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15 dietary supplement ingredients that can make you deathly ill

An expert panel of doctors and researchers working on behalf of Consumer Reports identified 15 dietary supplement ingredients that pose health risks including organ damage, cancer and cardiac arrest. A person’s risk of developing a potentially life-threatening side effect was dependent on factors such as pre-existing conditions, the quantity of the ingredient consumed, and how long the person had been exposed to the substance. The ingredients can also interact with over-the-counter and prescription medications, especially cholesterol-lowering statins and blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin. None of the 15 supplement ingredients identified provide sufficient health benefits, the panel found. Yet, all ... Read More

Teen’s death prompts FDA warning for consumers to avoid pure caffeine powder

Logan Stiner was just days away from his high school graduation when he died after consuming a lethal dose of powdered caffeine. The teen’s death prompted a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation resulting in the agency issuing a warning to consumers to avoid pure caffeine products, especially those sold in bulk bags over the internet. “A single dose is essentially 100 percent caffeine. A single teaspoon of pure caffeine is roughly equivalent to the amount in 25 cups of coffee,” the FDA warning stated. “Pure caffeine is a powerful stimulant and very small amounts may cause accidental overdose. Parents ... Read More

Senator calls for FDA review of OTC energy inhaler

A New York senator is asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review the safety and legality of the AeroShot Pure Energy caffeine inhaler, a lipstick-sized canister of caffeine powder and B vitamins, which will hit store shelves in New York and Boston next month. The energy inhaler will be sold over-the-counter with no age restrictions, and is being marketed for its convenience and zero calories. Democrat Charles Schumer warns that the product could be considered a “club drug” and be particularly hazardous to teenagers. If taken with alcohol, the product could have the effects similar to caffeinated alcohol ... Read More