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Ethiopian Airlines Crash Kills 157, Could Signal More Trouble for Boeing

An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed just minutes after takeoff Sunday morning, killing all 157 people on board, including eight Americans. Flight ET302 departed from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at 8:38 a.m. local time. The plane was headed to Nairobi, Kenya, when it lost contact with air controllers six minutes later. The Ethiopian Airlines jet was a new Boeing 737 Max 8 – the same type of plane that crashed in Indonesia Oct. 29, killing all 189 people aboard. According to The New York Times, the Ethiopian Airlines plane took off in good weather with clear visibility, but ... Read More

NBC finds escape slide failures hindered evacuation of Asiana 214 and several other flights

Some of the emergency slides on Asiana flight 214 failed to deploy properly after the airplane crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport July 6, potentially botching evacuation efforts as the airplane burned. An NBC investigation of the matter also found that federal aviation officials have known about problems with the evacuation slides for years but have failed to take any meaningful measures to improve their reliability. Survivors of the Asiana crash told an NBC Bay Area investigative unit that the evacuation efforts took longer than they should have because two of the emergency slides inflated inside the cabin, ... Read More