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Engine Trouble Forces Norwegian Air Emergency Landing in Iran

A Norwegian Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 on its way from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Oslo, Norway experienced a technical malfunction Friday that forced it to make an emergency landing in Southern Iran. The Norwegian Air plane, carrying 189 passengers and crew, experienced engine trouble about 20 minutes after departure and started an emergency descent from an altitude of 32,000 feet over southern Iran. The plane landed safely at Shiraz International Airport and there were no injuries, but the passengers and crew had to remain overnight near the airport while Norwegian Air sent a relief Boeing 737-800 plane to ... Read More

Black box data reveals pilots struggled to keep jet from going into nosedive

Pilots of the Boeing 737 that crashed into the Java Sea in October fought relentlessly almost from the moment the plane took off to keep the plane from taking a nosedive, but apparently the automatic system was receiving incorrect sensor readings and as a result repeatedly forced the nose down, according to a preliminary report of the plane’s black box data recorder. More than two dozen times during the 11-minute flight, pilots of the ill-fated Lion Air Flight 610 were able to force the nose of the plane back until they finally lost control, causing the plane to plummet into the ... Read More

Lion Air Plane Crash Prompts Boeing to Issue Safety Bulletin

Prompted by the crash of a Lion Air 737 Max 8 jet in Indonesia last month, Boeing has issued a safety advisory to pilots on how to handle faulty readings from a key flight-control sensor. “The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee has indicated that Lion Air Flight 610 experienced erroneous input from one of its AOA (Angle of Attack) sensors,” Boeing said in the statement. A misreading in the sensor can cause the plane to dive suddenly and confuse pilots. All 189 people aboard Lion Air Flight 610 from Jakarta to the island of Bangka died when the plane crashed ... Read More

Lion Air Passengers on Previous Night’s Flight Said Plane Flew Erratically

Although investigations have just begun on the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia that killed all 189 people aboard Oct. 29, some evidence has emerged pointing to a possible defect or damage in the newly manufactured Boeing aircraft. Passengers who flew on the same Lion Air flight from Bali to Jakarta the night before the crash said the airplane was flying like a “roller coaster” and that the engine was making an unusual noise throughout the flight, according to CBS News. Reports of the erratic flying are especially concerning because the airplane – a practically brand-new Boeing 737 Max – ... Read More

Boeing to Open Autonomous Aircraft Development Center at MIT

You’ve heard of autonomous cars and trucks, but there’s now another fast-emerging player in the world of self-driving technology – one that aims to make traffic safer and more efficient not on the roads but in the air. Boeing has announced that it will open its new Boeing Aerospace and Autonomy Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), becoming the first major tenant of its new Kendall Square District. Through its Kendall Square Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university will develop six buildings to house a blend of lab and research, office, housing, and retail space. The aircraft manufacturer said ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Signals Overheat Warning On United 787 Dreamliner Flight

The crew of a United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight approaching Paris last month received an overheat warning stemming from the aircraft’s lithium-ion battery. Boeing confirmed the incident on Dec. 1 but said that it was not a repeat of the problems its 787 Dreamliners have experienced in the past with their powerful lithium-ion batteries, which prompted a worldwide grounding of the planes in January 2013 and triggered a federal safety investigation. The Aviation Herald first reported the problem on Nov. 30, saying that it occurred Nov. 13 aboard a United Airlines flight 915 from Washington D.C.’s Dulles Airport to ... Read More

Worker Death Uncovers Potentially Unsafe Boeing Materials

A worker’s accidental factory death at one of Boeing’s Seattle-based suppliers has triggered multiple safety investigations, potentially uncovering serious safety deficiencies that encompass not just the workplace but Boeing aircraft as well. On May 30, a piece of machinery at the Vaupell Molding and Tooling plant fell and struck 32-year-old Acheni Selifis in the head. Mr. Selifis was hospitalized after the workplace accident but died on June 2 of his injuries. His death prompted multiple investigations of the Vaupell plant, which manufactures plastic aircraft parts for Boeing using high-heat injection molding equipment. Tokyo-based Sumitomo Bakelite Group bought Vaupell in 2014 ... Read More

Jury Awards $8.8M to Widow of Boeing Worker Killed on the Job

The widow of a Boeing Co. worker killed on the job has been awarded $8.8 million by a federal jury last Thursday. Lisa Priester, whose husband was killed, filed the wrongful death lawsuit against SAR Automation, the company hired by Boeing to program the computer of the platform from which David Priester fell. The Post and Courier reports that in March 2013, David Priester, 38, was working at the Dreamliner assembly plant and was using a mobile platform with 18 movable sliders. Three other Boeing employees were working on the platform, as well, placing plastic in the seams on the body of ... Read More

Apache Helicopter Crash Near Houston Kills Two U.S. Soldiers During Training Flight

Two U.S. Army pilots were killed Wednesday afternoon during a routine training flight when their AH-64 Apache helicopter broke apart in mid-air over Galveston Bay in Texas, according to Reuters. The pilots were members of the Texas Army National Guard’s 36th Combat Aviation Brigade at Ellington Field near Houston based on reports for KHOU-TV. At least one of the pilots was from the Houston area. The Chron.com news outlet reported Thursday that Lucas Lowe was one of the two victims on board the helicopter. The outlet confirmed Lowe’s identity with his father-in-law, Olen Bush. The identity of the other victim ... Read More

Family of Marine killed in Osprey helicopter crash files wrongful death lawsuit

The family of a U.S. Marine killed in a helicopter crash during a training mission in Hawaii last year has hired the Beasley Allen law firm of Montgomery, Ala., and Honolulu lawyer Melvin Y. Agena to represent them in a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging design defects in the V22 Osprey helicopter caused the deadly crash. Lance Cpl. Matthew Determan died May 17, 2015, from crash injuries he sustained when the Boeing-made V22 Osprey helicopter he was training in attempted to land in dusty conditions. The family’s complaint, filed in federal court in Hawaii, alleges the air filtration system in the ... Read More