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Lack of awareness, resources haunt brain injury victims

Like everyone whose life has been altered by a traumatic brain injury, Carol Stanley sought answers and needed help. Her son Jason was 19 years old when he suffered from a TBI after being assaulted by three other men in Auburn, Alabama. Despite being shuffled between 3 hospitals and examined by a multitude of doctors, Jason wasn’t diagnosed with TBI until weeks after his injury. He was x-rayed and treated for other injuries, including a fractured skull and jaw, loss of hearing, nausea and imbalance. His most serious injury, however, went undetected and untreated. Weeks after being released from the ICU ... Read More

Traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part five

Last month we shared the story of Jason Stanley, an Auburn University student who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI)when three other men ambushed and maliciously attacked him in an alleyway. Jason lost consciousness after falling and hitting his head on the concrete pavement, yet one of the assailants continued to kick him in the face, according to a witness. The attack left Jason with a spectrum of physical and psychological problems – a fractured skull, severed nerves, loss of hearing, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, anger, depression – all symptoms of a TBI that took doctors days to discover. Many people ... Read More

traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part two

Thursday we talked about the ordeal that Jason Stanley, a 20-year-old Auburn University student, endured after being physically assaulted by 3 other men in 2007. The assailants knocked Jason to the ground, causing him to lose consciousness after he hit his head on the concrete pavement. Doctors initially treated Jason for superficial wounds, not realizing until weeks later that he actually suffered from a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). As senseless and horrible as Jason’s experience is, it is far from unusual. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 20 percent of the 1.5 million annual cases of TBI ... Read More

Traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part one

Carol Stanley’s life took an unexpected turn one day in January of 2007 when her son Jason, a student at Auburn University, was physically assaulted by three other men. The attack left Jason with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that might have eluded medical staff if it weren’t for his worsening symptoms and his mother’s persistence in finding the right care for her son. The life-altering incident set Jason on a path to recovery and led Carol on an often frustrating crusade for better laws – laws that are more favorable to victims and less protective of those who commit ... Read More

Agencies team up to prevent elder abuse

Concerned at the 71 percent increase in elder abuse cases in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, over the past five years, city officials decided to pool resources and fight back. Earlier this month Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone and Elders Affairs Secretary Mike Festa announced an initiative to prevent elder abuse, according to the Boston Globe. The LEAPS (Leaders in Elder Abuse Prevention) initiative will bring together agencies, community organizations, and health care providers responsible for the care of senior citizens in an effort to better identify seniors who may be suffering from abuse or living in ... Read More