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NYC Man Crippled By E-Cigarette Injuries Discharged From Hospital

The New York man who was severely burned by an exploding e-cigarette while working at a wine shop in Grand Central Station was discharged from the hospital Sunday. But instead of getting a clean bill of health, Otis Gooding left the Burn Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in pain, with diminished physical abilities, and an uncertain future. “I’m afraid about my hand … about using my hand, and I’m right-handed and I’m still worried about my leg, about how fully can I walk on my leg and stuff — and I can barely walk now,” Mr. Gooding told the New ... Read More

Grand Central Camera Captures Exploding E-Cigarette Severely Injuring Man

An employee of a wine shop in Grand Central Station suffered from severe burn injuries when an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket at work Nov. 23. Otis Gooding, 31, of Jamaica, Queens, is seen on a high-definition surveillance video talking with two other employees of the Central Cellar wine shop inside Grand Central Terminal in New York City when flames and sparks begin to blast from his pants. The incident sent the employees and a customer who had been signing a receipt at the time running for safety. The same video shows firefighters and rescue workers removing Mr. Gooding from the ... Read More

Canadian Man Badly Burned By Exploding Samsung Galaxy S-7 Smartphone

A Samsung Galaxy S-7 smartphone exploded Sunday, leaving a Canadian man with second- and third-degree burns and raising concerns that incendiary defects may not be limited to the Korean company’s Galaxy Note 7 phones, which were recalled last month amid mounting reports of fires and explosions. Amarjit Mann, a 34-year-old mechanic from Winnipeg, told CTV News that he was driving his car when he noticed the Samsung Galaxy S-7 phone in his pocket growing increasingly warmer. Concerned, he pulled over and pulled the phone out of his pocket, only to have it blow up in his hands. Despite serious burns ... Read More

Georgia Man Sues E-Cigarette Maker Over Severe Burns, Lack of Warnings

A Bremen, Ga., man has filed a lawsuit against the maker of an e-cigarette that exploded in his pants pocket at work, leaving him with third-degree burns and months of painful recovery. Like many e-cigarette users who have been injured by exploding batteries inside the devices, Jeremy McDow said the incident started with a sudden suspicion something was wrong when he felt an itching on his leg that quickly turned into an “extreme burning.” Mr. McDow told Fox 5 Atlanta that by the time he leapt up, his “entire leg was engulfed in flames.” The fire was so intense that ... Read More

E-Cigarette Explosion Severely Burns 13-Year-Old Utah Girl

A 13-year-Utah old girl is recovering from burn injuries to her face and hands after an e-cigarette exploded in her face. Arianna Anderson of Sunset, Utah, told Fox 13 News Utah that she was curious to try her 16-year-old brother’s e-cigarette. The teen put a battery inside the device, then “twisted it back on and was getting ready to push the button” when it exploded. Ms. Anderson’s mother told Fox 13 News that her daughter ran to her screaming, covered in blood and black soot. “I thought I was dreaming. I’d ever seen something so horrid,” Amanda Lee Anderson told ... Read More

Dangers of button batteries targeted in worldwide awareness campaign

Batteries are something that we use almost constantly. They may seem harmless but some of them are more dangerous than you might think. The coin cell battery – often also called a “button battery” due to its small size – has attracted international attention for its serious health risks if swallowed. The tiny batteries can be found in almost every small electronic that lies around the home, such as television remote controls, bathroom scales and calculators. Children and senior citizens are swallowing the batteries accidentally and severely damaging their esophagus. Fatal esophagus burns can occur in as little as two ... Read More

Boeing completes Dreamliner test flight in effort to solve lithium-ion battery problems

Fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliners that have been grounded around the world for two months are a step closer to becoming airborne again after the first of two test flights was completed Monday in an effort to demonstrate the aircraft’s new lithium-ion battery system meets federal regulatory safety standards. All airline companies that own the new high-tech Dreamliners pulled them from service after two separate incidents in which the lithium-ion battery systems malfunctioned, filling the cockpit and cabin with smoke. The battery systems are a critical part of the airplane’s design, as they power doors and gear traditionally powered by ... Read More

Button battery injuries rising among kids, new study finds

Household batteries, especially the little button batteries that are powering more and more toys, remote controls, and other common devices, are sending nearly twice as many children to the Emergency Room than they did 20 years ago, according to a new study. The small coin and pill-shaped batteries present multiple serious risks to the children who swallow them, but the most dangerous scenario is when the battery becomes trapped in the esophagus and creates an electrical current through the tissue. Even batteries that are too spent to power their intended devices are a serious health risk to children, medical experts ... Read More

Number of deaths and injuries from swallowing batteries soars

The more people use gadgets powered by “button batteries,” those silver pill-size batteries that typically power small electronics, the more battery-related injuries and deaths occur, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission warned yesterday. Young children and even some senior citizens often swallow the small batteries, which have found their way into thousands of consumer products throughout the home, powering everything from calculators to flashlights. In fact, the rate of injury and fatality caused from ingesting button batteries has increased by seven times since 1985. And according to the CPSC, the consequences of swallowing a button battery are “immediate and devastating.” ... Read More