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California Teen’s Dell Laptop Explodes Repeatedly, Home Camera Films Blasts

A California teen and his friend narrowly escaped injury when his Dell Inspiron laptop burst into flames while charging on the living room sofa, then continued to explode over and over again. Footage from the Thousand Oak, California, home’s security cameras captured the explosions, which start as Devon Johnson, 18, is sitting on the living room couch with a friend eating pizza and playing video games. The Dell laptop charging on the sofa next to them starts shooting black smoke then almost immediately becomes engulfed in a giant fireball. The explosion is so bright that it triggers the security camera ... Read More

Arizona Man Badly Burned By E-Cigarette Blast

A Phoenix man is recovering from severe burn injuries after his e-cigarette exploded inside his pants pocket Jan. 18 while he was at work. Nathaniel Rossi told Arizona’s ABC15 News that he felt like he had “just walked out of a war zone” after a sudden e-cigarette malfunction created hissing and popping sounds along with bright lights and smoke. A coworker/firefighter cut the leg of Mr. Rossi’s pants and treated the wounds, which included second-degree burns. Images of his injuries shared by ABC15 show charred skin along the entire length of his leg, with the worst burns above the knee in ... Read More

Samsung Blames Note 7 Fires on Lithium-ion Battery Defects

Samsung Electronics said Monday that flaws in the design and production of the lithium-ion batteries used in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones made the devices prone to catch fire. The Korean electronics giant’s explanation of the battery problem, which prompted two Note 7 recalls and resulted in the quick demise of the device, steered blame away from the phone’s hardware and software, leaving some industry experts doubtful of the company’s findings. Samsung said in a press conference that it tested more than 200,000 smartphone and 30,000 lithium-ion batteries and found different defects in each of the two kinds of batteries ... Read More

Texas Man Suffers Severe Facial Trauma From E-Cigarette Explosion

A 28-year old Texas man was airlifted to the hospital with severe injuries to his face and body after his e-cigarette exploded. According to Houston’s ABC 13 Eyewitness News, the man was sitting at home with his family around Christmas when the end of his electronic cigarette blew off and struck him in the abdomen, then ricocheted off of a wall. Another piece of the electronic device blew off and struck him in the face, blowing out his teeth, breaking his jaw, and leaving him with severe facial trauma, ABC 13 reported. The man, who was not identified in the ... Read More

Video Surveillance Captures E-Cigarette Exploding In Mass. Man’s Face

A Massachusetts office worker suffered facial injuries requiring stitches after an e-cigarette exploded in his face. A surveillance camera in the office captured footage of the incident, timestamped Jan. 7, 2017. It shows a male worker “lighting” the e-cigarette, presumably by pressing the vaporizer button. The device explodes in a cloud of smoke and sparks as he raises the device to his face. Two coworkers duck for cover and the injured man runs off to another room clutching his head. Although the details of his injuries aren’t yet clear, the Daily Mail reported that he had to receive 12 stitches to ... Read More

Exploding E-Cigarette Leaves Denver Man With Severe Burn Injuries

A Denver, Colo., man who suffered severe burn injuries when his e-cigarette exploded in his pants pocket advises other e-cig users to be extremely careful with the devices or not use them at all. Gregory Ingram told Denver7 that he was on his way to work the day after Christmas when the incident happened. “My pants caught on fire and the flames shot out and got my thumb, and then I went to try to pat that out and then my whole pocket just erupted,” Mr. Ingram told Denver7. He said the device blew up without any warning, and there ... Read More

New NBA Agreements bar players from using hoverboards

The NBA is currently finalizing its new collective bargaining agreement for players, and among the new requirements by which players must abide in exchange for their lavish salaries is a ban on riding hoverboards. Some outsiders and even players themselves might balk at the idea of such a personal restriction, but the hoverboard is one of many activities that is now off-limits, all for the sake of protecting the teams’ most valuable assets: the players. According to Deadspin, which cited leaks from the new agreement, other activities NBA players are barred from doing in their leisure time are: using fireworks, ... Read More

Army Vet Severely Injured By E-Cigarette Explosion Sues Huntsville Vendor

A Huntsville Army veteran who served two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan safely returned home to Alabama only to suffer severe injuries resembling some caused by a bomb blast when some e-cigarettes exploded in his pocket. In an interview with Huntsville’s WAFF, Tim Jensen said he stopped at a Huntsville shop to buy some batteries for an e-cigarette. He purchased some he says were recommended by the store owner. But while driving down the road in Huntsville, Mr. Jensen suddenly felt heat building up within the pocket of his pants. “I just felt heat come from my pocket, just almost ... Read More

iPhone investigates Reports of Exploding iPhones in China

A number of reports of iPhones catching fire and exploding have emerged in China, stoking fears amongst Chinese consumers that the Apple smartphones might be prone to the same defects that prompted Samsung to put its newly launched Galaxy Note 7 phones to rest. According to the BBC, the Shanghai Consumer Council called on Apple to investigate iPhone 6 models after receiving eight reports of iPhone 6 series devices spontaneously combusting or exploding. Nasdaq reported that the Shanghai Consumer Council said Apple had “earlier in the year, replaced a woman’s iPhone that exploded with a new one without ‘addressing the ... Read More

Samsung’s Thin Note 7 Design Compromised Batteries, Researchers Find

A defective design is allegedly what caused so many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire and explode, not the lithium batteries as the Korean electronics giant once indicated, an independent team of engineers and developers who solve technical problems for a living has concluded. Samsung started recalling its Note 7 devices in September as reports of fires and explosions mounted. The company remanufactured the phones using different batteries, but the problem persisted. In October, Samsung made the unprecedented move to stop production and kill the entire Note 7 product line. But the South Korean manufacturer hasn’t said much ... Read More