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Mesothelioma victim deserves $29 million for using J&J talc

Attorneys for a woman who claims that Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products are contaminated with asbestos and contributed to her mesothelioma diagnosis said in closing arguments that the consumer health care giant and its talc supplier should pay the woman $29.2 million plus punitive damages because they sold talc products to consumers knowing they were tainted with cancer-causing asbestos. The Pasadena, California trial involving the case of Carolyn Weirick and her wife Elvira Escudero also names Imerys Talc America, Johnson & Johnson’s talc supplier. Defense attorneys argue that the companies are not to blame because the women’s case is ... Read More

Price Gouging Laws In Effect As Hurricane Florence Barrels Into the Carolinas

Hurricanes bring widespread destruction with them but they also bring out the best of human nature when residents and communities pull together to help each another recover. Unfortunately, hurricanes can also reveal the shady side of some individuals and businesses when they take advantage of a hurricane or other crisis to inflate prices excessively. Price-gouging takes many forms, from a $10 gallon of gas to thousands of dollars for a tree removal. As Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, government officials urged residents to report any instances of price gouging they encounter. “My office is here to protect North ... Read More

J&J released from mesothelioma lawsuit

Days before a trial was to begin in a case of a man accusing several companies, including Johnson & Johnson, of exposing him to dangerous asbestos, which he claims contributed to his mesothelioma diagnosis, the plaintiff agreed to dismiss his claims against the consumer health care giant. The man’s lawsuit alleged that J&J’s talcum powder products were contaminated with asbestos. Attorneys for Dwaine Waters and his wife Janice refused to say whether the Waters had reached a settlement with Johnson & Johnson. As of Monday, no such stipulations were made against the other defendants in the case, which include J&J ... Read More

Court Allows Whistleblower Retaliation Suit Against New Mexico DA to Stand

A whistleblower lawsuit against a southern New Mexico district attorney has survived a second attempt by the defendant’s attorneys to get the case dismissed. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that New Mexico state judge Jarod Hofacket denied a motion by lawyers representing Dona Ana County District Attorney Mark D’Antonio to reject a whistleblower lawsuit brought by Marylou Bonacci, a former office manager at Mr. D’Antonio’s office. According to the Sun-News, Ms. Bonacci claims she was terminated in retaliation for speaking out against corruption and other wrongful conduct she allegedly witnessed in the D.A.’s office. The whistleblower lawsuit, which Ms. Bonacci filed ... Read More

Construction company settles worker death case for $2.5 million

A New Jersey construction company agreed to pay the estate of an equipment mechanic crushed to death during the demolition of a former Woolworth store $2.5 million for failing to have the building evaluated by a demolition engineer to properly plan the tearing down of the structure. Raymond Crosby was an employee of Edgewood Properties and was sent to the Beachwood Shopping Plaza in Berkeley Township to repair a piece of equipment to be used in the demolition of the old Woolworth store at the mall. Crosby had no prior experience with demolitions. He was cutting notches into the steel ... Read More

J&J talc blamed for woman’s mesothelioma diagnosis

A month after Johnson & Johnson was slapped with a staggering $4.69 billion verdict in a case brought by 22 women who claimed the company’s talcum powder products were contaminated with asbestos and contributed to their cancer diagnosis, J&J faces another trial linking its talc to cancer. Carolyn Weirick, 58, said she used Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower religiously for the past four decades. When she was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a rare but deadly form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure – she turned one of her baby powder bottles over to researchers and discovered it was ... Read More

U.S. Fights Opioid Epidemic With New Newark/Philadelphia Strike Force

The federal government is expanding its efforts to combat the nation’s opioid crisis and health care fraud with a new regional Medicare Fraud Strike Force operation for the Newark and Philadelphia areas. The Newark/Philadelphia Medicare Strike Force location is the tenth region-specific operation. All of the Strike Force locations monitor health care activity in a specific region for fraud affecting government health care programs. The growing crisis of opioid abuse and addiction has not just harmed tens of thousands of individuals and their families across the U.S., it has also taken its toll on the Medicare program, which loses billions ... Read More

OSHA panel considers roofing company’s excessive heat exposure fine

Mark Rainey’s first day on the job for A.H. Sturgill Roofing Inc., ended tragically when, after five hours working in direct sunlight under hot temperatures, the 60-year-old man developed heat stroke, was admitted to the hospital with a core body temperature of 105.4 degrees, and died 21 days later. Sturgill Roofing was fined $8,820, but the three-member Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission could toss out that fine because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t have specific regulations for heat. Not only does that make it harder to prove that the roofing company is at fault, it could ... Read More

E-cigarette Explosions Trigger Two Product Liability Complaints in Bakersfield

Two Bakersfield, California, men who were seriously injured in separate e-cigarette explosions have filed product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers and sellers of the devices. According to Bakersfield.com, e-cigarette user Vincent Garza alleges his device exploded in his mouth in the course of regular use. Bakersfiled.com reports that court documents state Mr. Garza was vaping when his e-cigarette blew up in his face, causing severe injuries to his mouth, tongue, and index finger. In addition to undergoing surgery on his tongue immediately after the e-cigarette explosion, Mr. Garza also had to have his left index finger amputated at the knuckle. ... Read More

Jurors asked to award $412 million in damages in Roundup trial

Attorneys for a school groundskeeper who sued Monsanto Co. over claims that its herbicides Roundup and Ranger Pro gave him lymphoma, asked a California jury to award him $412 million in damages, a number his attorneys said “makes people change their ways. It’s the kind of number that makes them change the labels.” For years, Monsanto has denied that its herbicides were carcinogenic, and never placed warnings on its products’ label about health risks associated with its products despite studies dating back to the 1990s that linked an ingredient in the herbicide, called glyphosate, to a type of cancer known ... Read More