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Benzene Emissions From Arkansas Dump Fire Prompt Lawsuit

Concerns about benzene and other health threats emanating from an extensive and long-burning underground fire have prompted at least one family in Bella Vista, Arkansas to file a lawsuit. Bella Vista resident Curtis Macomber and his family are suing Brown’s Tree Care, alleging the company created a public health hazard by burning brush on the property, triggering an underground fire that has been burning since July. The fire is smoldering at the site of a “stump dump,” where the Bella Vista Property Owners Association once operated a collection area for residents’ leaves, tree stumps, branches, and brush. Bella Vista Property ... Read More

FDA approves new drug for patients newly diagnosed with AML

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug for a deadly type of leukemia linked to workplace exposure of benzene. Pfizer Inc.’s Daurismo, which contains the active ingredient glasdegib, is a daily, oral medication for newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, in adults 75 years of age or older who are unable to be treated with intensive induction chemotherapy. Daurismo is taken in combination with a low-dose of the chemotherapy cytarabine (LDAC). It is also the first and only FDA-approved Hedgehog pathway inhibitor for AML. AML is a rapidly progressing bone marrow cancer that has a ... Read More

Decontamination kits donated to Florida firefighters

Firefighters are at greater risk than the general public of developing cancer because they often come in contact with carcinogenic fumes, like benzene which can cause blood cancers like acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and materials like asbestos that can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that develops in the lining of internal organs like the lungs. In an effort to reduce this risk among firefighters, the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center distributed 4,000 decontamination kits to fire departments across the state. Up to 85 percent of the soot can be removed from the firefighter’s ... Read More

Two conductors sue railroad for contributing to their cancer diagnoses

Two conductors have filed a lawsuit in Coeur d’Alene (Iowa) First District Court against Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad for allegedly exposing them to toxic fumes and materials, which they say caused them to develop cancer and other illnesses. John Hluboky was a conductor at BNSF in Hauser from 1977 to 1998. He now has colon cancer. Hal Chapman was a conductor at BNSF in Hauser from 2006 to 2016. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer. According to the lawsuit, both men say that their cancers were caused by dangerous fumes they were regularly exposed to while working on ... Read More

BP oil spill cleanup workers sue for compensation for related illnesses

In the months following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill that dumped 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico during what became known as the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, Walter Castro was measuring air quality on the impacted beaches, inhaling chemical fumes for weeks on end that on occasions was so strong it irritated his skin, burned his eyes, and even made him and his boat crew shake violently and become ill. Castro requested personal protective equipment like respirators, but the company refused to give him any. Instead, BP instructed ... Read More

Doctor to study firefighters exposed to toxic fumes from Aliso Canyon gas leak

It goes against the grain of a firefighter to complain about his health. But over time, a group of about 50 firefighters who served as first responders during the Aliso Canyon gas leak three years ago began to notice they were suffering the same symptoms, like headaches, fatigue, bloody noses, insomnia and high blood pressure. They became concerned that exposure to the gas may have harmed their health, so they reached out to physician Dr. Jeffrey Nordella, who decided to conduct a study despite not having funding to do so. About 28 of the firefighters took a medical survey. Many ... Read More

SoCalGas Aliso Canyon Facilities Still Feared Hazard Despite Well Closures

Three years after the worst gas leak in U.S. history forced the closure of Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) storage facilities at Aliso Canyon, nearly half the wells operating before the massive methane leak are closed after state regulators determined they are no longer safe to operate. Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Daily News show that of the 114 wells SoCalGas built to inject and withdraw natural gas at its Aliso Canyon site, 51 have been taken out of operation due to safety concerns, and another three wells have been permanently sealed. According to the Daily News, state records show ... Read More

SoCalGas sued for exposing firefighters to toxic chemicals

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) knowingly exposed Los Angeles firefighters to cancer-causing chemicals while they were assisting Porter Ranch residents following the October 2015 Aliso Canyon gas leak, according to a 56-page complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The lawsuit, filed by more than two dozen Los Angeles firefighters, alleges that the Aliso Canyon gas leak – the largest methane leak in U.S. history – released toxic amounts of carcinogens like benzene and formaldehyde into a neighboring community. Residents in the area became sick and many opted to evacuate. Firefighters who responded to the scene say they suffered ... Read More

Benzene vapors at gas stations 10 times higher than thought

Vapors released from gas station vent pipes are 10 times more toxic than previously thought, according to a study by environmental health researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, bringing into question the safety of schools, playgrounds and parks in close proximity to gas stations. Gasoline vapors contain numerous toxic chemicals, including the carcinogen benzene. Benzene exposure has been linked to blood cancers like acute myeloid leukemia (AML). For the study, gas flow meters were attached to venting pipes at two large gas stations – one each in the Midwest and Northwest – to gauge measurements over a ... Read More

Refinery’s toxic fumes blamed for man’s bone marrow disorder

An Illinois man is suing several companies, saying he was exposed to toxic chemicals emanating from a Wood River refinery that seeped into surface and ground water and discharged into the air, causing him to develop myelodysplastic syndrome, a disorder that affects the bone marrow where blood cells are made. Willard and Cheryl Carpenter filed the lawsuit Sept. 17 in the Madison County (Illinois) Circuit Court against Shell Oil Company and BP Products North America, among others, alleging the companies put the lives of people living in close proximity to their Wood River Refineries in danger. As a result of ... Read More