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California Man Suffers Devastating Burns in E-Cigarette Explosion

A California man is suing the world’s leading battery manufacturer over severe burn injuries he suffered when his e-cigarette exploded in his pants pocket. According to the Los Angeles Times, 26-year-old Erik Howell of Glendale filed the personal injury lawsuit against LG Chem, the Korean chemical company that owns the lion’s share of the world’s battery market, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Mr. Howell alleges an LG Chem battery for his e-cigarette “violently exploded” in the front left pocket of his pants Jan. 15, setting his clothes on fire. The white-hot flames from the battery severely burned his legs and ... Read More

E-Cigarette Blast Leaves Driver With Burn Injuries, broken Bones

An Arizona woman whose e-cigarette exploded in her lap while driving continues to recover from burn injuries and broken bones in a Phoenix hospital a month after the incident. The 20-year-old woman’s e-cigarette exploded in her lap as she was pulling up to a curb. Witnesses told police the woman jumped from the vehicle, fell to the ground, then got up again and stumbled. She was reportedly rolling on the ground when her truck started moving and rolled over her, crushing her pelvis and legs. Firefighters transported the woman to Maricopa Medical Center with severe burns on her legs and ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery In Toy Starts Idaho Home Fire

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a child’s toy was to blame for starting a fine inside a Meridian, Idaho home Saturday, April 30. According to Nampa, Idaho’s KIVI-TV, an Idaho family returned to their home in Meridian Sunday, May 1, to find it full of smoke. A quick search of the house led to a child’s bedroom where a small fire had broken out. Meridian fire officials said the source of the fire was a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a child’s remote-control car. A report on KIVI-TV indicated that the toy had been charging while the family was out, overheated, ... Read More

Exploding E-Cigarette Puts Michigan Man In Intensive Care

A Michigan man continues to recover from extensive third-degree burns he sustained when the lithium-ion battery in his e-cigarette exploded in the pocket of his pants. Thirty-five-year-old Sean Ritz of Canton, Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press his burn injuries, which covered his entire leg, were so severe that he spent four days in the intensive care unit, followed by more than a week at the University of Michigan hospital. Mr. Ritz was at home with his wife when the blast occurred Oct. 22. He said he heard a “fizzing” sound at first, before the device flared and engulfed his ... Read More

Michigan Man Coping With Burn Injuries a Year After E-Cigarette Battery Blast

A Detroit-area man is still undergoing treatments for third-degree burn injuries he suffered a year ago when the lithium-ion battery in his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. Scott Becker, a resident of Washington Township, Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press that he had a spare battery for his e-cigarette, which he slipped into his pocket as he headed to a meeting in nearby Windsor, Ontario. But during the meeting, something went wrong with the spare battery in his pocket and it started sizzling. “It was like having a firework go off in your pocket,” Mr. Becker, an automotive engineer, told ... Read More

Exploding E-Cigarette Prompts Injured NJ Man to Sue Vendor

A New Jersey man and his wife have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the vendor that sold the husband an e-cigarette that he alleges exploded in the pocket of his pants, causing him severe injuries. According to NJ.com, William Barrese and his wife Kathleen Barrese filed the lawsuit against Gorilla Vapes, an e-cigarette retail chain with six locations in New Jersey, in Middlesex County Courthouse in March. Mr. Barrese claims in the lawsuit that he was at work the day after Christmas last year when the battery in his e-cigarette suddenly exploded in the front left pocket of his ... Read More

Vecaro Hoverboards Added To Nationwide Recall Over Fire Risk

When federal regulators forced recalls of more than half a million hoverboards made by eight different Chinese manufacturers last year, the number of reports of fires and explosions involving the recreational mobile devices dropped. But as with so many other consumer electronic devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, the potential for a fiery battery malfunction has not gone away completely. On Thursday, March 23, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) added about 500 Chinese-made hoverboards sold by Vecaro Lifestyle of Cerritos, California, to the list of hoverboards under recall. According to the agency, the lithium-ion battery packs in the devices ... Read More

Passenger’s Headphones Explode On Flight From China To Australia

Australian authorities are investigating an explosion and fire caused by a pair of headphones that injured a female passenger about two hours into a flight from Beijing to Melbourne. The passenger was sleeping while playing music on the headphones when she heard a loud explosion and felt a burning sensation on her face. “I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck,” she told the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). “I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor.” The passenger said the headphones were sparking and on ... Read More

Bill Banning Bulk shipments of Lithium-ion batteries On Passenger Jets Halted by Regulatory Freeze

A proposed rule to adopt an international ban on shipments of lithium-ion batteries on passenger flights has been stalled by an executive order from the White House barring new regulations from taking effect, despite warnings from aviation officials that the risk to human safety is immediate and urgent. A year ago the Obama Administration aimed to adopt for domestic flights a new international standard for shipping lithium-ion batteries established by the U.N.’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). That rule bans the bulk shipment of the rechargeable, potentially explosive batteries on all international passenger jets and mandates that batteries on cargo ... Read More

E-Cigarette Explosion Sends Paris, Texas Man To Hospital With Facial Burns

A Paris, Texas, man was rushed to the emergency room with burn injuries to his face after an e-cigarette exploded in his home Monday, Feb. 21. Paris Fire Department Chief Larry Wright told the press that the explosion also set off a small fire on the floor of the house, which firefighters were able to contain before it spread. The injured man was not identified, but local reports said that the 19-year-old e-cigarette user sustained burn injuries to his face and left hand. He was admitted to Paris Regional Medical Center for treatment and is listed in stable condition. “These ... Read More