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Distracted driving now an American epidemic

Distracted Driving has become the new epidemic in the United States. It’s a problem that has swept into every corner of the country, killing six thousand people every year and injuring half a million more. Unlike most epidemics, however, the only known cure for distracted driving is awareness and responsibility. Researchers who have gauged the reaction times of people who drive while talking on a cell phone found that talking while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. For people who text behind the wheel, their ability to navigate the road safely is so impaired that they are statistically ... Read More

Distracted drivers cause at least one-third of all US traffic accidents

According to the Department of Transportation, every year in the United States, more than half a million people are seriously injured in traffic accidents caused by “distracted drivers.” An additional 6,000 people die in distracted-driving accidents, the latest victims of drivers whose attention was fixed on something other than the road. Distracted drivers cause one-third of all the traffic accidents on America’s roads and highways, and some safety experts say these figures are actually much higher because it’s not always possible to determine the underlying causes of many traffic accidents. So who are these distracted drivers and what are they ... Read More

Nearly all Americans favor texting and driving ban

A new poll conducted by CBS and the New York Times found that almost all Americans believe that the government should outlaw texting while driving. Results of the nationwide poll, which was conducted by random telephone interview, revealed that 97 percent of Americans think texting while driving should be illegal while merely one percent felt the practice should remain legal. The poll showed that both men and women from all parts of the United States favored a form of legislation outlawing text messaging while behind the wheel. The poll questioned both frequent and occasional drivers alike. 52 percent of the respondents ... Read More

Texting and driving now illegal for federal employees

President Obama signed an executive order earlier this month prohibiting federal employees from texting while driving. The new law applies to workers who use cars or phones provided by the federal government in addition to those using their own cars and phones for government business. The new legislation is part of the Obama administration’s plans to fight what has become an epidemic of distracted driving on America’s roads. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the announcement at a Washington D.C. conference that brought together hundreds of law enforcement officials, legislators, auto and telecommunications industry reps, academics, consumer and safety advocates, and families whose loved ... Read More

Utah law punishes motorists who text and drive

Utah set an early precedent when it recently passed some tough legislation against texting and driving. It’s a precedent that will inevitably pass in other states, whatever their political slant, because texting and driving has been revealed as an undeniably dangerous act — twice as bad as driving with the typical legal limit of alcohol in one’s blood. Utah’s new law punishes drivers who cause a fatality while texting and driving as severely as drivers who kill others while drinking and driving. Crashes caused by texting drivers are no longer considered accidents in Utah. They are considered reckless and negligent acts involving a ... Read More

Texting and driving: getting the message out in different ways

Last month, we wrote about the texting-while-driving video produced by the Police Department of Gwent, Wales, a 4-minute graphic glimpse at what happens when a driver, distracted by a text message, unconsciously steers into oncoming traffic. The filmmakers posted the video to YouTube in condensed form (the entire film is 30 minutes long) simply to show a colleague, never expecting it would go viral. Within weeks, it was viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube and other web sites. The video’s instant popularity astounded everyone, but some critics wonder whether its message carried through the noise and carnage of ... Read More

Texting while driving: graphic video brings dangers to life

“A solid and growing body of studies shows that texting, conversing on hand-held phones or even chatting hands-free … make us dangerous drivers, as likely to get into an accident as if we were legally drunk,” says a Los Angeles Times editorial published last week. Many states and municipalities have tackled the scourge of cell phone-talking drivers with legislation aimed at reducing the rising tide of cell-phone related driving accidents, but what to do with cell phone-texting drivers? While it’s hard to drive and talk on the phone without being noticed, it’s relatively easy to conceal the act of reading ... Read More

Traumatic brain injury: Jason’s story part five

Last month we shared the story of Jason Stanley, an Auburn University student who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI)when three other men ambushed and maliciously attacked him in an alleyway. Jason lost consciousness after falling and hitting his head on the concrete pavement, yet one of the assailants continued to kick him in the face, according to a witness. The attack left Jason with a spectrum of physical and psychological problems – a fractured skull, severed nerves, loss of hearing, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, anger, depression – all symptoms of a TBI that took doctors days to discover. Many people ... Read More

Jury awards $3 million to woman injured in sweeping vehicle crash

Bobbie Wakefield was driving her employer’s van along I-35 in Duluth, Minnesota, when she ran into something akin to a brick wall. She had struck a street sweeping vehicle operated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The vehicle was traveling 22-23 mph on an interstate where the minimum speed is 40 mph without an “early warning” vehicle traveling behind it. Wakefield filed a claim earlier against the state of Minnesota, which made a $300,000 settlement – the maximum it could be held legally liable. She also sought $1 million from an underinsured motorist claim against Auto Owners Insurance Co., which ... Read More

Beasley Allen represents Gadsden Man injured in collision

Montgomery, Ala. – Beasley Allen attorneys filed a personal injury lawsuit today in the Circuit Court of Etowah County, Alabama, on behalf of Terry Franklin against Zurich North American Insurance, Inc., Foxes Lounge, and Clayton Morgan. According to the complaint, Franklin was driving a tractor trailer on Highway 278 when defendant Morgan, driving a pick up truck in the opposite direction, attempted to make a left turn and collided with the plaintiff. The incident occurred on May 15, 2008. Franklin was severely injured in the collision and seeks compensatory and punitive damages in addition to legal fees. The suit alleges ... Read More