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Tractor-Trailer Crash Kills Auburn Superfan and Granddaughter

A horrific tractor-trailer crash on U.S. 280 in central Alabama killed Auburn football superfan Tammy Renae Bullard and her 2-year-old granddaughter Friday, Nov. 16. Ms. Bullard, a fervent Auburn fan and regular caller to the Paul Finebaum show on ESPN Radio, is known to many listeners as Tammy from Clanton. According to AL.com, Ms. Bullard was traveling westbound on U.S. 280 between Sylacauga and Childersburg when a tractor-trailer traveling in the eastbound lanes veered into oncoming traffic. Alabama State Trooper Cpl. Jimmy Harrell told AL.com that the tractor-trailer was hauling some kind of explosive material, prompting authorities to evacuate all ... Read More

AU alumni raise money for ocular research to search for environmental cause

The Auburn Ocular Melanoma Page on Facebook is raising money to help fund research into why a surprisingly large number of former Auburn University students have developed a rare form of cancer and whether it may have an environmental cause. “We are the faces of a group of more than 36 people whose only other connection was a love for Auburn University,” a July 27 posting by the administrator reads. “But this group is made up of an equal number of men and women – four of the 36 have died. That is devastating. Eight have had metastatic disease. This ... Read More

Contractor fined for subjecting employees to fall hazards

Omar Garcia, a framing contractor based out of Auburn, Alabama, has been cited by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for subjecting its employees to eye safety and fall hazards. Omar Garcia faces projected penalties of just over $113,000. The company was working on a project in Pike Road, Alabama when it was observed that some of the employees were performing framework in a residential area with a complete lack of fall protection. Following this observation, OSHA opened an investigation into the company to determine whether this was the only regulation it was neglecting. ... Read More

Dozens of Rare Ocular Melanoma Cases Have Auburn University Link

Statistically, cities the size of Auburn, Alabama; and Huntersville, North Carolina, shouldn’t have any cases of ocular melanoma among their population, yet more than 50 people in just those two cities have been diagnosed with the rare form of eye cancer, baffling physicians. Auburn University graduate Juleigh Green told CBS News that she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in 2001 when she was 27 years old. Then two of her college friends, Allyson Allred and Ashley McCrary, received the same diagnosis. Another Auburn grad, Lori Lee, didn’t know the others in her college days, but she, too, was diagnosed with ... Read More

Soap recalled for bacterial contamination

Dr. Brown’s Natural Bottle & Dish Soap is under voluntary recall for possible contamination. That’s right: The cleaning agent is being recalled for potentially containing harmful bacteria that poses health risks. Didn’t think that it was possible for soap to contain bacteria? National Public Radio reports that all soap, even antibacterial soap, can contain bacteria. It’s all about trying to keep the bacteria at bay using antimicrobial agents to keep their numbers small. However, as the Dr. Brown’s recall suggests, bacteria can become unruly. Dr. Brown’s Natural Bottle & Dish Soap, manufactured by Greenblenz of Auburn Hills, Michigan, and distributed by ... Read More

Navy Whistleblower Alleges Major Safety Violations

A civilian Navy engineer who spoke out about potentially deadly safety violations and other problems that threaten the lives of Navy pilots says he was fired in June in retaliation for raising concerns. Glenn Schwarz, a civilian aeronautical-engineering technician, claims that his supervisors put him in a highly technical and sensitive job calibrating equipment for weapons systems testing and aircraft support even though he lacked the skills and qualifications for the job, The Washington Free Beacon reports. Mr. Schwarz also claims that on-the-job training managers failed to comply with Navy regulations at the Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) laboratory and across ... Read More

Volkswagen Whistleblower Named In New Book About Emissions Cheat

The whistleblower who tipped off U.S. regulators to Volkswagen’s emissions cheat was a company chief in the U.S., a new book about the scandal claims. In the book Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal, author and New York Times reporter Jack Ewing names Stuart Johnson, head of VW’s Engineering and Environmental Office in the company’s Auburn Hills, Michigan, plant, as the whistleblower who exposed the diesel emissions cheat to U.S. authorities. Automotive News, which obtained a copy of the book ahead of its May release, says Alberto Ayala, deputy executive director of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), is quoted ... Read More

Student advocate shares her battle with the deadliest form of skin cancer

“If I would have taken precautions or been educated I might not be in this situation I am now,” said Carson Smith, junior at Auburn University in an interview with the Auburn Plainsman. From Mobile, Alabama, Smith spent her childhood and youth at home in the coastal sun and used tanning beds almost daily for three years prior to being diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. She had believed that skin cancer was easily treatable and something that concerned older people. At only 19, after noticing a mole that was growing darker, and being prompted by a ... Read More

Bo Jackson Says He Would Never Have Played Football Had He Known of Concussion Risks

Sports legend Bo Jackson told USA Today Sports that if he had known about the head-injury risks football poses to players back in the ’80s and ’90s he would never have played football. “If I knew back then what I know now,” Mr. Jackson told USA Today Sports, “I would have never played football. Never. I wish I had known about all of those head injuries, but no one knew that. And the people that did know that, they wouldn’t tell anybody,” he said, alluding to the NFL’s leadership. In 2011, a group of former NFL players filed a lawsuit ... Read More

Former Crimson Tide football player sues NCAA, SEC over head injuries

Cole Harvey, former offensive lineman/tight end for the Alabama Crimson Tide, has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA and SEC, alleging the organizations “failed to adopt or implement adequate concussion management safety protocols or return to play guidelines,” his lawsuit alleges. The University of Alabama has governmental immunity and cannot be named in such lawsuits. Harvey signed with the team in 2005, but delayed enrollment until spring 2006. He participated in his first spring practice as a tight end but never played during a game. He was not on the roster for spring practice in 2007, the first year Nick ... Read More