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New Technology Helps Teen Drivers Become Safe Drivers

It’s a day parents around the country face with at least a little trepidation and anxiety: the day your teenager is licensed to drive. But thanks to a new app called Family Link offered by General Motors and Ford, parents can monitor, restrict, and control some aspects of their teen driver’s behavior behind the wheel.  It’s like having driving tutor accompany your teen driver. Maybe even better. According to ABC7 Chicago, the new technology allows parents to communicate remotely with the specially equipped vehicles to program seat belt use, speed and radio volume. Parents can set boundaries for their teen ... Read More

Fresno Crash Survivor Says City Neglected Dangerous Intersection

If a city has received complaints about a dangerous intersection for more than three decades but failed to remedy the problem, is it liable when a motorist becomes seriously injured in a collision allegedly caused by the intersection’s poor design? That is the question a Fresno County Superior Court jury will have to consider in a case brought against the city by Steven Kennedy, 51, who was struck by a car while driving through the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Bulldog Lane – an extremely busy intersection near Fresno State University with no dedicated left-turn lights. Mr. Kennedy, a former ... Read More

CDC: Seat Belt Use Key To Lowering Rural Crash Deaths

Drivers in rural parts of the country may feel like seat belts aren’t that important given the lack of traffic on country roads, but that can be a deadly presumption. According to federal health researchers, death rates for drivers and passengers in the most rural counties of the U.S. are three to 10 times higher than the national average, due largely to low seat belt usage. Dr. Laurie Beck, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, said that a new study indicates seat belt use is key is to driving down ... Read More

Soldier Shields Woman From Car Crash Explosion

A North Carolina woman was spared from serious injury or worse after a fiery head-on crash, thanks to the quick action of a National Guard sergeant who witnessed the accident. Charlotte’s WBTV Channel 3 reports that Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle was driving home to Forest City, North Carolina from his National Guard Base in Charlotte when the car in front of him was involved in a head-on crash, sending smoke and debris everywhere. Sgt. Hinkle, an Iraq combat veteran, said his military training and battle instincts kicked in, and he knew the smoke engulfing the vehicle and the gasoline pouring ... Read More

Deadly Car Crashes Leave Nine Dead in Blount County, Alabama

Another deadly car crash in north-central Alabama claimed the lives of a Locust Fork woman and two children Wednesday, May 24 – the latest car crash victims in a series of collisions that have occurred in Blount County in a span of 10 days. According to AL.com, Alabama State Troopers said that a 2007 Jeep Cherokee driven by a 16-year-old Blountsville teenage boy left its lane on Alabama 79 at 9:33 a.m. and veered into the path of a Cadillac SRX. The head-on collision killed 47-year-old Locust Fork resident Deanna Whitfield and two of her granddaughters. One of the granddaughters, ... Read More

Alcohol, Distraction Blamed For Soaring rate of fatal car crashes in Texas

The number of fatal car crashes has risen in Texas for the sixth consecutive year, and authorities say alcohol and distracted driving are to blame. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, there were 3,400 fatal traffic accidents on Texas highways in 2016, and 175,000 accidents resulting in injuries. The number of fatal crashes is now more than 20 percent higher than it was just six years ago. In fact, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Texas had the highest number of traffic deaths of any state in 2015. Alarmingly, the rise in deadly traffic ... Read More

NHTSA sets Ambitious Plan To Eliminate Traffic Fatalities

Federal auto safety regulators have announced an ambitious new plan that they say could lead to “an America free of motor vehicle fatalities.” “Americans deserve safer roads, and that starts with culture,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says on its website. “[We] are taking the initiative to create the future as opposed to just letting it happen. In our view, the only acceptable goal for roadway fatalities is zero.” NHTSA envisions its strategic plan to eliminate traffic fatalities as a three-lane highway, which it calls “The Road Ahead.” Each lane is an aspect of auto safety that the ... Read More

Colorado Orders Immediate Inspection, Replacement of Dangerous Guardrails

Colorado transportation officials have ordered the immediate inspection of 42,000 guardrails installed along highways throughout the state following a televised report that some of the safety devices can fail to perform properly in a collision because they have been erroneously assembled. According to ABC Channel 7 News Denver, a local television report on a June crash in Johnston, Colo., involving a driver who was seriously injured in a guardrail collision ignited enough concern at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) that regulators issued a mandate for all guardrails to be inspected. “Guardrails are designed to stop and deflect a vehicle,” ... Read More

Feds Report Alarming Increase In U.S. Traffic Deaths

Federal safety regulators released some troubling news in their latest highway safety assessment: Traffic accident deaths soared in 2015, reversing five decades of steady, life-saving progress that made U.S. roads and highways safer. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 35,092 people died in traffic crashes last year – a rise of 7.2 percent in the number of deaths reported in 2014. Data showed that traffic deaths are on the rise across nearly every segment of the population. The last time that the U.S. saw a single-year increase of this magnitude was in ... Read More

Louisiana sues State Farm for endangering motorists with cheap auto repairs

State Farm Auto Insurance endangers the lives of its policyholders by effectively forcing auto body and repair shops to perform repairs as cheaply and quickly as possible, the Louisiana Attorney General’s office alleges in a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, filed August 19 in a Baton Rouge federal court, State Farm repeatedly broke state laws against unfair trade practices and monopolies by directing consumers to preferred repair shops or “direct repair facilities.” The repair shops are then effectively forced to conform to insurance estimates by using cheap, imitation, and used parts “rather than in accordance with consumer safety and vehicle ... Read More