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McNeil loses appeal on $10 million Children’s Motrin judgment

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil-PPC failed to convince the Pennsylvania Superior Court to overturn a $10 million verdict alleging the company’s Children’s Motrin caused a girl to develop a life threatening condition that burned her skin and caused her to go blind. McNeil argued that there was no evidence to show that the company’s failure to warn consumers of the risk of the serious allergic reaction on the drug’s safety label led to the the girl’s injuries. Brianna Maya was 3 when her mother gave her Children’s Motrin over the course of four days to treat a fever and cough. ... Read More

FDA launches new safety reporting system for tobacco products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to know if the tobacco product you are using is defective or causing an unexpected health problem and has launched a new online tool where these issues can be reported. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Safety Reporting Portal has been revised to add a new category for tobacco products that can be used by both health care professionals and consumers. The portal provides a standardized way issues can be reported in the event of an unexpected health or safety issue with a specific tobacco product, for example if a cigarette smells ... Read More

Banana Boat sunscreen products recalled over fire risk

Most people use sunscreen to protect themselves from getting burned by the sun, never expecting the lotion could cause them to burst into flames. But the risk of catching on fire is what prompted the maker of Banana Boat sunscreen to recall several of its spray-on products. Energizer Holdings announced Friday that it is pulling 23 varieties of its Banana Boat UltraMist sunscreen products, saying that a defective spray nozzle could be allowing too much of the lotion to be applied to the skin. If a person who uses the recalled products comes into contact with an open flame while ... Read More

Parents should protect kids from harmful effects of oil

Families vacationing in the Gulf Coast should monitor the waters for signs of oil in order to prevent their children from being exposed to potentially harmful effects, according to a Fox6 News report. Dr. Erica Liebelt with Children’s Hospital of Alabama says the crude oil leaking into the Gulf waters from the exploded rig off the coast of Louisiana can more easily seep into children’s bodies since they have thinner skin than adults. Also, oil on the skin can cause irritation or rash and even burns if not washed away in a timely manner. The fumes from oil can also ... Read More

Camp gives young burn, SJS victims a place to bond with kindred spirits

Maddi Runge and Celina Rosales have a special bond. The two teenagers met at Tampa General Hospital’s Camp Hopetake four years ago. The camp is a week-long getaway for kids ages 5 through 17 who have suffered from some type of burn. It is here that all campers can act like kids and feel comfortable in their own skin without worrying about being stared at because of their scars. Celina was scalded by hot water when she was just 2 years old and her skin still shows the scars. Maddi’s scars are from a different kind of burn – a ... Read More

Consumers warned about plastic ‘Drano’ bottle bombs

It reads more like an urban legend, one of those hard-to-believe stories that drop into your e-mail inbox, but it’s no laughing matter. Plastic “Drano” bottle bombs are a real threat, according to Snoops.com, and some people find pleasure in exploding them for fun or leaving them in mailboxes or yards where, if disturbed, they can explode in about 30 seconds, severing fingers and causing second- and third-degree burns on the skin. The bombs are easy to make. Just pour a little store-bought Drano (a product used to unclog drains), water, and a small piece of foil into a plastic ... Read More