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Two Years After Deadliest Hot Air Balloon Crash, No Safety Improvements in Sight

If another deadly hot-air balloon crash like the one that killed 16 people in Lockhart, Texas two years ago happens again, will aviation regulators and lawmakers be ok with that, knowing it happened on their watch? More than two years after the horrific Lockhart tragedy, those with the authority to improve safety have taken no meaningful action to help prevent such a devastating and entirely preventable accident from happening again in the U.S. If the deadliest balloon crash in U.S. history wasn’t enough to change the incredibly lax oversight of the hot air balloon industry, what would be? In a ... Read More

FedEx Plane Accident Caused By Corrosion, Fatigue, Maintenance Failures

Federal investigators said a FedEx plane accident at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in October 2016 was caused by corrosion and fatigue in the landing gear but that the company’s maintenance policies and failures were contributing factors. In its final report of the incident, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the incident stemmed from problems in the FedEx plane’s landing gear, which collapsed when the aircraft landed on the runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport. The two-person flight crew aboard the FedEx MD-10-10F wide-body cargo jet reported hearing a bang as the brakes were applied. The plane then yawed to the ... Read More

Pilot Distraction: A Simple Error That Results In Airplane Crashes

Distraction: It’s a word we hear a lot when reading about highway accidents and incidents involving heavy machinery, but distraction is also a major safety issue concerning pilots in the general aviation community. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 247 people were killed in 209 general aviation accidents from October 2016 through September 2017. Loss of control was the No. 1 cause of these deadly airplane crashes. The FAA defines loss of control as an unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled flight. Once a pilot loses control of the aircraft, the problem quickly develops into a stall or ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Malfunction Causes Savannah Airport Scare

A lithium-ion battery inside an air traveler’s e-cigarette caused some alarm at the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport recently when the carry-on bag containing the device began to smoke at the security checkpoint. Surveillance video at the time of the incident shows passengers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers going about business as usual when one of the bags on the x-ray conveyor belt erupts in clouds of smoke. The incident caused one nearby passenger to yell in distress while others looked on nervously, unsure of what was happening. TSA lead security officer Darrell Wade is seen rushing over to the ... Read More

Drone, Helicopter Narrowly Avoid Crash Over Florida Beach

A YouTube video uploaded by a drone operator showing a helicopter narrowly missing a collision with a drone over Hollywood Beach, Florida, is being investigated by federal authorities. The video, uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, Aug. 16, but since removed, shows a helicopter approaching the drone over the ocean as it faces west toward the shore. The helicopter appears to be on a collision course with the drone, but fortunately flies just underneath it. According to Miami’s Local 10 News, the YouTube user who posted the video, identified as Masih Persian, captioned the video in a way that indicates he ... Read More

Recovery of Alaska Tour Plane Crash Victims Too Dangerous to Proceed

Efforts to recover the bodies of five people killed in an Alaska “flightseeing” plane crash earlier this month have been called off, park rangers said, because the operation would exceed an acceptable level of risk to recovery workers. “Due to the unique challenges posed by the steepness of terrain, the crevasse, avalanche hazard and the condition of the aircraft, NPS has determined that recovery of the deceased and/or removal of the aircraft exceed an acceptable level of risk in all three factors and will not be attempted,” the National Park Service said in a news release. The de Havilland Beaver ... Read More

Boeing to Open Autonomous Aircraft Development Center at MIT

You’ve heard of autonomous cars and trucks, but there’s now another fast-emerging player in the world of self-driving technology – one that aims to make traffic safer and more efficient not on the roads but in the air. Boeing has announced that it will open its new Boeing Aerospace and Autonomy Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), becoming the first major tenant of its new Kendall Square District. Through its Kendall Square Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university will develop six buildings to house a blend of lab and research, office, housing, and retail space. The aircraft manufacturer said ... Read More

Alaska Flightseeing Plane Crash Kills Four; Fifth Person Missing

Four people are dead and a fifth is missing but presumed dead after a sightseeing plane crashed on a steep mountain face in Alaska’s Denali National Park Saturday evening. The de Havilland Beaver flightseeing airplane operated by K2 Aviation was carrying four tourists from Poland and pilot Craig Layson when it crashed Saturday, Aug. 4 about 6 p.m. The airplane took off from Talkeetna Saturday evening for a tour of Kahiltna Glacier when it crashed about 14 miles southwest of Mt. Denali (formerly named Mt. McKinley). The plane crashed near the top of Thunder Mountain, a mile-long ridge with an ... Read More

NTSB: Cleveland Plane Crash That Killed Six Likely Caused by Pilot Fatigue, Inexperience

A pilot’s inexperience combined with fatigue were likely causes of a 2016 plane crash that killed all six people aboard when it plunged into Lake Erie, federal investigators say. On Dec. 29, 2016, pilot Frank Fleming, who was the CEO of Superior Beverage Company in Columbus, Ohio, took off from Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland in a Cessna 525. With him were his wife Sue, 46, sons Jack, 15, and Andrew, 14; family friend Brian Casey, 50; and Mr. Casey’s daughter Megan, 19. The family and their friends had flown to Cleveland to celebrate Mr. Fleming’s birthday at a Cavaliers game. ... Read More

Midair Flight School Plane Crash Above Everglades Kills Four

Federal and local authorities are investigating a plane crash involving two Dean International Flight School aircraft that collided midair over the Everglades Tuesday, killing four people. The plane crash involved a Piper PA 34 and a Cessna 172 airplane operated by Dean International out of Miami Executive Airport in West Kendall, according to NBC Miami, Preliminary reports indicate that the plane crash killed two flight instructors and two students, presumably one instructor and one student per plane. Authorities identified the plane crash victims as Jorge Sanchez, 22; Nisha Sejwal, 19; Carlos Alfredo Zanetti Scarpati, 22; and Ralph Knight, 72. Mr. ... Read More