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Kansas Man Burned By Exploding E-Cigarette Sues

A Kansas man seriously injured by an exploding e-cigarette is suing the Wichita shop where he bought a lithium-ion battery to power the device, claiming it was unsafe to use. Like many people who use e-cigarettes, Daniel Anderson put the spare lithium-ion battery in his front pocket, along with his car keys and some coins, his lawsuit says, according to The Wichita Eagle. Contact with the other metal objects caused the lithium-ion battery to short and eventually to overheat and explode. The incident occurred on Feb. 29, 2016. A lawyer representing Mr. Anderson described the incident to The Wichita Eagle ... Read More

E-Cigarette Explosion Tears Up Hawaii Man’s Face

A Hawaii man says is considering a lawsuit after an e-cigarette exploded in his face, blowing out four of his teeth and ripping up his mouth. Twenty-five-year-old Matt Yamashita of Pearl City told HawaiiNewsNow that he was getting ready to play basketball at Pacific Palisades Park in Pearl City and went to use his e-cigarette before he started playing. “As soon as I took that first rip, it just blew up in my face,” he told HawaiiNewsNow. In addition to losing some of his teeth, Mr. Yamashita suffered facial lacerations and burns. He has about 40 stitches “holding his mouth ... Read More

Insurer Prevails in E-Cigarette Explosion Coverage Dispute

Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company is off the hook for claims filed against an e-cigarette vendor over serious injuries a woman sustained when her e-cigarette exploded in her face. Spokane, Washington-based Lilac City Vapor said its insurer, Atlantic Casualty, should be liable for the e-cigarette victim’s claims, but a Washington federal court judge granted Atlantic summary judgment on Sept. 7. According to Law 360, Atlantic based its argument for summary judgment solely on an exclusion that the company said precludes coverage for any personal injuries that occur off the store’s premises. Law 360 reports: In the underlying suit, Marlene Rubertt says ... Read More

U.S. Researchers Create Lithium-ion Battery Without Fire, Explosion Risk

Could explosive lithium-ion batteries and all the injury and property damage they cause soon be a thing of the past? Researchers with the University of Maryland and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have developed the world’s first lithium-ion battery that uses a salt-water electrolyte and hits the 4.0-volt mark needed for laptop computers and other household electronics without the risk of explosion and fire that traditional non-aqueous lithium-ions present. “In the past, if you wanted high energy, you would choose a non-aqueous lithium-ion battery, but you would have to compromise on safety. If you preferred safety, you could use an aqueous ... Read More

Lithium Battery Explosion Sets Wisconsin Home on Fire

A lithium battery that was charging inside a drone is believed to be the cause of house fire near Racine, Wisconsin Sunday, Sept. 3. The (Racine) Journal Times reports that the occupants of the home, located in the town of Sturtevant, just a few miles west of Racine, made it out of the burning building unharmed, but there was concern that their cat did not. Rajelio Ramirez, a neighbor who lives next door to the home that caught fire, called 911 when the woman who lived in the house with her boyfriend ran over and asked for help. The woman ... Read More

E-Cigarette Blast Triggers Panic in London Train Station

It’s amazing how much chaos a small device like an e-cigarette or a lithium battery can stir up. British Transport Police evacuated London’s Euston Station Wednesday, Aug. 30 and put the train system on lockdown due to a bomb threat that actually was, in all likelihood, an e-cigarette exploding inside a train passenger’s bag. Several people in the crowded terminal abandoned their bags and fled when the bag started smoking. A restaurant worker at the Leon Restaurant inside the station told The Independent that it was a scene of sheer panic. “People started rushing towards the restaurant and some younger ... Read More

Hoverboard Fire Forces Missouri Mall Evacuation

A lithium battery inside a hoverboard exploded inside the central court of a Missouri mall Saturday, August 5, injuring one person and forcing the shopping center’s evacuation. The Southeast Missourian reports that the Cape Girardeau Fire Department responded to a call about the hoverboard explosion at 5:18. According to various reports, someone was charging their hoverboard in an outlet in the mall’s central kiosk area when the lithium battery exploded. A witness told the Southeast Missourian that he heard popping sounds and saw the hoverboard emitting flames and smoke. Mall employees doused the hoverboard with dry-chemical fire extinguishers. The fire ... Read More

Holiday toys recalled; coin cell batteries pose hazard

Hobby Lobby, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has issued a recall for certain holiday themed toys. The coin cell batteries inside the light-up spinning toy may become detached, posing an ingestion and choking hazard to young children. Hobby Lobby has received one report of a 14-month-old child who ingested a battery. The child was x-rayed and the battery passed through. The holiday themed toys feature a plastic handle and dome, and were sold in two designs, one for Easter and the other for Independence Day (July 4). The Easter-themed toys are either blue with a ... Read More

CPSC: Stop Using LayZ Board Hoverboards Immediately

A hoverboard fire that killed two young girls in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in March has prompted federal regulators to issue an urgent warning to Americans calling for them to immediately stop using LayZ Board hoverboards. On April 3, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said it has evidence that a LayZ Board hoverboard was the source of the Pennsylvania house fire, which fatally injured two young girls and left another one with severe burn injuries March 1. The fire also displaced about 21 people, local reports said. The LayZ Board hoverboards, which are a different product from Lazyboard hoverboards, were made ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery In Toy Starts Idaho Home Fire

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a child’s toy was to blame for starting a fine inside a Meridian, Idaho home Saturday, April 30. According to Nampa, Idaho’s KIVI-TV, an Idaho family returned to their home in Meridian Sunday, May 1, to find it full of smoke. A quick search of the house led to a child’s bedroom where a small fire had broken out. Meridian fire officials said the source of the fire was a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a child’s remote-control car. A report on KIVI-TV indicated that the toy had been charging while the family was out, overheated, ... Read More