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Exploding E-Cigarette Puts Michigan Man In Intensive Care

A Michigan man continues to recover from extensive third-degree burns he sustained when the lithium-ion battery in his e-cigarette exploded in the pocket of his pants. Thirty-five-year-old Sean Ritz of Canton, Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press his burn injuries, which covered his entire leg, were so severe that he spent four days in the intensive care unit, followed by more than a week at the University of Michigan hospital. Mr. Ritz was at home with his wife when the blast occurred Oct. 22. He said he heard a “fizzing” sound at first, before the device flared and engulfed his ... Read More

Baby Scalded By Hot Coffee in Ohio Restaurant Accident

A 7-month-old infant was seriously burned inside an Ohio pancake restaurant after a hostess carrying two pots of hot coffee reportedly bumped into a customer and spilled the coffee on the baby’s legs. Medics responded to three emergency calls from the Golden Nugget Pancake House in Kettering, a suburb of Dayton, April 6. Witnesses in the restaurant told authorities that the restaurant worker spilled the coffee when she collided with a customer and a child getting up from a booth. Another witness reported that the worker bumped into the booth itself. The baby scalded by the hot coffee was apparently buckled ... Read More

Proposed Bill Calls For Flame Arrestors On Portable Fuel Containers

A new bill introduced to Congress aims to prevent thousands of serious burn injuries and deaths by requiring flame-arresting mechanisms on gas canisters and other fuel storage containers. The Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2017, introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) would require portable fuel containers to be capped with flame arrestors that act like filters to stop a flame or spark from traveling to the container and igniting it in a manner known as “flame jetting.” The proposed safety act calls on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to set a safety standard for flame mitigation devices ... Read More

Lawsuit Filed For Mississippi Students Severely Burned By Teacher’s “Experiment”

A group of parents and guardians have filed a federal lawsuit against the Hinds County, Mississippi, School District on behalf of five high school students severely burned when their teacher sprayed them with a caustic chemical. The Jackson Clarion-Ledger reports that the incident occurred on May 15, 2015, when Raymond High School math teacher Dalvia Mitchell, 35, sprayed a large quantity of an air-spray cleaner onto the hands and lower arms of the students, causing them to suffer second-degree burns. “The believed motive for this grossly negligent act on the part of Dalvia Mitchell is her desire to demonstrate to ... Read More

Wisconsin Shipyard Under Second OSHA Investigation After Worker suffers severe burns on Job

A Minnesota man is recovering from severe burns and burn-related infections he suffered in an on-the-job accident at Fraser Shipyards in the Duluth-Superior Harbor on the Minnesota and Wisconsin border. The shipyard worker reportedly sustained the burn injuries on Feb. 6 while working on a vessel in the harbor. He remained in intensive care for more than a month and continues to recover from the extensive injuries. Few details about the accident have been made public, but Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spokesman Scott Allen said the employee and others were working on a cargo hold when it happened. ... Read More

Vecaro Hoverboards Added To Nationwide Recall Over Fire Risk

When federal regulators forced recalls of more than half a million hoverboards made by eight different Chinese manufacturers last year, the number of reports of fires and explosions involving the recreational mobile devices dropped. But as with so many other consumer electronic devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, the potential for a fiery battery malfunction has not gone away completely. On Thursday, March 23, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) added about 500 Chinese-made hoverboards sold by Vecaro Lifestyle of Cerritos, California, to the list of hoverboards under recall. According to the agency, the lithium-ion battery packs in the devices ... Read More

Two Workers Severely Burned By Hot Oil Sue Church’s Fried Chicken For $150 Million

Two employees of a Church’s Fried Chicken in Livingston, Texas, are suing the fast-food chain for $150 million after suffering life-threatening grease burns when the kitchen floor collapsed. Hugolina Guerrero de Garzon, a 35-year-old mother of three, and Joselin Damian Gonzalez, 17, remain hospitalized in guarded condition after being “horrifically, permanently injured” when the floor caved in Aug. 1, 2016. The women were working in a small area of the kitchen in a Church’s Fried Chicken location in Livingston, about 70 miles north of Houston, when the floor gave way. They and another female employee fell down onto a sub-floor ... Read More

Apple Juice With Toxic Level of Methanol Sends Two Children To ICU

Two children are recovering in a Pennsylvania hospital after drinking apple juice containing methanol and other caustic substances at a Lancaster restaurant Friday night. Richie Zaragoza, 10, and his sister Ginaya Mendoza, 4, were rushed to Hershey Medical Center with severe burns of the mouth and throat after drinking apple juice at Star Buffet and Grill, LancasterOnline reported. The children were admitted to intensive care at Hershey Medical Center in “critical but stable” condition. By Monday morning, their condition had improved to fair. The children’s mother, Virginia Davis, told LancasterOnline that both her children began vomiting after drinking the apple ... Read More

E-Cigarette Explosion Sends Paris, Texas Man To Hospital With Facial Burns

A Paris, Texas, man was rushed to the emergency room with burn injuries to his face after an e-cigarette exploded in his home Monday, Feb. 21. Paris Fire Department Chief Larry Wright told the press that the explosion also set off a small fire on the floor of the house, which firefighters were able to contain before it spread. The injured man was not identified, but local reports said that the 19-year-old e-cigarette user sustained burn injuries to his face and left hand. He was admitted to Paris Regional Medical Center for treatment and is listed in stable condition. “These ... Read More

Daughter’s Severe Burn Injuries Set California Mother On Crusade For Burn injury Awareness, Regulations

A California mother whose teenage daughter was severely burned by a container of bio-fuel that lacked a flame arrester on its mouth has become one of the leading voices in the nation for burn injury awareness, safety, and legislation. Margaret Priest Lewis described to MomZette the horrific event at her Sonoma, California, home in 2014 that forever changed the lives of her and her daughter. In June of that year, Nicolette Lewis, 16, her twin sister Ally, and two friends were about to roast marshmallows and make s’mores in a portable, ventless bio-ethanol fireplace.  Mrs. Priest told MomZette that they ... Read More