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Seaman’s lawsuit says companies exposed him to toxic benzene

A Philadelphia man is suing a long list of corporations alleging that they exposed him to “significant amounts” of carcinogenic benzene and other chemicals during his employment as a seaman and crewmember on several U.S. Merchant Marine vessels performing ship maintenance and repairs. He claims benzene exposure contributed to his leukemia diagnosis, the Pennsylvania Record reported. Jose A. Vivas filed his lawsuit in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas against companies like Manhattan Tankers Company Inc., Exxon Mobil Corporation (c/o Corporation Services Company), Sunoco (R&M) LLC, Hudson Waterways Corporation, U.S. Steel Corporation, Marathon Oil Corporation, Residual Enterprises Corporation, Sea ... Read More

McDonald’s to remove artificial preservatives from its hamburgers

McDonald’s is changing the beef patties, buns, cheese and Big Mac Special Sauce on its hamburgers to remove all artificial additives, including artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and added colors from artificial sources, in an effort to make them healthier, the company announced. The artificial preservative calcium propionate will be removed from the buns. This preservative helps prevent mold and fungus from growing on the bread. Research published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health found that calcium propionate can also have a negative effect on children’s behavior, causing “irritability, restlessness, inattention and sleep disturbances in some children.” The artificial ... Read More

E-cigarettes can contain toxic ingredients that are especially harmful to teens

More and more teenagers are using e-cigarettes, and many of their parents assume they are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes so they don’t need to worry. But they are sorely wrong, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health warned. To help parents better understand what vaping is and the harm it poses, state health officials have launched a statewide campaign, “The New Look of Nicotine Addiction,” to arm parents with information they can use to talk to their kids about e-cigarettes. Contrary to what most people believe, these products – also known as e-cigs, e-hookahs, mods, vape pens, vapes, tank systems, JUULs and ... Read More

Colorado health officials discourage blood-testing for benzene

Colorado health officials want people living near oil and gas refineries to stop having their blood tested for cancer-causing benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), arguing that the best way to deal with the public health threat is to monitor the environment. Residents living near drilling sites in western Colorado have raised concerns about the fumes that the refineries emit and how they might affect their health. As a result, they have taken their health into their own hands, having their blood tested at laboratories. Marion Wells of Rulison said she has her blood tested regularly, and that her ... Read More

Wife blames spouse’s lung cancer on asbestos, benzene exposure at railroad

A Colonie, New York woman is suing her late husband’s former employer for exposing him to several toxic substances which she claims caused his fatal lung cancer. He died just four months after diagnosis. Susan E. Willis De Seve, on behalf of the estate of her husband Kevin C. De. Seve, filed the lawsuit in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas against Consolidated Rail Corporation of Philadelphia (Conrail) and American Premier Underwriters (formerly, Penny Central Corporation and c/o C.T. Corporation System). Mr. De Seve worked for Conrail from 1969 to 1995 performing inspections and repairs in an environment where he ... Read More

Cancer cluster identified at NYC school near Ground Zero

Michele Lent Hirsch was 16 and a senior at the elite Stuyvesant High School in New York just blocks from Ground Zero, when she watched from the window the first World Trade Center tower fall during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The school was used as a staging area by rescue and recovery workers in the days and weeks after the attack. The school reopened a month later despite public outcry about whether the building might still be contaminated and pose a health risk to students and faculty. When the towers caught fire and collapsed, it covered the area in a ... Read More

Industries should invest in gas detection or face major lawsuits

Steve Billingham, CEO of U.K.-based air pollution monitoring firm Duvas Technologies, is warning every business involved in the oil and gas industry – including refining, processing and chemicals manufacturing – to invest in the latest gas detection expertise or face major litigation. Billingham based his warning on a recent class action lawsuit in the United States brought by 9,000 residents affected by the October 2015 Aliso Canyon California methane leak that dumped more than 100,000 metric tonnes of toxic chemicals into the area. Plaintiffs are asking for up to $2.5 billion in damages from Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) for ... Read More

Railcar cleaning company, owners, charged after deadly explosion

Nebraska Railcar Cleaning Services (NRCS) and its two owners were hit with a 22-count indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) including charges such as conspiracy, violating worker safety standards, and violating federal law that governs hazardous waste management, following a 2015 explosion that killed two workers. According to the indictment, during an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), investigators found that NRCS president Stephen Michael Braithwaite and vice president Adam Thomas Braithwaite tried to cover up their failure to implement worker safety standards prior to the accident. They also mishandled hazardous wastes removed from rail ... Read More

Companies blamed for man’s leukemia diagnosis

A Pike County, Illinois farmer and mechanic diagnosed with leukemia in Spring 2017 is holding several corporations accountable for exposing him to benzene, a toxic chemical and known carcinogen. Alan Bruce Cole filed his lawsuit on Aug. 13 in Madison County Circuit Court in Illinois alleging he was exposed to benzene that emanated from certain products manufactured, supplied and/or sold by companies including Berryman Products, Illinois Tool Works, Permatex, Radiator Specialty Company, Savogran Company, Safety-Kleen Systems, and the United States Steel Company. He says the companies are responsible for his diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) because they failed to ... Read More

LDS Church, Chevron face benzene exposure lawsuit

A former groundskeeper for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is suing the church and an oil and gas company claiming they’re to blame for his cancer diagnosis. Allan Flandro felt called by the Mormon church to voluntarily clean and maintain Red Butte Creek, which runs through the historic Mormon meetinghouse, the Garden Park Ward. His “often arduous” job – which he held for six years – often required him to come in contact with the creek water, mud and other debris while cleaning the area for weddings and other special events. What he didn’t realize is ... Read More