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Study suggests ‘heads up’ approach to tackling is safer for football players

A new study shows that people are more apt to lose consciousness from a concussion caused by a blow to the top of the head than ones to the side of the head, leading researchers to suggest football players take a “head’s up” approach to tackling. Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that disrupt how the brain works, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children and teenagers are more susceptible to concussions after head trauma than adults. They also take longer to recover from these injuries than adults. More focus is being put on head injuries in ... Read More

Testosterone therapy poses same safety risks to young men, teenagers

Young men and teenagers hoping to improve in sports are turning to testosterone boosting products, raising concerns about their long-term health. Testosterone replacement therapy is a prescription drug indicated for men whose blood levels show lower than normal levels of the male hormone, resulting in symptoms such as low sex drive, weight gain and fatigue. The treatment can also help build muscle mass, which makes it an attractive supplement to body builders and athletes. Many professional sports have cracked down on the use of performance enhancing drugs, which include testosterone therapy. However, some gyms sell testosterone supplements, says Chad Zimmerman, ... Read More

MBL granted A-Rod therapeutic use exemption for testosterone therapy

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, best known as A-Rod, was using a testosterone treatment during the 2007 season under a therapeutic use exemption from Major League Baseball, according to a new book titled Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis and the Quest to End Baseball’s Steroid Era. Testosterone supplements are a prescription medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to boost testosterone levels in men who have low levels of the hormone in their blood, a condition known as hypogondalism. The condition can result in symptoms such as low libido, weight gain, and fatigue. In recent years, aggressive marketing ... Read More

Study: Even non-concussion-causing blows to the head can adversely affect brain

Many studies have established that concussions can have long-lasting effects on the brain, but a new study shows that even blows to the head that do not result in concussion can adversely affect the brain over the course of just one season. Determining the strength of impact that results in concussion is difficult to pinpoint, researcher Dr. Thomas W. McAllister told FoxNews.com. “So that raised questions of, if that’s the case, what do we know about the effects of these repetitive blows – some of which are quite high in magnitude,” he says. “And it turns out we didn’t know ... Read More

UNC-Chapel Hill whistleblower says academic fraud scheme kept many athletes enrolled

A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill whistleblower told school officials Tuesday that many students, most of them athletes, were taking classes that actually never occurred. Mary Willingham, an instructor and advisor, has become a key figure amid ongoing accusations and investigations of academic fraud at the school. Ms. Willingham told UNC’s Faculty Athletics Committee the school was aware of a long-running scam to help some students meet the university’s academic requirements and remain eligible. She was one of the first people to speak out against the alleged practice, which occurred within the African and Afro-American Studies program. An ... Read More

Injuries caused by concussions linger long after patient feels recovered

Damage to the brain caused by a concussion can last months after the initial injury and long after patients report feeling like they have recovered, according to a study from the University of New Mexico. Researchers say the results suggest athletes may be returning to games too quickly after head blows and could be at risk for more serious injury. Concussions occur when an external blast, jolt or impact occurs to the head. Even if the skull isn’t fractured, the brain can still be violently rattled, causing injury such as bleeding, swelling, or neuron damage. The study, published in the ... Read More

Muscle pain side effect of statins can sideline even recreational runners

Nearly four percent of serious recreational runners take drugs to lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and manage diabetes. But runners who turn to statin medications to drive down cholesterol levels may have the wrong idea. A recent Outside magazine article suggests: “Statins are known to impair training and cause muscle pain.” This is bothersome enough for the average person, but what about those with more active lifestyles, such as runners and other athletes? Muscle pain can ultimately sideline them. In studies involving professional athletes with serious cholesterol problems, only 6 out of 33 could tolerate statins without experiencing muscle pain. ... Read More

Sports, Medicine groups should focus on improving diagnosing, treating sports-related head injuries

More information is needed about the diagnosing and treating of sports-related head injuries, and authoritative bodies in both sports and medicine should be charged with developing, implementing and evaluating large-scale efforts to address the issue, an expert panel recommended. The recommendation was made by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Research Council (NRC). Both are private, nonprofit institutions that provide expert unbiased advice on pressing questions about health and other issues in order to improve lives of people in the United States. Both agencies are known as National Academies within the National Academy of Sciences. The organizations made ... Read More

Former college players file concussion lawsuit against Ridell, NCAA

Two former University of Oregon football players have proposed a class-action lawsuit against helmet maker Riddell Inc. and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) earlier this month, alleging they fraudulently concealed their knowledge of concussion risks from players, thereby exposing them to Alzheimer’s disease and other potentially debilitating brain disorders. The lawsuit was brought by John DuRocher and Darin Harris, both of whom say they were diagnosed with concussions after games. Mr. DuRocher claims that he has suffered frequent and severe headaches since his concussions, while Mr. Harris says that he suffers from memory loss, difficulty focusing, anxiety, and depression ... Read More

Drug companies enjoy profits from off-label sales of HGH

It seems people will do anything to delay the effects of aging, including taking human growth hormones (HGH), which have never been proven to be effective in helping people stay young. HGH is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat a rare growth defect in children and to treat a small number of conditions such as short bowel syndrome or Prader-Willi syndrome, a congenital disease that causes reduced muscle tone and a lack of hormones in sex glands. Doctors say 90 percent of legitimate patients who use HGH are children with stunted growth. HGH is not approved ... Read More