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FDA review confirms cancer risks with power morcellator tool

A two-day review of a controversial surgical instrument used to remove uterine growths less invasively than surgery confirmed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns that the device could unintentionally spread cancer throughout a woman’s body. The FDA says women should be made aware of the risks before undergoing procedures in which the instrument will be used. The surgical tool is known as a power morcellator, and is typically used with a tube-shaped blade that grinds up and removes uterine fibroids or, in some cases, the entire uterus. The devices were introduced in the 1990s and have been used in ... Read More

Talcum powder could be to blame for thousands of cases of ovarian cancer each year

As many as 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year may have been caused by regular use of talcum powder, according to a Harvard University researcher. Dr. Daniel Cramer has spent the past three decades studying the link between baby powder and ovarian cancer and was an expert witness in a recent lawsuit in which a jury found consumer health care products manufacturer Johnson & Johnson knew of the cancer risks associated with its talc products but failed to warn consumers. Dr. Cramer was one of three researchers who examined the plaintiff’s cancerous ovarian tissue using a scanning electron microscope. ... Read More