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Real-world Xarelto data shows similar bleeding risks to those reported during clinical trials


New real-world data on the blood thinner Xarelto show positive efficacy in treating patients for the prevention of the recurrence of blood clots, reports Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmceuticals and Bayer, makers of Xarelto. Data showed that patients with blood clots, or venous thromboembolism (VTE) treated with Xarelto for more than three months had a lower risk of VTE recurrence without an increase in major bleeding compared to patients taking Xarelto for less than three months. Another study based on Janssen’s ongoing Post-Market Safety Surveillance (PMSS) study in VTE showed that major bleeding rates in patients treated with Xarelto for ... Read More

Eliquis sales poised to top Xarelto on heels of new safety study


Sales of Eliquis, the third drug in a novel new oral anticoagulant (NOAC) class to hit the market, are booming and may soon eclipse that of the market leader, Xarelto, according to recent data from IMS Health. Xarelto, known chemically as rivaroxaban, now has 46.5 percent of the NOAC market followed by Eliquis, known chemically as apixaban, with 42.5 percent. Xarelto’s growth has tapered since it peaked at about 60 percent of the market. Eliquis, on the other hand, has enjoyed continuous growth in the market. Pradaxa, the first drug in the class to hit the market, has 10.5 percent ... Read More

Beasley Allen is one of a dozen firms leading Xarelto side effects litigation


Twelve plaintiff law firms from various parts of the country are involved in Xarelto side effects litigation, including Alabama law firm Beasley Allen. More than 9,000 lawsuits have been filed across the country against Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, and their related companies over claims that the top-selling blood thinner Xarelto, known chemically as rivaroxaban, caused bleeding injuries including gastrointestinal bleeds, brain hemorrhages and bleeding deaths. More than 7,000 of the lawsuits are in Louisiana, approximately 1,000 are on file in state court in Philadelphia, and an additional 1,000 are in Delaware. U.S. District Court Judge Eldon Fallon, who ... Read More

Number of Xarelto lawsuits growing


Patients who require blood-thinning medications to treat or prevent blood clot-related health conditions should discuss with their doctors the risks and benefits of the various types of treatments, advised Dr. Rita Redberg, a professor of cardiology at the University of California, San Francisco. “There are now several new oral anticoagulants and we don’t have a lot of studies that compare one to the other,” she said. Millions of patients are diagnosed with the heart rhythm abnormality atrial fibrillation, and most are treated with blood thinners to prevent strokes. For decades, doctors have prescribed warfarin. But patients taking the drug require ... Read More

Xarelto makers allegedly knew monitoring device used in clinical trials was flawed


Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer allegedly knew that a device used to monitor the blood thinning effects of medication given patients during clinical trials for the companies’ anticoagulant Xarelto was unreliable but kept mum about the issue to the study’s monitors and drug regulators, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reports. Concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the INRatio device used in a pivotal trial studying the safety and efficacy of Xarelto was brought into question in 2008 by investigators. Janssen responded by setting up a safety recheck program. But the company didn’t provide that data with the trial’s monitoring ... Read More

Judge extends deadline for filing Xarelto lawsuits


The deadline for filing Xarelto lawsuits alleging bleeding injuries with the popular blood thinner has been extended 90 days for certain plaintiffs groups due to an influx of complaints that have reportedly inundated the clerk’s office, Judge Eldon Fallon ordered. Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer are facing more than 7,000 lawsuits in a multidistrict litigation alleging the companies’ blood thinner Xarelto caused major bleeding events including gastrointestinal bleeds and brain hemorrhages. Four bellwether trials have already been scheduled for 2017. Another 950 lawsuits have been consolidated into a mass tort program in Pennsylvania with the first scheduled ... Read More

Xarelto antidote saves lives during bleeding emergency but not yet on market


An experimental drug quickly reverses the bleeding effects of new blood thinning medications to help save lives in the event of a bleeding emergency, but the medication is not yet on the market. Portola Pharmaceuticals was ready to launch AndexXa, known generically as andexanet alfa once it got Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval last month. But the FDA said it couldn’t approve the medication without more data and information on its manufacturing practices. The news was a blow to investors who were banking on sales of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer top selling blood thinner Xarelto to jump once ... Read More

Experimental diabetes drug may increase ketoacidosis risk


Sanofi and Lexicon have teamed up on the development of a new diabetes drug that can treat both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The new medication, known chemically as sotagliflozin, is in a class of diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors, which also includes the brand name medications Invokana, Invokamet, Farxiga and Jardiance. Most type 2 diabetes medications work through the pancreas and liver. SGLT2 inhibitors work differently, blocking the absorption of glucose in the kidneys, allowing patients to excrete excess glucose through their urine. Sotagliflozin also works by targeting SGLT1 inhibitors located in the intestinal tract. SGLT2 ... Read More

Reader concerned about Xarelto bleeding side effects


“After having a pacemaker fitted, I was prescribed 20mg Xarelto (rivaroxaban),” a Daily Mail reader wrote in a message to Martin Scurr for the “Ask the Doctor” column. “I have read it was described as ‘the most dangerous drug,’ and that thousands are suing the makers. I am healthy but terrified about adverse reports.” Xarelto is in a new class of blood thinners. It is used to prevent strokes in patients with the heart condition atrial fibrillation. It is also used to treat deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, and to prevent blood clots in patients who have recently undergone ... Read More

Wrongful death lawsuit blames blood thinner Xarelto


New Jersey resident Dell Wise is suing Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, and their related companies over allegations that the drug companies’ blood thinner Xarelto caused the death of her aunt, Mattie Edgin, The lawsuit accuses the drug companies of acting negligently by “fervently” marketing Xarelto “with no regard to the accuracy and misrepresentations of their misleading advertisement,” citing studies that link the anticoagulant to serious bleeding events including gastrointestinal bleeds, brain bleeds, and bleeding deaths. “Due to the defective nature of Xarelto, persons who were prescribed and ingested Xarelto, for even a brief period of time, including the ... Read More