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Man ‘Lucky to be Alive’ After E-Cigarette Explosion

A UK dad told reporters he is “lucky to be alive” after an e-cigarette stashed in his pocket exploded and set his clothes on fire. According to the South Wales Argus, Nathan Davies of Abergavenny, Wales, was driving with a friend last week when his e-cigarette burst into flames inside his pocket, causing the bottoms of his tracksuit to become engulfed in fire. Mr. Davies described the incident, telling the Argus that the e-cigarette “went off like a rocket.” “It just blew up, I haven’t got a clue why,” he told the Argus. Fortunately Mr. Davies’ friend had the good ... Read More

Chemical Release Puts Baltimore Communities Under Temporary Lockdown

A chemical spill that sent a plume of acid gas into the air prompted officials to put three Baltimore area communities under an emergency shelter-in-place order Monday morning. The leak occurred at the Solvay plant when a tank truck delivering chlorosulfonic acid, a raw material used for producing soaps and detergents, leaked from a valve as it was being transferred by hose to a trailer. The chemical, which produces a white cloud when exposed to air, is extremely corrosive to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says. Symptoms associated with inhaling ... Read More

Treating Worker Burn Injuries A Cooperative Effort in Washington

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and debilitating injuries a worker can suffer on the job. According to federal labor statistics, nearly half of adult burn patients do not return to work two years after their injury and nearly a third never return to work at all. Thankfully, some states are taking a proactive approach in helping patients with burn injuries heal physically and emotionally, possibly even enough to return to work. Washington is one of those states, and it has taken a leadership role in the treatment of work-related burn injuries. The Washington Department of Labor and ... Read More

Warehouse Blast Burn Injuries Lead to $1.325 Million Settlement

An electrical contractor who suffered severe burn injuries in a New Jersey warehouse explosion has settled with Dealer Tire and affiliated companies for $1.325 million. In June 2012, Michael Young, 55, was replacing an electrical component in the fire suppression system in a Lyndhurst, New Jersey, warehouse leased by Dealer Tire from co-owners Palin Enterprises and Valley PW, when he suddenly became engulfed in flames, NJ.com reported, citing the New Jersey Law Journal. Mr. Young suffered third-degree burn injuries to 36 percent of his body. His lawsuit states that the burn injuries covered his legs, arms, hands, face, neck, and ... Read More

Lawsuit Alleges Defective Fireworks Caused Burn Injuries

Three Oregon residents who suffered serious burn injuries from a handheld firework have jointly filed a lawsuit against the retailer and distributer, claiming the companies knew the fireworks to be defective when they malfunctioned on July 4, 2015. According to The (Lane County) Register-Guard, the lawsuit was filed in Lane County Circuit Court by Kori Ware, her 2-year-old daughter, and an unrelated 9-year-old boy, represented by his mother. The suit names Fundz 4 Kidz, a local retailer that sold them the fireworks, its owner Aaron Taylor, and the national distributor of the fireworks, North Central Industries, Inc. of Muncie, Indiana. ... Read More

Fireworks Cause Amputations, Burns Over July 4 Holiday

A St. Louis, Missouri, man suffered a partial amputation of his hand July 4 after a firework exploded in his right hand. According to KMOV Channel 4 St. Louis, the 22-year-old man told paramedics he lit a firework before positioning it in a launch tube instead of lighting it after it was placed in the tube. The firework detonated in his hand and the blast severed four of the man’s fingers. There is no central database to keep track of fireworks injuries in the U.S. but news reports from across the country indicate that thousands of people sustained fireworks-related injuries, ... Read More

Ohio Worker’s Fatal Burn Injuries Lead To Criminal Charges

A Cincinnati hazardous waste management company faces multiple criminal charges and permanent closure after a Dec. 2013 flash fire and explosion severely burned two workers, one of whom died hours later. Twenty-year-old Zachary Hanzerling had started working for Environmental Enterprises Inc. just three weeks before the workplace accident that claimed his life. He was cleaning air filters at the facility when a chemical reaction created a flash fire that left him with severe burn injuries over 90 percent of his body. Mr. Hanzerling was also blinded when the safety goggles he was wearing were melted onto his eyes by the ... Read More

Fraser Shipyards Settles Worker-Safety Claims With OSHA

Fraser Shipyards of Superior, Wisconsin, has struck a deal with federal safety regulators in the wake of a February accident that severely burned a worker and ultimately claimed his life. The company has agreed to pay a $7,530 penalty to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for “serious” violations related to the shipyard accident but will not be subject to a finding of wrongdoing in the case, the Duluth News Tribune reported. The penalty Fraser paid was reduced from the $12,500 penalty OSHA originally proposed after a post-accident inspection. Fraser employee John Burch, 53, suffered severe burn injuries Feb. ... Read More

Separate E-Cigarette Explosions in Vegas Send Local Man, Visitor To Burn Unit

A Las Vegas man is recovering from second-and third-degree burns after some e-cigarette lithium-ion batteries he was carrying in the pocket of his shorts exploded. Matthew Beard told KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas that his was inside a Walmart Easter Sunday when he heard a strange noise he likened to a can of soda exploding. “Next thing I know I see a flame coming from my shorts,” Mr. Beard told KTNV. He told the station that he had to remove his clothes to escape the flames, but by the time he was able to do that the fire had already ... Read More

Polaris Recalls All 2015 Ranger 900 ROVs For Fire, Burn Hazard

Recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) manufacturer Polaris is recalling about 51,000 model-year 2015 Polaris Ranger 900-series ROVs, saying the heat shield on the affected vehicles can fall off, posing the risk of fire and burn injuries. The recall involves all model-year 2015 Polaris Ranger XP 900, XP 900 EPS, and CREW 900 ROVs, which were made in a variety of colors and have either three or six seats and a rear box. The name “Ranger” is printed on the rear box, and “900” is printed on the hood of the recalled ROVs. Polaris says that all 2015 Ranger 900 models and ... Read More