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Burn Injuries Can Be Prevented With Awareness of Risks

Burn injuries are at once some of the most common household and workplace injuries in the U.S. and also some of the most preventable. National Burn Awareness Week, observed annually to call attention to burn injury risks and prevention, takes place this year from Feb. 5-11. Estimates on the number of annual burn injuries in the U.S. requiring medical treatment vary, but most sources put the figure at about half a million. The American Burn Association, one of the leading sources for burn injury data in the U.S., estimates that about 486,000 people are treated for burn injuries each year in ... Read More

National Burn Awareness Week Starts Feb. 5

Every year, more than half a million people, including many children, are treated in North American hospitals for burn injuries ranging from mild to severe. Because the great majority of these burn injuries are preventable, National Burn Awareness week was organized to draw more attention to the everyday dangers that pose the risk of serious burns. Observed during the first full week of February (02/05/17 – 02/11/17) in the U.S. and Canada, National Burn Awareness Week provides an opportunity for burn, fire, and safety specialists and educators to share information and tips that could spare many from painful burns, debilitating ... Read More

E-Cigarette Blast Leaves Idaho Man With Severe Facial Injuries

An Idaho man who suffered severe facial injuries when his e-cigarette exploded in his face posted pictures on social media of himself in the hospital to raise awareness about the unexpected risks of using e-cigarettes. Andrew Hall of Pocatallo, Idaho, said on a Facebook post Jan. 15 that he had followed the e-cigarette manufacturer’s instructions for the device, but that didn’t stop it from blowing up in his face. Now, as he recovers in ICU, he wants others who use e-cigarettes to see what can potentially happen. His Facebook post reads: “I was getting ready for work when I had ... Read More

Workers At Georgia Recycler At Risk of Serious Injury, Federal Investigators Find

Workers at a Gainesville, Ga., paper and plastic recycling facility are at risk of serious injury, federal investigators said, after an inspection of the plant uncovered a multitude of serious safety violations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that the safety violations inside the Nemo Plastics Inc. plant expose workers to the risk of burn and blast injuries, amputation hazards, hearing loss, electrocution, and other threats to their health and well-being. Nemo Plastics is an Atlanta-based company that receives cardboard and plastic waste and processes the material before shipping it to other recyclers for further processing and reuse. ... Read More

Toshiba Recalls More Laptop Computer Batteries Over Risk Of Fire, Burn Injuries

Consumers who own certain Toshiba laptop computers powered by Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs are being warned the devices may overheat, posing a risk of fire and burn injuries. On Jan. 4, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an alert that Toshiba is recalling about 83,000 Satellite laptops with potentially faulty Panasonic battery packs. The recall encompasses 41 models of Toshiba’s Satellite laptop, expanding a March 2016 recall of about 91,000 Panasonic battery packs sold with Toshiba laptops. Toshiba America has received five reports of the battery pack overheating and melting. No injuries have been reported. Toshiba’s recall expansion now ... Read More

FDA Plans Meeting To Probe Exploding E-Cigarette Batteries

Last year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a series of new regulations addressing the sales of electronic cigarettes as well as the e-liquids used in them. On Jan.3, the agency announced it also plans to probe the dangers posed by the lithium-ion batteries that power the devices amid mounting reports of burns and other injuries caused by combusting, overheating, and exploding e-cigarettes. The FDA said it will hold a two-day public meeting in April to look at safety risks stemming from the powerful lithium batteries. These rechargeable batteries may become unstable and malfunction if damaged, used improperly, or ... Read More

NYC Man Crippled By E-Cigarette Injuries Discharged From Hospital

The New York man who was severely burned by an exploding e-cigarette while working at a wine shop in Grand Central Station was discharged from the hospital Sunday. But instead of getting a clean bill of health, Otis Gooding left the Burn Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in pain, with diminished physical abilities, and an uncertain future. “I’m afraid about my hand … about using my hand, and I’m right-handed and I’m still worried about my leg, about how fully can I walk on my leg and stuff — and I can barely walk now,” Mr. Gooding told the New ... Read More

Understanding Burn Injuries and Sources Makes For Safer Holidays

Holiday decorations, a busy kitchen, fireplaces and space heaters — these are just some of the common sources of burn injuries that often turn a festive time of year into a time of excruciating pain and sometimes even a fight for life. Hospitals across the U.S. typically report a significant spike in the number of patients seeking emergency treatment for burn injuries between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cooking injuries are the most common holiday-related injuries hospitals see each year, with scalding being the most frequent type of burn ... Read More

Severe Burn Injuries Prompt Oklahoma Man To Sue E-Cigarette Battery Maker

An Oklahoma man said he is filing a lawsuit against a Chinese battery manufacturer after suffering severe burn injuries to his legs and hands when his e-cigarette blew up in his pants pocket. Ethan Fullerton told Oklahoma’s KFOR Channel 4 News that he felt the e-cigarette getting increasingly warmer until it flared up in his pocket while he was in the Walmart parking lot in Weatherford, Okla. “It’s not really like a bang, like a firecracker,” Mr. Fullerton told KFOR. “It’s more like someone put a blowtorch in your pocket and lit it. It’s just a real hot fireball that heats ... Read More

Staying Safe on Halloween, The Most Dangerous Night of the Year For Kids

Here’s a scary fact: Did you know that Halloween ranks as the third-deadliest day of the year for pedestrians? According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records, an average of 30 pedestrians are killed every Oct. 31 – nearly triple the number of pedestrian fatalities that occur on an average day in the U.S. It’s mostly children that account for the leap in fatalities on Halloween. In fact, Halloween is the deadliest day in the U.S. for children. Injuries abound as well on Halloween. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that more than 3,500 people suffer from ... Read More