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Toyota entering settlement talks to resolve pending sudden-acceleration lawsuits

All federal and state litigation involving sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles has been stayed after the automaker agreed to enter into an intensive settlement process that could resolve hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases it faces. Toyota has spent about $2 billion in legal costs since 2009 disputing hundreds of claims that its cars and trucks sped out of control unexpectedly, causing numerous crashes, injuries, and deaths. It has also spend millions more in efforts to restore its image and reputation as a high-quality, safety-oriented auto manufacturer as sudden-acceleration complaints continued to mount against it. But despite ... Read More

Oklahoma jury awards plaintiffs $3 million in Toyota sudden acceleration case

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Toyota Motor Corp. must pay $3 million to the families of an Oklahoma woman killed and another seriously injured when the 2005 Camry they were riding in suddenly surged out of control and crashed into an embankment, an Oklahoma state court jury decided last week. The verdict came as welcome news to the families of Barbara Schwarz, who was killed in the horrific 2007 crash, and Jean Bookout, the driver, who survived with debilitating injuries. It also represents a significant milestone for hundreds of other plaintiffs with personal-injury and wrongful-death lawsuits against Toyota pending in the ... Read More

Detached trailer kills seven people on upstate New York highway

TRUXTON, NY –Seven people including four young children and three adults in their 20s were killed last week when their minivan was struck by a runaway trailer loaded with crushed cars. Authorities investigating the horrific crash in the rural upstate New York community told the Associated Press the trailer separated from the rig that was hauling it while traveling on a stretch of Route 13 about 25 miles north of Syracuse. The minivan was ripped apart by the collision, which occurred around 6 p.m. May 29. Both vehicles came to a rest on the shoulder of the highway. A Cortland ... Read More

Feds probe sudden unintended acceleration in Ford and Mercury vehicles

Federal regulators investigating the potential for sudden unintended acceleration in Ford and Mercury cars expanded their probe this week to encompass nearly 2 million vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched its investigation on Sunday in response to a number of complaints it received of Ford Taurus cars suddenly accelerating on their own. The investigation started with 360,000 2005-2006 Taurus Sedans, but on Monday grew to include another 1.56 million vehicles, including Taurus and Mercury Sable sedans made in the 2001 through 2005 model years. Reminiscent of the sudden unintended acceleration recalls that sent millions of Toyota and Lexus ... Read More

Study finds common flu drug may speed traumatic brain injury recovery

A flu drug that has been around for decades may help speed the recovery of patients with severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI), according to a new study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. A hospital study divided 184 patients with severe TBI caused by falls and car crashes randomly into two groups. About one third of the patients were in a vegetative state with only brief periods of wakefulness while the rest were only minimally conscious. One group received a daily dose of Amantadine, a drug first approved in the 1960s to help combat the flu virus, while ... Read More

Lawsuit says city, state could have prevented deadly I-10 New Orleans pileup

A Pearl River, Louisiana, resident who was injured in the December 29 pileup on Interstate 10 in New Orleans has filed a lawsuit against the city of New Orleans and other defendants, alleging a combination of negligent acts caused the crash. According to WWL TV New Orleans, the injured plaintiff asserts the deadly 40-vehicle crash could have been prevented had city and state authorities warned drivers about the known hazards on that stretch of interstate that morning, as he claims they were supposed to do. Many who were involved in the crash and other witnesses believe it was the result ... Read More

Fatal New Orleans car crash occurs on I-10 near site of last month’s deadly pileup

A deadly single-car crash on I-10 in New Orleans occurred just after 8 p.m. Wednesday on the same stretch of the interstate that saw a fatal 40-vehicle pileup last month. According to WWL-TV, police have recovered the body of an unidentified male from a red 1996 Plymouth Voyager mini van that reportedly lost control and ran off the westbound section of interstate. The van the struck a cement barrier, which caused the vehicle to flip and land in a canal. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The Orleans Parish coroner will conduct an autopsy on the body to ... Read More

Broken lights, marsh fire, fog may have contributed to New Orleans I-10 pileup

A deadly pileup of more than 40 vehicles on Interstate 10 West outside New Orleans Thursday killed two Louisiana men and injured 62 others, many of them critically. Pictures and raw video of the pre-dawn pileup show the mangled wreckage of several cars and pickup trucks scattered across all lanes of the interstate about three-quarters of a mile before the exit 246 A&B and the I-510 interchange. Several motorists who were involved in the crash said that either smoke from a marsh fire, fog, or both abruptly reduced visibility, making driving conditions hazardous. One survivor of the crash told the ... Read More

NTSB calls for sweeping ban on texting, calling while driving, in all 50 states

The National Transportation Safety Board has called for the first-ever nationwide ban on personal electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle, a proposal that if adopted by the states, would effectively prohibit drivers from texting and calling across the board. The recommendation Tuesday came after a Board meeting on a deadly multi-vehicle highway crash that occurred in Gray Summit, Missouri, last year. The safety recommendation calls for all 50 states and the District of Columbia to ban the non-emergency use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) other than those designed to support driving, such as GPS navigational devices, for all drivers. ... Read More

WV man sues General Motors for airbag and seatbelt failure

A resident of Chapmanville, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against General Motors for injuries he received after his Pontiac crashed but the airbags failed to deploy. The plaintiff also claims that his seat belt failed to restrain him, causing further injuries. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was driving his father’s 2006 Pontiac G6 on April 23, 2011, when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into a metal drainage pipe and other obstacles. According to the West Virginia Record, the force of the collision “exceeded the airbag system’s predetermined deployment threshold,” yet, the lawsuit alleges, the ... Read More