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J&J faces more litigation alleging injuries with Physiomesh

A group of people who claim to have been injured by hernia repair kits made by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon USA LLC have asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to consolidate the 62 lawsuits pending against the company into a multicounty litigation, and assign them to Superior Court Judge Rachelle Lea Harrz in Bergen County. Several hundred similar cases are expected to be filed. Those suing Ethicon allege the company designed, manufactured, marketed and sold defective hernia mesh, including Proceed Surgical Mesh, Proceed Ventrical Patch, Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh, Prolene 3D Patch Polypropylene Mesh, and Prolene Hernia System. ... Read More

Lawsuits claim hernia mesh is defectively designed

Atrium Medical Corp.’s C-QUR hernia mesh products are coated with a fish oil derivative similar to the Omega 3 nutritional supplement, intended to limit adverse effects, but the fish oil along with the defective design and manufacture of the device only worsen the hernia mesh side effects, according to hundreds of people suing the company. More than 335 people have filed lawsuits against Atrium in U.S. District Court in Concord. The lawsuits charge that Atrium hernia mesh caused an “unreasonable risk of severe adverse reactions.” The fish oil did not prevent adverse events from occurring, the lawsuits contend. It created ... Read More

Multiple hernia mesh implant manufacturers face lawsuits

Johnson and Johnson subsidiary Ethicon is already being sued by plaintiffs who are accusing the company of selling a defective hernia mesh implant. Physiomesh™ Flexible Composite Hernia Mesh was removed from the American market in May and recalled in Europe and Australia because studies comparing it to similar devices found that Physiomesh had higher rates of recurring hernias and need for re-operation. The mesh has also been linked to more post-operative pain than similar devices and an increased risk of additional surgeries, organ perforation, mesh migration, sepsis and even death. A trial date is set for Jan. 22, 2018, in ... Read More