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Overheated iPhone 7 Burns Virginia Teen’s Arm

A Virginia teen who fell asleep with her iPhone 7 next to her says the device overheated and burned a hole through the skin of her arm. Eighteen-year-old Raele Manning-Moore told Norfolk, Virginia’s WAVY Channel 10 that the pain from the burn injury is the worst pain she’s ever felt. “I’ve never been in that much pain ever,” Ms. Manning-Moore said. She told WAVY that she believes the iPhone overheated while she was lying in bed with it next to her arm. The searing pain from the burn injury woke her up. She said the burn was so severe that ... Read More

Amazon Recalls Portable Power Banks For Fire, Burn Risk

Anyone who owns an AmazonBasics portable power bank should check their model to see if it is included in a safety recall of chargers powered by lithium-ion batteries. Amazon and federal regulators say the Chinese-made devices pose a risk of overheating, fire, and burn injuries. Amazon sold the potentially defective portable power banks through its website and in Amazon pop-up stores from Dec. 14 through July 2017. The recall includes six different AmazonBasics power banks made by Guoguang Electric Company Limited of China and sold by Amazon for between $9 and $40. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said ... Read More

Advances in Burn Injury Care Result in High Survival Rate

Burn injury survivability has increased dramatically over the last 30 years due to major advances in the treatment of severe burn injuries, according to a new study published in the Journal of American College of Surgeons. Surprisingly, no previous studies have analyzed the progress made in burn injury treatments and their effects on patients since major improvements in burn care occurred in the 1980s. “Mortality has decreased three to fivefold since the 1980s, ostensibly from the substantial advances in burn care that occurred between 1980 and 1989,” said lead study author David N. Herndon MD, chief of staff and director ... Read More

HP Recalls Notebooks, Workstations Over Lithium Battery Fire Risk

Hewlett-Packard (HP) said it is voluntarily recalling certain notebook computers and mobile workstation computers containing lithium-ion batteries that can potentially overheat posing a risk of fire, burn injuries, and property damage. HP is urging customers to check their devices to see if they are affected by the recall. The recall covers the battery only and not the entire device. According to the company, the affected computers and batteries were manufactured December 2015 and December 2017. HP says the some of the lithium batteries were sold as accessories or provided as replacements through HP or an authorized HP service provider. Many ... Read More

Vitamin D Helps Patients Recover From Burn Injuries, Study Finds

People suffering from severe burn injuries could experience faster recovery and fewer complications if their medical care includes vitamin D supplementation, a new study has found. Researchers with the Institute of Inflammation & Aging at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, found that vitamin D levels in patients plummet immediately after a burn injury but that adding vitamin D back into their bodies can improve the overall healing process. “Major burn injury severely reduces vitamin D levels and adding this vitamin back may be a simple, safe and cost-effective way to improve outcomes for burns patients, with minimal cost to ... Read More

Black & Decker Manufacturer Fined For Failure To Recall Dangerous Coffeemaker Carafes

A federal court has ordered the company that produces Black & Decker brand products to pay nearly $2 million in civil penalties for its failure to report dangerously defective SpaceMaker coffee carafes and for continuing to distribute the defective glass carafes after they were recalled. In addition to $1.9 million in civil penalties, U.S. District Judge William M. Conley ordered a permanent injunction against Spectrum Brands Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, for its violation of the Consumer Product Safety Act related to its handling of the defective Black & Decker carafes. The injunction requires Spectrum to report to the court every ... Read More

Man ‘Lucky to be Alive’ After E-Cigarette Explosion

A UK dad told reporters he is “lucky to be alive” after an e-cigarette stashed in his pocket exploded and set his clothes on fire. According to the South Wales Argus, Nathan Davies of Abergavenny, Wales, was driving with a friend last week when his e-cigarette burst into flames inside his pocket, causing the bottoms of his tracksuit to become engulfed in fire. Mr. Davies described the incident, telling the Argus that the e-cigarette “went off like a rocket.” “It just blew up, I haven’t got a clue why,” he told the Argus. Fortunately Mr. Davies’ friend had the good ... Read More

Woman Sues KFC For Hot Gravy Burn Injuries

A UK woman undergoing treatments for a serious burn injury she suffered when boiling hot gravy spilled onto her lap is suing KFC, claiming the unapologetic fried chicken chain is bound to injure others with its scalding hot food. Beth Smale, 22,  told The Sun that she and her boyfriend were running late for a family birthday party so they decided to have a quick lunch at a KFC in Milton Keynes, England. “We ordered the meal – a bucket of chicken – and got a side of gravy. We were eating in, but they gave it to us as ... Read More

E-Cigarette Blast Burns NJ Man’s Face, Starts House Fire

An e-cigarette explosion badly injured a New Jersey man and set his Manchester home on fire May 16. The Asbury Park Press reports that police were alerted to an explosion and house fire on New Brunswick Avenue in Manchester, New Jersey, shortly before 7:20 p.m., citing a statement about the incident from police Captain Todd Malland. The e-cigarette reportedly blew up in the 21-year-old man’s face, leaving him with facial burns, eye injury, and a laceration on his nose. Capt. Mallard said the man “had been the victim of an explosion involving [an e-cigarette],” the Asbury Park Press reported. “After ... Read More

Mother Says Sunscreen Caused Chemical Burns on Baby’s Face

A Canadian mother whose baby is recovering from severe chemical burns on her face says she never expected a pediatric sunscreen product would cause such injuries. Rebecca Cannon of Botwood, Newfoundland, told Canada’s CBC News that she was going to her sister’s house and decided to apply some Banana Boat Kids SPF50 aerosol sunscreen to her 14-month old daughter Kyla’s face. Even though it wasn’t “a particularly bright day,” Ms. Cannon thought it was better to be safe than sorry. By the next morning, Kyla’s face was red, swollen, and covered in large blisters similar to scalding injuries. “As the day ... Read More