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Worker Death Uncovers Potentially Unsafe Boeing Materials

A worker’s accidental factory death at one of Boeing’s Seattle-based suppliers has triggered multiple safety investigations, potentially uncovering serious safety deficiencies that encompass not just the workplace but Boeing aircraft as well. On May 30, a piece of machinery at the Vaupell Molding and Tooling plant fell and struck 32-year-old Acheni Selifis in the head. Mr. Selifis was hospitalized after the workplace accident but died on June 2 of his injuries. His death prompted multiple investigations of the Vaupell plant, which manufactures plastic aircraft parts for Boeing using high-heat injection molding equipment. Tokyo-based Sumitomo Bakelite Group bought Vaupell in 2014 ... Read More

Jury Awards $8.8M to Widow of Boeing Worker Killed on the Job

The widow of a Boeing Co. worker killed on the job has been awarded $8.8 million by a federal jury last Thursday. Lisa Priester, whose husband was killed, filed the wrongful death lawsuit against SAR Automation, the company hired by Boeing to program the computer of the platform from which David Priester fell. The Post and Courier reports that in March 2013, David Priester, 38, was working at the Dreamliner assembly plant and was using a mobile platform with 18 movable sliders. Three other Boeing employees were working on the platform, as well, placing plastic in the seams on the body of ... Read More

Apache Helicopter Crash Near Houston Kills Two U.S. Soldiers During Training Flight

Two U.S. Army pilots were killed Wednesday afternoon during a routine training flight when their AH-64 Apache helicopter broke apart in mid-air over Galveston Bay in Texas, according to Reuters. The pilots were members of the Texas Army National Guard’s 36th Combat Aviation Brigade at Ellington Field near Houston based on reports for KHOU-TV. At least one of the pilots was from the Houston area. The Chron.com news outlet reported Thursday that Lucas Lowe was one of the two victims on board the helicopter. The outlet confirmed Lowe’s identity with his father-in-law, Olen Bush. The identity of the other victim ... Read More

Family of Marine killed in Osprey helicopter crash files wrongful death lawsuit

The family of a U.S. Marine killed in a helicopter crash during a training mission in Hawaii last year has hired the Beasley Allen law firm of Montgomery, Ala., and Honolulu lawyer Melvin Y. Agena to represent them in a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging design defects in the V22 Osprey helicopter caused the deadly crash. Lance Cpl. Matthew Determan died May 17, 2015, from crash injuries he sustained when the Boeing-made V22 Osprey helicopter he was training in attempted to land in dusty conditions. The family’s complaint, filed in federal court in Hawaii, alleges the air filtration system in the ... Read More

The Fraud List: Boeing Doing Business As Usual

The Fraud List

Four Boeing Company employees who detected and documented years of fraudulent billing practices aimed at cheating the U.S. government out of defense funds filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the company under the False Claims Act in 2009. That lawsuit led to extensive federal investigations and months of litigation that ended with a $23-million settlement in October 2014. But that whistleblower case and subsequent settlement were not the only times Boeing has run afoul of federal prosecutors. Boeing, in fact, is one of the worst repeat offenders of U.S. laws and regulations governing the conduct of federal contractors, with a long ... Read More

Four whistleblowers share $3.9 million reward after Boeing settles fraud case

Four whistleblowers will share a $3.9-million reward for their role in exposing fraudulent billing practices at a Boeing C-17 Globemaster aircraft support facility in San Antonio. The reward is derived from a $23-million settlement the aircraft manufacturer and the U.S. Justice Department reached earlier this month. Former Boeing employees Clinton Craddock, Fred Van Shoubrouek, Anthony Rico, and Fernando de la Garza filed their whistleblower suit against Boeing in federal court in San Antonio alleging the company defrauded taxpayers by overcharging the Defense Department for maintenance work on the C-17 airplanes, which provide one of the military’s major means of transporting ... Read More

Wing fractures on dozens of Boeing 787 Dreamliners blamed on production error

Manufacturing defects are creating hairline fractures on the wings of several dozen Boeing 787 Dreamliners, a problem that signals more headaches for the airplane manufacturer less than a year after safety regulators around the world grounded all of the 787s in operation over the risk of battery fires. The good news is that the problem so far is limited only to planes in various states of production and affect none of the 123 Dreamliner jets currently in operation around the globe. According to the Wall Street Journal, the cracks were discovered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which Boeing contracted to manufacture ... Read More

Firefighter won’t be charged in runway death of Asiana crash survivor

SAN FRANCISCO — A firefighter facing potential criminal charges for accidentally running over and killing a plane crash survivor will not be charged for the girl’s death, San Mateo County’s District Attorney announced. Investigators believe 16-year-old Ye Mengyuan was tossed from Asiana flight 214 as it crash-landed and tumbled down the runway at San Francisco International Airport July 6. The Boeing 777 broke apart on impact and burst into flames. The crash injured 181 of the 307 people aboard, 12 of them critically. Three students, including Ms. Ye and her close friend Wang Linjia, lost their lives. Ms. Ye was one ... Read More

More Asiana crash survivors file complaints against Boeing alleging mechanical deficiencies

Six personal-injury lawsuits have been filed against Boeing by Asiana passengers who allege the aircraft manufacturer failed to install a low-airspeed warning system in some of its airplane models, including the 777 that crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport July 6. The lawsuits, which were filed in Boeing’s home state of Illinois, claim that the company knew of several previous incidents on Boeing airplanes in which a low-speed warning failed to alert pilots, but neglected to address the problem in its 777 models. The Asiana 214 crash killed two teenage girls. A third teenage girl was thrown from the plane ... Read More

Asiana crash pictures trigger San Francisco firefighting helmet-camera ban

The San Francisco Fire Department’s decision to ban helmet-mounted cameras after a 16-year-old Asiana crash survivor was run over and killed on the runway by first responders has sparked sharp criticism from safety advocates and others who question the department’s motives. San Francisco fire chief Joanne Hayes-White issued the edict that explicitly bans video cameras on helmets worn by firefighters responding to emergencies, saying privacy issues were the basis of the decision. “There comes a time that privacy of the individual is paramount, of greater importance than having a video,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chief’s decision comes ... Read More