allegedly abused during the widely publicized “attacks for thrills” incident at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota Star Tribune. While in town, Bledsoe also will attend the arraignments of two of the nurses charged with in the crimes. The town of Albert Lea was rocked last year when an investigation revealed that six nursing home aides at Good Samaritan Society were charged in connection to disturbing cases of abuse ... Read More

Families, advocate speak out at Albert Lea town hall meeting

Jan Reshetar stood up at a press conference last week and said she thought her mother-in-law’s agitation was caused by her Alzheimer’s disease. She was mortified to learn that her 84-year-old family member was actually trying desperately to communicate through her cognitively impaired state, trying to tell her family about the humiliating abuse and sexual taunting she was subjected to for months as a resident of the Good Samaritan Society nursing home in Albert Lea, Minn. “What they did was awful. My mother-in-law tried to tell us … she did everything to keep people away — biting, hitting, striking out,” ... Read More

Watchdog group holds town hall meetings in Albert Lea

The “attacks-for-thrills” case where four nursing home aides were accused of abusing cognitively impaired residents at Good Samaritan Society in Albert Lea, Minn., for entertainment, has captured the attention of a national watchdog group, according to the Star Tribune. Wes Bledsoe, president and founder of A Perfect Cause, arrives Thursday and will host a town hall meeting addressing the abuse at Good Samaritan Society. A Perfect Cause is a victim’s advocacy organization that fights “to end needless suffering and preventable deaths while protecting the rights of citizens from corporate greed and negligence.” According to prosecutors, the nursing aides held down ... Read More

Nursing home aides face serious charges in abuse-for-thrills case

Two of the Minnesota nursing home aides charged in the “attacks for thrills” on vulnerable patients at Good Samaritan Society in Albert Lea are being charged as adults, according to Fox News. The remaining four suspects are charged with failing to report the incidents and will be tried as juveniles. When we first brought you this story in August, only four aides had been charged in the case that has horrified family members of the suspects’ victims. A coworker revealed to the nursing home that she was aware of the accused aides allegedly holding down residents, putting their fingers in ... Read More