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BBC investigation exposes dire threat posed by all-metal hip implants

A joint investigation led by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that DePuy Orthopaedics and other manufacturers of all-metal hip implants may have known about the serious risks these devices have posed for years but failed to remove them from the market. The investigative report comes as Great Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a new advisory to nearly 50,000 all-metal hip implant recipients in the U.K., urging them to undergo annual tests to check for possible complications arising from the risky devices. The advisory replaces a previous recommendation that ... Read More

Metal-on-metal hip implants leave patients with unanswered questions, anxiety

A couple in the U.K. told England’s Hull Daily Mail that they are living with worry and uncertainty about their all-metal hip implants after physicians found elevated levels of chromium and cobalt in one of the patients. According to the Hull Daily Mail, Hetty Smith, 68, underwent hip resurfacing surgery on one hip in 2000 and the other in 2001, receiving an all-metal implant. In 2008, her husband Brian, 74, had hip resurfacing surgery on one hip, during which he was also fitted with a metal-on-metal prosthesis. Concerned about the all-metal hip implants manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, which were recalled ... Read More

New study may spell trouble for all-metal hip implants and their makers

When orthopedic device manufacturers conceived all-metal hip implants a decade ago, their intention was to provide patients with a more durable and longer lasting alternative to traditional devices, which incorporate plastic or ceramic components. But according to a new report published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal, that plan appears to have backfired. According to Reuters, the new report’s findings “could hurt orthopedic companies that make the devices and accelerate lawsuits.” Instead of less pain and greater mobility, many recipients of all-metal hip devices, including the ASR implants manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics and recalled last year, experience acute pain and ... Read More

Australian committee seeks better action in helping DePuy hip implant patients

Australian legislators are turning up the heat on DePuy Orthopaedics and the Australian Department of Health and Ageing over apparently faulty metal-on-metal hip implants that threaten the health of more than 5,000 Australians. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a senate committee “expressed shock” at what it called the “intolerable and unacceptable” suffering the allegedly defective DePuy devices have inflicted on hundreds of Australians. Approximately 5,500 Australians have been implanted with one of the ASR hip implant devices made by DePuy and recalled by the company over safety concerns more than a year ago. About 430 of those patients have ... Read More

Metal-on-metal hip devices lose support within the medical community

Metal-on-metal hip implants have lost key support within the medical community after the California Technology Assessment Forum reversed the position it had adopted a year earlier supporting the hip resurfacing technique, a hip replacement option that uses metal-on-metal hip devices. The CTAF report was based on data from joint registries in England and Australia that found extremely high premature failure rates for some hip implant devices, such as DePuy’s all-metal ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular system. The hip resurfacing technique is offered as an alternative to traditional total hip replacement. The procedure consists of fitting the head ... Read More

Alabama couple sues DePuy over hip implant injuries

An Alabama couple has filed a lawsuit against DePuy Orthopaedics and parent company Johnson & Johnson, seeking damages for injuries, they allege, were caused by faulty ASR hip implants. According to Georgia’s Rome News-Tribune, a Gaylesville, Ala., couple filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Rome, Ga., after one of them began to experience severe injuries and pain. As in many other lawsuits brought against DePuy over the faulty ASR hip implants, the couple claim that the ASR device failed after just a couple of years when it should have lasted at least 15. DePuy recalled its ASR XL ... Read More

DePuy hip implant patient tests positive for heavy metal toxicity, but says she feels fine

Australia’s Blacktown Sun has profiled another patient Down Under who received one of DePuy’s recalled ASR hip implants, but her story doesn’t exactly match the experience of many others whose struggles with the faulty medical devices have grabbed headlines around the world. The patient, a resident of New South Wales, told the Blacktown Sun that she had her DePuy hip device implanted in 2006, but has not experienced any outward physical reactions or health problems. She found out that her DePuy hip implant was potentially problematic only after her doctor informed her that the device was part of a global ... Read More

DePuy Down Under: device maker sponsors Australian orthopedic conference

Earlier this week we wrote about a report that found DePuy and other orthopedic device manufacturers make substantial payments to orthopedic surgeons and academics in the U.S. in exchange for consulting work, but also as a means to “curry relationships” with surgeons, gain market share, and basically sell more hip implants. But the U.S. is not the only place where hip implant manufacturers can influence orthopedic professionals with large payments. A report in the Sydney Morning Herald demonstrates that orthopedic device manufacturers, including DePuy, are getting in good with orthopedic specialists Down Under as well. According to the Morning Herald, ... Read More

Former DePuy spokesmodel ‘devastated’ by her ASR hip implant

A “high-flying IT consultant” and former gymnast was originally so happy with her DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing implant that she agreed to become a spokesmodel for the company, persuading others around the world to consider getting one of DePuy’s all-metal hip implants. Now Penny Brown, a 51-year-old U.K. resident, has joined a class action lawsuit against DePuy in her country, alleging the hip implant ruined her health and quality of life. Ms. Brown began promoting DePuy implants after receiving one herself in 2004. Suffering from arthritis pain, she chose DePuy’s ASR Hip Resurfacing System because she was led to believe ... Read More

Injuries from all-metal hip implants usually difficult to diagnose and detect

Metal-on-metal hip implants are creating “an expanding public health crisis” that threatens hundreds of thousands of people and leaves physicians throughout the country baffled, the New York Times reported. Studies have found that all-metal hip replacement systems such as DePuy’s ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System can cast metal particles into the recipient’s blood and tissue. Elevated levels of chromium and cobalt in the blood manifest in a number of ways, from depression and memory loss to chronic pain and deterioration of muscle, tissue, and bone, but these symptoms are often misconstrued and improperly treated because they ... Read More