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Electronics Ban in carry-on luggage Could lead to Explosions, Fires In Passenger Plane cargo holds

A sudden security ban on laptops, tablets, cameras, and most other electronics in the passenger cabins of certain direct flights to the U.S. has some airline analysts raising red flags over possible safety hazards. The ban took effect on Tuesday, March 21, and applies to nonstop inbound U.S. flights from Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Casablanca, Morocco; Doha, Qatar; Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey; and Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Department of Homeland Security based the ban on intelligence indicating that Islamic terrorists are developing explosives that can be disguised as batteries in ... Read More

Colgate Total toothpaste ingredient linked to cancer, birth defects

Colgate Total toothpaste contains a chemical that has been linked to cancer-cell growth and birth defects in laboratory animals, prompting an investigation by federal regulators and an all-out ban by Minnesota lawmakers. The chemical is known as triclosan, and it is used in Colgate Total to fight gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums. It is also found various other  products such as soap, cutting boards, and toys. Many consumer companies are phasing it out, but Colgate-Palmolive Co. says it is a safe, antibacterial agent that helps ward off gum disease in its Colgate Total toothpaste. Colgate says its Total toothpaste went ... Read More

Federal judge blocks Massachusetts ban of new painkiller Zohydro

Drug maker Zogenix Inc., won another battle in its war to get its controversial painkiller Zohydro on the market. This week, a Massachusetts federal judge blocked plans by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to ban prescriptions and sales of the newly approved narcotic in the state in an attempt to curb a growing trend of prescription drug abuse. Zogenix filed a lawsuit alleging the move was unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Rya Zobel ruled that the ban conflicted with federal laws, which take precedence against state laws when the two are in conflict. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Zohydro ... Read More

Massachusetts governor’s ban of Zohydro may be unconstitutional

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s banning of the controversial new painkiller Zohydro may be the first time a state has tried to block distribution of an FDA-approved drug and sets the stage for a heated constitutional debate. Last week, Gov. Patrick restricted doctors in Massachusetts from prescribing or dispensing Zohydro, the only pure hydrocodone on the market. The medication was approved by the FDA last fall and was distributed nationwide last month. Gov. Patrick banned the drug in an effort to curb a growing prescription drug abuse epidemic. In response, Zohydro’s maker, Zogenix, filed a lawsuit this week in an attempt ... Read More

Zohydro maker files lawsuit to block Massachusetts governor’s ban

Less than a week after Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick banned the sale of the controversial new potent painkiller Zohydro, the drug’s maker has filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking the governor’s request. Zogenix filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts Monday. A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The drug company contends that Gov. Patrick’s order to ban its potent opioid goes against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which approved the drug for marketing last fall. Zohydro hit the market nationwide last month. Gov. Patrick banned the drug as part of an attempt to quell a ... Read More

UK’s National Health Service bans metal-on-metal hip implants

The United Kingdom National Health Service is banning surgeons from using metal-on-metal hip replacement systems in patients, based on guidance issued from consumer health watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The consumer health advocacy group developed the guidelines after investigations and research into the all-metal implants, which were found to have a startling high premature failure rate. Traditional hip implants are made with plastic or ceramic parts and generally last about 25 years before needing to be replaced. In the past decade, medical device manufacturers introduced all-metal artificial hips, assuming the devices would hold up better ... Read More

Indian government bans sale of Actos diabetes drug

Indian drug regulators have suspended sales of the type 2 diabetes drug pioglitazone (known in the United States as Actos), as well as two other drugs – analgin and deanxit – without specifying a reason. Drug companies that market the diabetes drug are taking aim at India’s Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) for the action. “We are demanding a review,” said Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance secretary general D. G. Shah. “A ban has to be based on science and scientific data. It has to follow a proper process and be evaluated by the DTAB and with the knowledge and consultation of ... Read More

High doses of NSAIDs put users at risk of heart attacks, strokes

Millions of people take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to treat mild to moderate pain, but new research shows the medication may put users at risk for heart attacks and strokes. NSAIDs are in a class of painkillers that includes the medications aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. They are sold over-the-counter in both generic version and brand names such as Advil, Motrin and Aleve. Prescription NSAIDs are also available. The most common side effects associated with the drugs includes stomach upset and ulcers. They may also interfere with kidney function. The new study showed that high doses of these drugs taken regularly can increase ... Read More

Bladder cancer risk with Actos could have been predicted earlier

The risk of bladder cancer with the type 2 diabetes drug Actos is obvious and could have been predicted earlier, say French officials in an editorial that accompanied a new study about the health risks associated with Actos. Previous studies linking Actos to bladder cancer resulted in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issuing a warning about the drug. France and Germany went further and banned the medication. Last month, a large cohort published in the British Medical Journal said that patients who took Actos were 83 percent more likely to develop bladder cancer than patients who did not ... Read More

Experimental type 2 diabetes drug meets FDA’s cardiovascular goals

An experimental type 2 diabetes drug met Food and Drug Administration (FDA) goals for blood pressure and heart rate effects during a 16-week study. The results of the study showed the effects of Ely Lilly’s drug dulaglutide on systolic blood pressure was comparable to placebo, and the 1.5 milligram dose significantly reduced blood pressure. The study included 755 patients with type 2 diabetes on one or more oral diabetes medications. About two-thirds of the patients had a pre-existing diagnosis of hypertension. Dulaglutide, a once-weekly treatment, also appeared to significantly reduce HbA1c, or average blood glucose levels over a three-month period ... Read More