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Brain Injury Turns Deadly for Georgia High School Football Player

An undetected brain injury turned deadly for a 16-year-old Georgia high school football player who complained of feeling unusual during a Sept. 28 game before he collapsed on the sidelines. Dylan Thomas, a junior at Pike County High School and linebacker on its home team, the Pirates, took a hit during a play in the second quarter against Peach County High School. Some fellow players said Dylan seemed unfazed until into the third quarter when he said he wasn’t feeling right. Head coach Brad Webber told reporters at an Oct. 1 news conference that the game was stopped in the ... Read More

NFL player quits midseason over sport’s toll on his health, says money isn’t worth it

Denver Broncos guard John Moffitt has made national headlines for quitting his lucrative National Football League (NFL) career midseason, a move that has elicited criticism from many who claim the player must be crazy. But for Moffitt, 27, the decision to leave wasn’t as difficult as some might imagine because he says the game has been taking an enormous toll on his health. As the New York Times explains, “in parts of three seasons as a guard with the Seattle Seahawks and the Broncos, Moffitt … blew out his knee, had elbow surgery and hurt his shoulders. Sleep apnea left him exhausted. ... Read More

New study links head trauma to dementia later in life

Researchers are one step closer to understanding the connection between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and brain-related problems later in life. For the first time, researchers have found that patients who suffer TBIs can develop so-called “plaques” in their brains similar to what is seen in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The plaques, or amyloid deposits, were seen using brain-imaging technology called positron emission tomography (PET). In some cases, the deposits show up within hours of the head trauma. Several studies have suggested a link between repeated head blows and an increased risk of developing memory problems later in ... Read More

Indiana plane crash survivor’s brain injuries require long-term care, lawyer says

An Oklahoma man who survived an airplane crash in Indiana earlier this year likely won’t recover from the traumatic brain injuries he sustained, his lawyer told the Associated Press. Jim Rodgers of Tulsa, Okla., and his son-in-law Chris Evans were passengers in a private jet owned and piloted by Tulsa businessman Wes Caves, who employed Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Evans in his automotive coating business, Digicut Sales. Mr. Caves was killed when the Hawker Beechcraft jet crashed into some homes as it was making an emergency landing at South Bend Regional Airport March 17. Former University of Oklahoma quarterback Steve ... Read More

Former college players file concussion lawsuit against Ridell, NCAA

Two former University of Oregon football players have proposed a class-action lawsuit against helmet maker Riddell Inc. and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) earlier this month, alleging they fraudulently concealed their knowledge of concussion risks from players, thereby exposing them to Alzheimer’s disease and other potentially debilitating brain disorders. The lawsuit was brought by John DuRocher and Darin Harris, both of whom say they were diagnosed with concussions after games. Mr. DuRocher claims that he has suffered frequent and severe headaches since his concussions, while Mr. Harris says that he suffers from memory loss, difficulty focusing, anxiety, and depression ... Read More

NFL settles concussion lawsuit with former players for $765 million

The National Football League (NFL) has agreed to spend nearly $800 million to resolve complaints brought by more than 4,500 former professional football players who accused the league of concealing its knowledge of concussion risks from players for decades. Many of the plaintiffs in the class-action case suffer from neurodegenerative disorders and disease linked by medical researchers to concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury. Medical researchers are exploring links between repeated concussion and other brain injuries to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE); Alzheimer’s; and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – diseases which often result ... Read More

This Memorial Day, remember veterans struggling with traumatic brain injuries

On Monday, May 27, Americans will observe Memorial Day, remembering all the veterans who sacrificed their lives to shield us from foreign threats and protect the liberties upon which our nation was founded. It is also a good time to remember all the veterans who are still with us, especially those whose war injuries have left a deep and devastating impact on their lives and the lives of their family members. Many of the veterans returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI), most of which have been brought about by concussive ... Read More

Awareness campaign to reduce brain injury risks in youth baseball underway

Some baseball helmet manufacturers are boosting standards for their head gear in the hope that better protection will help reduce the number of severe head injuries youth players receive on the field every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 9,000 children are sent to emergency rooms each year with concussions and more severe brain injuries after being hit in the head with a baseball, which even in little league games can be thrown at speeds of 50 mph. Sports equipment maker Rawlings is designing new age-oriented baseball helmets starting with those geared for ... Read More

New website promotes community among traumatic brain injury survivors

People whose lives have been altered by traumatic brain injury (TBI) may find plenty of technical information online about these elusive injuries and the various symptoms they may cause, but it’s much more difficult to forge connections with others who are coping with similar situations and experiences. That is why the family of one TBI survivor started TryMunity, a website dedicated to helping TBI sufferers, their families, and other supporters connect and share “stories, ideas, suggestions, and words of encouragement.” TryMunity is the first and currently the only online social community for TBI sufferers and others whose lives are in ... Read More

Brain injury from 2005 motorcycle crash may have caused snowboard champ’s death

A traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle crash years ago has been blamed for the death of Chelone “Chilly” Miller, a 29-year-old snowboarding champion and the younger brother of Olympic gold medalist alpine skier Bode Miller. Chelone Miller, a resident of Mammoth Lakes, California, had been staying at a friend’s house in the area when he passed away. ABC News reports that the friend found Mr. Miller unresponsive in his van and called 911. The call was relayed to paramedics, the fire department, and the Mono County Sheriff’s office around 12:45 p.m. Sunday. Responders determined Mr. Miller to be deceased ... Read More