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NTSB Miami Bridge Collapse Report Underscores Cracks

Federal investigators probing a Miami pedestrian bridge collapse that happened during the construction process, killing six people on a busy road below, said they are evaluating the emergence of cracks on the bridge, among other clues. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicated in its preliminary report of the March 15 bridge collapse that cracks that had appeared on the north and south ends of the bridge, noted by construction workers in the days before the collapse, could hold the key to understanding what went wrong. The pedestrian bridge was being constructed over eight lanes of SW 8th Street. Slated ... Read More

FIU Bridge Safety Questioned Hours Before Deadly Collapse

Three hours before Florida International University’s (FIU) 950-ton concrete bridge collapsed onto a busy street and killed at least six people, school officials met with the Florida Department of Transportation and engineers to discuss whether cracks found in the bridge were a threat to safety. FIU stated over the weekend that in discussions of the cracks on the pedestrian crosswalk bridge, which was under construction, officials determined there was no risk to public safety. “The FIGG engineer of record delivered a technical presentation regarding the crack and concluded that there were no safety concerns and the crack did not compromise ... Read More

Deadly FIU Bridge Collapse Crushes Multiple Cars

A pedestrian bridge under construction at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami collapsed Thursday afternoon, killing and injuring multiple people. The FIU bridge was under construction and when it came toppling down over SW 8th St. at 109th Ave., crushing at least eight vehicles on SW 8th St. underneath tons of concrete and steel. The Miami Herald reported that construction crews had finished dropping the bridge’s elevated span in place less than a week ago. The bridge was expected to be completed in early 2019. The FIU bridge was being built to give university students a safer way to cross ... Read More

Tractor trailer collapses Texas bridge, killing at least one

SALADO, Tex. – An oversized tractor trailer struck a Texas bridge under construction on Interstate 35 between Waco and Austin Thursday morning, causing a structural collapse that killed at least one and injured three others. Reports say the truck was traveling north on I-35 when it hit the overpass at FM 2484, part of a $72.6 million construction project underway by the Texas Department of Transportation. The impact caused several concrete beams to collapse and topple onto vehicles passing below the structure. Two other tractor trailers and two pickup trucks were also reportedly affected by the collapse. According to the ... Read More